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GAA Discussion / Crossfunder Derry minors 2017
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:05:31 AM »
Couldn't find a minors thread so I'll share it here. We've officially entered the twilight zone. A crowdfunder for a minor team.

Tyrone / Thinking of a new Tyrone "fan club"...
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:48:23 AM »
Last few years I've been thinking our support at league and championship level has been a bit... meh. It seems the glory days of the noughties are a distant memory and the colour and atmosphere in recent years isn't what it used to be. Call it increased expectations, all ireland novelty gone, whatever. Yes the Ulster finals of past 2 years have been decent but I think it could be improved with a bit of organisation.

Been taking notice of the Mayo 51 ones in recent years and you can see/hear the difference they make at games. What's the chances of getting a similar operation up and running in Tyrone? I know there's enough season ticket holders out there to show an interest. I'm thinking...

Linking season tickets into groups.
Banners/flags, not your usual 10 white/red chequered flag bought on jones' road. Thinking bigger.
Meeting up before matches.
Facebook/Twitter pages giving info etc for fans.
Focusing on creating a bigger and better atmosphere at games.

Is anyone interested in helping build something like this?

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