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GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 20, 2017, 04:31:00 PM »
Good post Cavan.
Some people on this forum seem to expect the Sky to fall at any moment every day of the week.
Negative after negative about everything.
One big question from Saturday - whose ghost hit O'Shea in the face??

Reasonable constructive criticism is not negativity.
To try to reinforce the main concern:
It’s the equivalent of the English Amateur rugby league jetting off to New Zealand to play the All blacks in a hybrid game including scrummaging. Wouldn’t happen , crazy stuff! I Wouldn’t glibly dismiss the Barrett assault, such tackles are very rare in Gaelic football , yet they are almost guaranteed in every game of this Rules fiasco, and are committed by ~20stone professional athletes.
 The argument that “ the players like it” - (of course they do, it’s a chance to represent their country on an all expenses trip to the other side of the world ) , does not trump the GAA’s responsibility to look after player safety.

Ah here 20 stone!! Most of our lads were as big or bigger, certainly no major difference in size between both squads. Cavanmaniac hit the nail on the head and OgraAnDun highlighted the fallacy of your comparison between amateur rugby league players playing the All Blacks.

Look, it's not the most important event in sport but why lads are getting exercised about a game that's liked by players, supporters and is a nice reward for some of our top players, especially those from weaker counties, is bizarre. Like cavanmaniac, I used to really enjoy it but now will watch it and cheer Ireland on but am not too bothered about the result.

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 19, 2017, 09:11:35 PM »
I really doubt there is any significant financial cost. Ultimately they persist so there is obviously value for money there.

It's not as if the AFL is the English Premier League. There's not a limitless pool of money and the success rate of GAA player in AFL is pretty poor to be honest.

Why are you arguing something that is clearly wrong? AFL teams have money and they, unlike you, will have all the facts and figures as well so if they are continuing to invest in Irish players they obviously feel they are getting a worthwhile return. The success rate of Irish players is surely quite high?

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:36:20 PM »
What real costs are there tho? Use of GAA Grounds (probably free), use of DCU facilities, facilitated by a few already contracted coaches / officials, the cost of a few Business class plane Tickets - probably freebies from Emirates who are involved as Sponsors.

There would be a lot of costs involved in organising these things. Not to mention staff employed in organising these events and other such things.

Players then get salaries and the majority of them don't make it.

The no of players making it in a niche sport such as Aussie rules is pretty disappointing. I just don't really see much of a result out of the Aussies putting in so much endeavour, maybe the results will change now - Glass and McKenna seem to have made the breakthrough this year but Tuohy and Hanley is a very disappointing return from the no of players who have gone over in the past 10 years.

Willl the younger Hanley head back to Mayo this year? Will he be much of an addition?

I'd imagine professional sport organisations are well capable of assessing the value of these things so the fact they continue is clearly evidence that they are worthwhile. Besides there is a pretty good level of success for Irish kids and it will probably grow as our players go over with a better level of fitness and awareness of nutrition etc.

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 19, 2017, 10:51:23 AM »
Is that proof Dublin are a professional sports team?

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 19, 2017, 10:37:53 AM »
Amusing seeing Big Dick calling out the Dublin players for snubbing the Aussie Rules team and the players kicking up a fuss.

Whatever why you cut it, the entire Dublin contingent opting out was a snub so they’d be better served to stop telling people piss is rain and expecting them to believe it. No one likes them to begin with but they’re really giving no one any reason not to dislike them with craic like this.

Going off to Australia to play professionals without any players from our best and only professional side was obviously a bad start to say the least.

We don't have any professional sides

You just keep telling yourself that. If it makes it easier to believe the lie.

Care to back that up with any facts? You expect Syferus to come out with that guff but most others are sensible enough.

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:31:19 AM »
I know our lads don't play these rules all the time but we really did some very silly things. Disappointing.

GAA Discussion / Re: International rules
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:14:48 AM »
Jesus, Ireland doing some very daft things here. Why didn't Sludden just take his mark there?

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL FAI Thread.....Roll on France 2016
« on: November 17, 2017, 01:02:23 PM »
Spoken like a true armchair event supporter. It doesn't matter that the players aren't Irish as long as 'we' are winning.

General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:47:27 PM »
I don't know how lads can justify this stuff, rugby or soccer. The rugby situation is a complete joke but a lot of the 'emigrant nation' dresses up us digging up some faint Irish connection to get an England B player to tog for us. For me it's quite simple, an Irish international (team or individual) should be Irish. That means they could be born in a different country but should identify as Irish as opposed to using it for international recognition. Living here a few years doesn't make you Irish no more than I'll ever be British though I've lived here for a while now so that residency rule is rubbish. For lads who want to win no matter the make up of our teams, why not just go the whole hog and have transfers like clubs?

General discussion / Re: Flight delay compensation
« on: November 05, 2017, 04:32:48 PM »
My Ryanair flight was delayed by 4 hours recently and I applied for the compensation (€250), I got an email to say I'd get the money in my account within 10 working days. It'll be 10 working days tomorrow so I'll see if I get it. I do have an email saying they will refund me so I presume they won't drag the arse of it but I'll soon know!

Hi, was this paid out?  I am nearing the end of my 10-working days but still has not been refunded.  Thanks.

No, they dragged the arse out of it so I'm now using one of the online companies to follow up and get the money (hopefully).

GAA Discussion / Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« on: October 26, 2017, 08:02:36 PM »
Dublin, like Kerry and a few others are usually there or thereabouts but they only won 2 All Irelands between 1978 and 2010. In the same period Kerry won 13, Galway and Down 2, Cork 3, Meath 4 so clearly their population didn't make them all-powerful. On top of that they've only been in two more semi finals than Mayo and nine more than Galway who, I think, haven't been in one since 2001.

Again, nobody is denying there are issues but the solutions need to be (somewhat) realistic and worthwhile. Splitting counties and merging others is totally unrealistic in our lifetimes and would create as many problems as it would solve. Merged teams could easily fold as there would be no inherent attachment to the team.

GAA Discussion / Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:20:14 PM »
I'm afraid the population imbalances are going to worsen in a shorter timeframe than I or Lar thought.
An ESRI report on the Health Service estimates a 1m increase in the 26 Co population by 2030 - 12 years and 3 months away.
12 years and 3 months ago was July 2005 .....
Most of that 1m will be within 30/40 miles of O'Connell Bridge in the 5 Counties that already have  population of 2.1m.
So how does the GAA make representative football more competitive so that 20 odd Counties aren't permanently excluded from the closing stages?
Why do the Emlyn Mulligans or Mickey Quinns play their entire IC careers and only about 10,000 people at most will ever see them play?

It's a massive challenge but as I said, counties with big populations should be able to produce 15-20 very good footballers if they have good structures. Dublin are proof that population doesn't matter if the structures are not there to utilise those numbers.

Clearly there are serious issues for the likes of Roscommon, Longford etc. but it isn't as simple as saying join them together. I'd suggest we look at the funding available for smaller counties and competition structures first. Look at Tipperary who went from being a weak to average team into a very competitive team by good work at underage. AZ is involved there I think so could tell us more but the bottom line is many counties can and should be doing better and if money is the issue then lets address that first.

GAA Discussion / Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:12:18 PM »
Zulu, you’re not interested in much more than protectionism for Dublin. Everyone knows it by now.

Back to bed now child.

GAA Discussion / Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:12:25 PM »
I'm pointing out facts of population imbalances.
These imbalances are going to get worse as pointed out by Lar.
Getting all emotional abot Louthmen and attacking me for something I never said isn't the way forward.
The title of the thread is the future of the Inter County game which at present and for the forseeable future is being totally distorted as a result of Dublin GAA getting its act together with the aid of HQ.
I don't know the best way to address that and any suggestions people throw out are dismissed out of hand.
As I said  before
We can't split Dublin
We can't pull money from them
We can't amalgamate teams
We can't have graded Inter County Championships
We just carry on.

I'm not attacking you Rossfan and I'm open to both redistributing GAA money given to Dublin or a graded system and many other suggestions too. We all accept the population trends are problematic and we will have to address it but splits and amalgamations are totally unrealistic. You may as well propose a solution that involves aliens as to propose that.

I actually come at this from a player's POV insofar as I want to see a season where players get plenty of games with a reasonable number of them against opponents they can compete with. I'm not interested in coming up with a format that helps Roscommon or Longford win All Irelands just that if they have a team that can they have a fair shot at doing it.   

GAA Discussion / Re: the future of the Intercounty game
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:57:23 PM »
So everything is grand if only bloody Louth, Wicklow, Antrim, Meath and Kildare would get up off their behinds and .......
Meanwhile the 11 Counties with less than 100k ? Plus the hurling Counties and London?

So you want a system that means we all can win All Irelands? What system will bring London up to standard? What about the hurling counties, they are focused on winning in the other GAA code? How would joining Louth, Armagh and Down help Louth win All Irelands? Would you see grown Louth men cry on All Ireland final as the two Louth players on a Down/Louth/Armagh amalgamation jump for joy at the final whistle?

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