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Tricky Dicky Mountbatten was a very sick paedo it seems.

Prince Andrew bigs it up with the now deceased Epstein also has deviant tendencies....

The Royal Pr machine will need to go into overdrive to cover this up.

The establishment are covering up an awful lot.

Hurling Discussion / NHL 2020 proposals
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:23:33 PM »

The Allianz Hurling Leagues could have a new look by 2020.

GAA President John Horan has revealed that plans are afoot to revamp Division 1A and Division 1B of the leagues so as to allow managers place a greater emphasis on development of players in the competition.

Under the proposals currently being considered, there would no longer be promotion and relegation between Divisions 1A and 1B.

“It was felt the winners of the All-Ireland were coming out of 1B and 1A seemed to be extremely competitive and there was a feeling there that it wasn't giving managers an opportunity to actually play players in a developmental manner because results were key, particularly in 1A, even in 1B because they were all trying to get out of it,” he explained to

“There is a view there that we will go back to two equal divisions and that they would play and there would only be relegation between the bottom two in each Division so relegation wouldn't be a factor and teams would get a chance to rest players and that players would get a chance to breakthrough.”

Surely they'll do the same for the other divisions or are players in those divisions different WRT rest and development.

Nothing wrong with the current setup.

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