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GAA Discussion / Colm O'Rourke's need for a 'socialist' GAA
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:39:07 PM »
Agree 100%. Elitism is killing the game and the GAA is going to kill the golden goose, if they don't put a halt to what's going on. Look at the attendances at Leinster finals in the past while...over 81,000 were at the 2005 final, when Dublin won their first LSFC title in 7 years. Two years ago, they had 39,000!

Yes, this will turn into another Dublin-beating thread, but enough's enough.

Any Dublin GAA person with an ounce of real DNA in them should condemn what's going on with the financial doping of Dublin.  On top of the 15m+ that the Dubs have received from the GAA, they've been getting very substantial grants from the Sports Council of Ireland, y'know, just in case they run out.

Super8 is an absolute joke. This will do absolutely nothing for the GAA, apart from putting money in the pockets of Croke Park. There is not one reasonable argument that a Super8 format will supercede the normal QF format we have at the moment, which incidentally has just served up an cumulative total of 58pts for the 4 settled games this year.

They should call the new format simply 8, coz it certainly won't be super.

CP has planned this "Let's Make Dublin Great Again" and has funded it for the past decade and a half. Dublin is now winning All Irelands at a rate unseen by them before and the GAA is going to lose a lot of support if they keep it up - particularly in the weaker counties.

If the GAA really wanted to make the GAA great, they should have funded from the bottom up. A national ranking of counties, getting grants which are inversely proportional to their ranking - with accountability on how the counties are actually spending their money. It would work in the same way that large charities report on donor grants etc.

We have an ever-increasing number of intercounty players no longer working and using their spare time to train. Dublin, Wexford, Tyrone etc are all rumoured to be doing it. Isn't this semi-professionalism?

Numbers playing GAA are dropping. The drop-off of players entering their 20s is far higher than other major sports in the country. It's all driven by elitism and the lack of ambition is confers on the rest.

Enough. The GAA has to stop the direction in which it's going before the model is broken completely.

Yeah. This.


GAA Discussion / Hypocritical Dubs
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:04:08 AM »
It's hilarious looking at the Dubs crying into their soup over the lack of a neutral venue for the Tipp game, when their footballers play at 'home' almost every big game?

It's ok to drag Laois up to Parnell Park, on a day when their footballers were playing in Portlaoise earlier in the day, but Dublin should get a neutral venue?

The Croke Park sponsorship/financial doping of Dublin may have worked in football, creating a semi-professional team, but the hurling experiment has failed. Get over it Dublin. You're a Tier2 hurling county at best and this is what the GAA does to the non-elite. Don't worry, there's plenty of us down here.

Laois / Provincial and All Ireland Club championships 2016/17
« on: October 24, 2016, 01:21:48 PM »
SFC Stradbally play Mullinaghta away, then Westmeath at home (OMP, I presume), then Carlow or Dublin....if they get through.
SHC BK have the Dublin champs in senior hurling.

IFC: O'Dempseys beat St Brigids and play Kildare champs next.
IHC: Castletown play Bray Emmets.

JFC: I see Rosenallis have already beaten Bective (Meath), which is a good scalp to get. They play Westmeath - practically all of it from what I can see.
JHC: Rosenallis play Maynooth, winners play Clontarf. This is Kilkenny's championship though....they've won 12 of the 15 championships so far.

Laois / Old Laoistalk website
« on: August 31, 2016, 10:56:52 AM »
Brian has certainly branched out............!

Laois / Laois club crests (in colour)
« on: April 12, 2016, 04:07:20 PM »
Where would I get nice little jpegs of these, would anyone know?

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