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Right, let's get this show, sorry bandwagon, on the road! ;)

Looks like we'll be fielding something of a B Team, which makes sense, given this is very much effectively a dead rubber:

Lean ar aghaidh :)

No hiding under any bushes or lights under bushels here, Donegal will need to step up their ability to work scores, and we'll need to keep 'er lit, defensive-wise for something like the 70, whilst keeping the attacking pressure on.

Unlikely to be a repeat of 2018 in Ballybofey perhaps, but would still be surprised not to prevail here.

GAA Discussion / 2017 All-Stars
« on: September 21, 2017, 10:03:26 AM »
The highest number of nominees for the Champions since ourselves in 2003 (13), and somewhat surprised that we've managed to garner 6 this time around. ;)

Stephen Cluxton (Dublin), David Clarke (Mayo), Niall Morgan (Tyrone)

Jack McCaffrey, Cian O’Sullivan, Michael Fitzsimons, Philip McMahon, John Small, Jonny Cooper (Dublin), Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle, Brendan Harrison (Mayo), Pádraig Hampsey, Tiernan McCann (Tyrone), Paul Murphy, Tadhg Morley (Kerry), Conor Devanney (Roscommon), Caolan Mooney (Down), Fintan Kelly (Monaghan).

James McCarthy, Brian Fenton (Dublin), Tom Parsons (Mayo), Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone), Enda Smith (Roscommon), Kevin Feely (Kildare).

Andy Moran, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Jason Doherty, Cillian O’Connor (Mayo), Ciarán Kilkenny, Con O’Callaghan, Paul Mannion, Dean Rock (Dublin), Paul Geaney, Kieran Donaghy, James O’Donoghue (Kerry), Peter Harte, Niall Sludden (Tyrone), Connaire Harrison (Down), Patrick McBrearty (Donegal), Jamie Clarke (Armagh), Daniel Flynn (Kildare).

Footballer of the Year Nominees
Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)
James McCarthy (Dublin)
Andy Moran (Mayo)
David Clarke (Mayo)

Young Footballer of the Year Nominees
Con O’Callaghan (Dublin)
Seán Powter (Cork)
Michael Daly (Galway)

Bring it on, though who shall it be, the Lilywhites,the Orchard Robbers,  or the Duckling Breeders? ;)

A damned frustrating day in Healy Park today, with possession and chances enough to take both points but, for whatever reason, failing to capitalise with all going a begging (but mostly into the keeper's hands or wide). Hope all you Mayo hardies made it home safely ;)

Still, something of a chance to rescue the latter half of the NFL campaign with a performance in Kerry, however unlikely that might appear to be right now; Kerry not going particularly well, and neither are we last two days out, and never an easy place to go with any realistic expectations unless firing fully on all cylinders. We'll just have to give it one hell of a lash. :)

Right then, two teams hurting from the manner of their capitulations last days out -- who can respond more emphatically?

Never an easy cauldron to get out of with points, but we'll do our damnedest. The more recent game we've had (against Cavan this evening) may help us, especially the 2nd half performance, and hoping that we can continue in that productive vein. :)

Right, with the Cavan game parked for now, here's hoping the Kerry animals have softened these hallions up a bit last Sunday for our showdown with them this Saturday evening ;)

Cavan next for the Fortress-Healy Park project, and how we owe them! :)

He's hoping we can rise above that dour slugfest they co-authored with Monaghan today in Castleblaney, getting us Ulster bies a bad name. ;)

GAA Discussion / Tír Eoghain vs Maigh Eo AIQF 6/8/2016
« on: July 20, 2016, 08:57:20 AM »
Right, time to look forward to the wide open expanse of Croke after that claustrophobic cauldron of Clones - bring it on! :)

Can't see much other than a repeat of the Division II Final, outcome-wise, alas :)

Anything other than an away win here would be a massive shock, seriously!  ;)

Right, time to be looking forward again, with an increasingly points-desperate Derry paying a visit to Omagh, with ourselves in a much better place than we might otherwise have anticipated after today's visit to Castlebar.

Should Derry adopt the same tactics as they did in the first round of the Ulster in 2006, and we persist with the deadly duvet, there exists the real possibility that 29 players will inhabit a single half of the park at any one time, with only the opposition goalkeeper holding his spot. ;)

After yesterday's sequence of results perhaps not as intimidating a prospect as it might have appeared in the immediate aftermath of the Kerry rout; questions remain, however, that if Killarney is to be shown as an aberration then Tyrone need to demonstrate a much deeper resistance to quality forward play, particularly around the half-back line.

Anyway, begone the nightmare of Fitzgerald Stadium, onwards and sidewards upwards.

Need to bounce back sharpish, though Westmeath will be in no mood to meekly surrender, as Mayo found (almost to their cost) yesterday.

It's an opportunity to exorcise Killarney demons, and exorcised they must be.

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