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General discussion / 26 County General Election 2020
« on: January 09, 2020, 06:52:51 PM »
Sounds like it will be imminent. Which I find surprising as I'd have thought Leo would want to afford himself as long a period as possible between the Black and Tans/RIC controversy and having to face the electorate.

Some burning questions though. Will this controversy affect their chances? Will their record on health and homelessness come back to bite them? Will the equally objectionable partitionist Micheal Martin be the first FF leader to never become Taoiseach? Will SF's slide continue or is their recent decent showing in the by-elections a sign of an up turn in fortunes?


(Poll above - lets see how smart we are with our predictions)

A thread especially for TheBigDog and southtyronegael (and anyone else interested). Knock yourselves out here lads, and maybe let the other thread be about football. No offence but the pair of you would absolutely sicken one's shite. Ye have the other thread absolutely ruined with childish insults and rumour mongering about individuals in Garvaghey.

So any chance all the bitching and yapping about cartels and fuhrers etc could take place in here instead? For what it's worth - I have no issue with anybody talking about matters related to the county board/management etc and wouldn't necessarily be a fan of a lot of what goes on in Garvaghey - but references to Mickey Harte as 'Furher' etc are beyond just childish, but should be regarded by anyone with a half a braincell in their head, as totally unacceptable.

And no harm lads, but yis have had an absolutely poisonous impact on the thread for other reasons. The constant bitching about Harte etc has led to a broadening of targets to the extent that others are being totally unfairly attacked. I'm thinking in particular of Teamtalk, who provide a service - free of charge - to Tyrone Gaels that is the envy of every county in Ireland. And this attack initiated by one individual in particular who despite telling us all of how Tyrone football 'is his life', didn't even know that the Teamtalk Awards were all about honouring club players - yet he still felt qualified to anonymously attack the organisers. And of course the other target in recent days - Kieran Kennedy of O'Neills - who has been roundly attacked for having the temerity to appear in a photos of jersey sponsorship announcement when his company made the jerseys and sponsors vast sums to Tyrone at county and club level; and for having the temerity to wish have Tyrone jerseys on sale before Christmas (no doubt if they appeared in Jan or Feb - the same toerags would be on here spouting about them not being made available in time for Christmas), and this without a shred of evidence that he had any say whatsoever in the timing of the sponsorship deal. Kennedy has been torn to shreds and portrayed as some sort of greedy fat cat, when in reality, he is generous to a fault to the GAA in Tyrone.

So when the poisonous atmosphere that is polluting the thread, and men like Noel McGinn & the Teamtalk crew, and men like Kieran Kennedy are seen as free reign to take swipes at by posters who hide behind anonymity and proclaim themselves as 'heros' who are playing their part by 'not going to matches or buying jerseys', then you have to wonder who's next unfortunate Gael that will find themselves in their firing line.

So here yis go lads. Go's a thread for all of you that are into that dung. Let those of us who want to talk/read about football, do so in peace over on the other thread.

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