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General discussion / Whats my age again?
« on: August 10, 2009, 03:14:44 PM »
What age are you?


General discussion / My little blonde moment...D'Oh
« on: August 07, 2009, 03:01:40 PM »
This thread will only work if everyone takes part.

We've all said stupid things that we constantly get ribbed for etc ie a blonde moment. I still get abuse for some of mine. You can tell ur own or something that a friend said. Anyone care to share theirs with the group.....

My name is Longball my blonde moment was....

at an airport last year me and the woman were standing at the belt thingy waiting for our bag. The bags of another flight were going around a different 'threadmill' but their was no1 standing at it waiting for their bags yet. I said to the woman, Jesus that flight must not be in yet'
she turns to me and goes u idiot longball of course the flights in how do u think the bags got here. D'Oh

On a cold night at training one of the fellas goes its so cold you could catch leukemia- D'OH (obviously he ment pneumonia)

General discussion / 12:34:56 7/8/9
« on: August 07, 2009, 09:04:16 AM »

12:34:56  07/08/09

Once in a century date!

According to paper today Satan will be reborn at this time! Because this is happening Planes will fall from the sky. And Mayo will win an All Ireland

General discussion / Happy Birthday anportmorforjfc 3.08.09
« on: August 03, 2009, 01:27:51 PM »
Since Ziggy busy away tipping the brothers woman i'll do this thread.

Happy birthday anportmorforjfc

Hope you have a good un.

General discussion / The 'Its not you its me' thread
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:22:07 AM »
Lads around my home town a lot of realtionships have bit the bullet recently! I remember reading somewhere that during summer months couples are more likely to break up. Something to do with during the winter in the dark nights people tend to sit in more etc therefore wil like to be in a relationship to have someone to sit in with.

Anywho has anyone else noticed the whole heat has went out of TG and FB's relationship. Or maybe they've just learned to become private.

The point of this thread is really to establish best break up lines you've used or has been used on you or that has happened to one of your 'friends'

90 mins left


GAA Discussion / Mickey Hartes Autobiography
« on: June 24, 2009, 05:12:27 PM »
Tyrone Manager Mickey Harte to Write Autobiography
Posted at 10:46AM Friday 22 May 2009

Manager of three-time All Ireland winners Tyrone, Mickey Harte, has signed a publishing contract with Poolbeg Press, one of Ireland's foremost publishers. Mr. Harte's autobiography, provisionally titled Harte, will be published in October 2009.
The charismatic Mr Harte is looking forward to working with the team at Poolbeg Press. Poolbeg Press negotiated the deal in the face of stiff competition from Irish and

international publishers. "We're delighted to be publishing in October the biography of one of the game's most successful managers. It will be a 'must-read' for all GAA fans and the many admirers of the man himself," says Kieran Devlin, Managing Director of Poolbeg Press. Commissioning Editor Brian Langan also expressed his excitement. "Mickey Harte is such a fascinating, complex man and manager. I think his autobiography will be a revelation."

Harte will be written with Michael Foley, GAA correspondent with the Irish edition of The Sunday Times and a previous winner of the "Boylesports Irish Sportsbook of the Year" award.

Mickey Harte says, "I feel this is an ideal time to do this. It is a project that I have given some thought to over the past year or so. Hopefully, people will find it an enjoyable and informative read."

Mickey Harte has been in football management since 1991, having previously coached the Tyrone Minors and Under-21s to All Ireland victories. He has been Senior Football

Manager since November 2002.


From a spin off of the 'GAA on the GAAboard is dying' thread i think we need an update of everyones county in order to see the areas that have little to no posters.

Poll will be added in a couple of minutes

General discussion / The Official Big Brother 10 Thread
« on: May 29, 2009, 03:23:14 PM »
It Starts this THURSDAY  ;D ;D ;D

there is a special BIG BROTHER QUIZ on 2nite with a lot past big brother 'stars'

General discussion / Spiderman 4
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:10:52 PM »
What Villains could be featured in Spider-Man 4? Unfortunately most of the big names in Spider-Manís rogue gallery have already been used (and killed, for that matter). Letís take a look at the current contenders.LizardDr. Curt Connors was mentioned briefly in the film Spider-Man, and appeared in both of the sequels, where he was played by actor Dylan Baker. So this makes him the perfect choice for one of the upcoming sequels. The Lizard is one of the most interesting of the unused Spidey villains because in his human state he is a friend and ally of Peter Parker, much like Harry Osbourne was. Connors developed an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA, which he tested on himself and was subsequently transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster. Peter Parker worked as a teaching assistant to Dr. Connors at Empire State University, although Connors had no idea that Peter was actually Spider-Man.

Odds: 95%


An electrician named Maxwell Dillon was repairing a power line, when a freak lightning accident resulted in a mutagenic change in his nervous system, transforming Dillon into a living electrical capacitor which could generate massive quantities of electricity, theoretically up to approximately one million volts. When his body is charged to such levels, he becomes superhumanly strong and fast. Taking the name Electro, he turned to a life of crime. Electro broke into the Daily Bugle Building and stole from J. Jonah Jamesonís safe right in front of him. Jameson accused Spider-Man of being an alternate identity of Electro. This prompted Spider-Man to prove the publisher wrong. Spider-Man was nearly killed when he touched the electrically charged supervillain. In one story-line, Electro tried to take over New York Cityís power supply in an attempt at glory and respect.

Odds: 73%


Morris Bench worked on a cargo ship until being knocked overboard while a powerful experimental generator was being tested in the ocean. He was transformed into a being of pigmented water, able to control his own liquid body. Hydro-Man has been a frequent antagonist of Spider-Man since his first appearance in 1981. And while not a big recognizable name, he could be used to create some incredible FX filled action sequences. He is also an occasional ally/enemy of the Sandman (for obvious reasons). So if this character was used, Thomas Haden Church could possibly reprise his role to help Spidey defeat Hydro-Man.

Odds: 68%


A disgraced stunt man and special effects artist named Quentin Beck who donned an extravagant and theatrical costume with a crystal ball like helmet (Amazing Spider-Man #13) and sought to discredit and frame Spider-Man using illusions. He also was able to fog the heroís Spider-Sense with a special gas and used a a chemical abrasive to dissolve his webbing.

Odds: 64%


A combination of Venom symbiote and the serial killer and former cell mate of Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady. Carnage invades Empire State University and kills a classmate of Peterís, chip. In the Ultimate universe, Dr. Curt Conners (aka The Lizard) created Carnage using DNA from both himself and Spider-Man. And one must remember that Dr. Connor still has a sample of the Venom symbiote. So itís very possible that Carnage could be involved in a storyline which also involves The Lizard.

Odds: 46%

The first supervillain Spider-Man ever faced in print (Amazing Spider-Man #1), Dmitri Smerdyakov was a Russian spy and master of disguise. He uses a variety of traditional, high-tech and biologically enhanced ways to change his appearance, believably imitating almost anyone. He also sought to avenge his brother Kraven the Hunterís death, to become the most powerful crime boss in New York City.

Odds: 61%


Herman Schultz developed a pair of gauntlets capable of throwing incredibly powerful vibrational air blasts. His gold and brown quilted costume protects himself from the vibrations. Schultz used the gauntlets to escape from prison and became the mighty supervillain known as The Shocker. He actually defeated Spider-Man in their first confrontation because Spidey had a broken arm from his earlier battle with the Lizard. The character may be perfect as the B villain in a film with The Lizard. Spider-Man has yet to really suffer a defeat on screen, and that could be interesting.

Odds: 42%


Also one of Spider-Manís first villains (The Amazing Spider-Man #2) Adrian Toomes is a former electronics engineer who employs a special harness, a pair of wings worn on his arms, that allows him to fly. The harness also endows him with enhanced strength and somehow increases his lifespan. Other Vultures have included a prison cellmate of Toomes, ďBlackieĒ Drago, and a vengeful university professor who was an expert on bio-mutation named Clifton Shallot. This character could not be the main villain in a future film, possibly a side villain. And Iím pretty sure that an old guy with wings would look ridiculous on the big screen.

Odds: 33%


A millionaire fashion designer and criminal named Roderick Kingsley acquired the Green Goblinís weaponry and used them to further his own ambitions. Weíve already had three films of Goblins, I think this character will be held off until the far future.

Odds: 26%


A poor immigrant from Russia named Aleksei Sytsevich participated in a Soviet super soldier program that bonded a super-strong polymer to his skin and gave him enhanced strength, speed, and stamina. Heís a dim-witted criminal and usually robs banks and works as an enforcer for more ambitious criminals. This charact has almost no chance of making it to the big screen. If you thought The Thing from The Fantastic Four movies looked stupid, imagine what a guy in a gray Rhino suit would look like.

source: somewhere on the internet

Ive applied for about 15 jobs in the last month. Ive heard back from 2 of them so far. Everyone is saying it could take up to a month before u hear back. Money is very tight at the mo and another lock of weeks with nothing will be hell. anyone else experiencing this at the minute?

General discussion / Wedding bands
« on: December 29, 2008, 07:10:47 PM »
Dunno if there has already been a link done about this but anyway.... Does anyone have any wedding bands that they reccommend in northern ireland. gonna be mixed crowd so need someone to suit all. So far suggestions to me have included:
The Chevys, Cream of the barley, The Boogie Men, Blindside

General discussion / Westlife June 1 2008 Croke Park
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:24:17 PM »
hiya, ive two tickets for the fore mentioned concert, both for the pitch and im looking to sell them- face value of course, we ordered 8 at the time and 2 cant go so wanta get them shifted. any1 interested?

General discussion / Hows your father is your mother still working?
« on: April 23, 2008, 08:01:43 PM »
On BBC Radio Ulster this morning the biggest show in the country- Steven Nolan he was talking about the strange places to have a bit of hows your father! He was on bout many people in cars in local forest areas etc which makes me ask the question wheres the strangest place that posters to this site have had a bit of hows ur father?

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