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General discussion / Re: Pictures of pitches at my work
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:20:39 PM »
Cut it out lads.
Mods involved now. Who grassed on us?
You have to be careful of those mods,they are always hiding in the long grass ready to pounce.

Don't forget about the mod behind the grassy knoll

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:11:29 PM »
A great article by Max Blumenthal who is in Gaza and interviewed Palestinians who were used by Israel as human shields as they went on a murderous rampage

General discussion / Re: most famous person you have met
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:05:28 PM »
Borris Becker at a hotel bar on Miami. Had a beer with Marcus Latrell-Lone Survivor-at a conference where he was the guest speaker. Got my picture taken with Enda Kenny last year. Used to meet The leader of the Seanad all the time when he and his wife owned a chipper in Castlebar

You're lucky you didn't meet Borris in the broom cupboard Whitey    ;)

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 26, 2014, 06:18:38 PM »
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:58:45 PM »
Live footage of the celebrations in Gaza right now:

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 26, 2014, 03:20:41 PM »
Israel, Palestine agree on long-term Gaza truce – Hamas spokesman

A long-term truce in Gaza has been agreed with Israel ending seven weeks of fighting, according to Hamas officials. An announcement on the extended ceasefire is to be expected in Egypt.

"An agreement has been reached between the two sides and we are awaiting the announcement from Cairo to determine the zero hour for implementation," said the spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri.

An anonymous Palestinian official also told AFP that the contacts working on the issue in Egypt's capital "agreed a permanent cease-fire, a [deal to] end the blockade and a guarantee that Gaza's demands and needs will be met."

Israel has so far declined to comment on the report.

However, a spokesman for a group called the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees – which has been responsible for directing rockets into Israel – told Reuters that Egypt could be announcing the news within two hours.

Earlier, Hamas' deputy leader in Cairo, Moussa Abu Marzoul, told Haaretz: “The negotiations have ended and we have reached understandings that underscore the steadfast stance of the Palestinian people with the victory of the resistance.”

“We are waiting for an official announcement to set the final hour and announce a cease-fire and an end to Israeli aggression.”

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:12:00 PM »
Another heavy night of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as over 25 people were injured including 4 paramedics and a journalist after Israeli warplanes destroyed a 15-story rise building in Gaza city. Leaving over 100 families homeless. This is the 2nd rise building to be targeted in the past 2 days.

Video of attack on the Italian tower:

General discussion / Re: Willie Frazer and FAIR
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:58:24 PM »
George Galloway: I'm suing Willie Frazer over Ulster Hall Isis rant

By Suzanne Breen – 25 August 2014

George Galloway is taking legal action against Willie Frazer over remarks the campaigner for Protestant victims made about him at a loyalist protest outside the Ulster Hall.

In a video widely circulating on social media, Mr Frazer makes a series of allegations about the Respect MP, including his alleged attitude to Muslim jihadists Isis, which last week beheaded US journalist James Foley.

Mr Galloway has in the past strongly condemned Isis and said Mr Foley's beheading filled him with "loathing, disgust and fury".

The MP told the Belfast Telegraph that Mr Frazer's video was now in the hands of his solicitors.

"No one objects to the right to protest or the right to make fair comment. That is part of the rough and tumble of politics," he said.

He added, however, that it was another matter when a "serial protester" makes remarks which "blatantly cross the line".

"My solicitor is dealing with it. Let the law take its course," he added.

The Respect MP has won several high-profile libel actions in the past. He was awarded £150,000 damages when he sued the Daily Telegraph over allegations that he was in the pay of Saddam Hussein.

As Mr Galloway addressed a 1,000-strong crowd in the Ulster Hall on Saturday night, around 200 loyalists waving Union, Israel and English Defence League flags protested outside. Belfast DUP councillor Ruth Patterson took part in the picket.

Mr Galloway hailed the event, which was sold out, as a "huge success" and said he was now planning to hold another public meeting in Derry's Millennium Forum.

The only heckler in the hall berated him for supporting Irish unity but not Scottish independence. "I don't like to see small islands partitioned," the MP retorted. He repeated his controversial call for a boycott of Israeli goods and services, saying: "Today has been another bloody day in Gaza. Many children were carried out of the rubble minus their heads. A river of blood is flowing in Gaza and we must stop it.

"We must treat Israel the same way as we treated apartheid South Africa. Boycotts do work and this one is costing Israel tens of millions."

Mr Galloway said it was "morally wrong" for Invest NI and Stormont to have funded Caterpillar, the US firm with plants in Belfast and Larne, which makes bulldozers used by the Israeli military to destroy Palestinian homes.

The Respect MP said the turnout in the Ulster Hall for him was testimony to the fact that people were fed up with mainstream politicians.

General discussion / Re: Willie Frazer and FAIR
« on: August 24, 2014, 01:38:06 PM »
Willy was in fine form last night in Belfast outside the Ulster Hall before the George Galloway talk:

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 23, 2014, 08:55:51 AM »
Five members of a Palestinian family were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a home in central Gaza on Saturday morning, as Israel continued to bombard the besieged coastal enclave on the 47th day of the assault while Palestinian leaders urged international intervention.

The strikes brought the total death toll in Gaza to 2,098 with more than 10,550 injured according to Gaza medical authorities, of whom the United Nations has identified 70 percent as civilians.

The strike on Saturday morning hit the home of the Dahrouj family al-Zawayda neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip, killing a couple and their three children, medical sources said.

General discussion / Re: The Palestine thread
« on: August 23, 2014, 08:28:37 AM »
Hamas backs International Criminal Court bid

Hamas has signed a pledge to back any Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court, two senior officials in the group said Saturday. Such a step could expose Israel - as well as Hamas - to war crimes investigations.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has debated for months whether to join the court, a step that would transform his relations with Israel from tense to openly hostile and could also strain his ties with the United States.

The decision by Hamas to sign a document in support of a court bid removes a major obstacle, though it's not clear if Abbas now will go ahead. A hesitant Abbas has said he would not make any decision without the written backing of all Palestinian factions. Last month, he obtained such support from all factions in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Hamas, which is not a PLO member, has said it would study the idea. Its decision to support the court option came after almost seven weeks of a deadly cross-border war with Israel and several failed cease-fire efforts.

Since the war erupted July 8, more than 2,090 Palestinians have been killed, including close to 500 children, and about 100,000 Gazans have been left homeless, according to United Nations figures and Palestinian officials. Israel lost 64 soldiers and four civilians, including a 4-year-old boy killed by a mortar shell Friday.

During the war, Gaza militants have fired more than 3,800 rockets and mortar shells at Israel, while Israel launched about 5,000 airstrikes at Gaza, the military said. Israel has it has targeted sites linked to militants, including rocket launchers and weapons. U.N. and Palestinian officials say three-fourths of those killed in Gaza have been civilians.

On Saturday, an airstrike on a house in central Gaza killed two women, two children and a man, according to medics at the Red Crescent. Six strikes also hit a house in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza, causing severe damage but no injuries, Gaza police said.

Since the start of the Gaza war, Abbas has come under growing domestic pressure to pave the way for a possible war crimes investigation of Israel. Last month, he told senior PLO officials and leaders of smaller political groups he would only go ahead if Hamas supports the bid.

If Abbas were to turn to the court, Hamas could be investigated for indiscriminate rocket fire at Israel since 2000. Israel could come under scrutiny for its actions in the current Gaza war as well as decades of settlement building on war-won lands the Palestinians seek for a state.

Izzat Rishq, a senior Hamas official, said Saturday that Hamas was not concerned about becoming a target of a war crimes investigation.

"We are under occupation, under daily attack and our fighters are defending their people," he said in a phone interview from Qatar. "These rockets are meant to stop Israeli attacks and it is well known that Israel initiated this war and previous wars."

However, it is not clear if such arguments would hold up in court. After the last major round of Israel-Hamas fighting more than five years ago, a U.N. fact-finding team said both Israel and Hamas violated the rules of war by targeting civilians - Hamas by firing rockets at Israel.

Hamas' decision to back a court bid came after meetings on Thursday and Friday in Qatar between Abbas and the top Hamas leader in exile, Khaled Mashaal.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas leader who participated in the meetings, wrote on his Facebook page early Saturday that "Hamas has signed the paper" of support Abbas had requested. Rishq said that "we studied the paper and signed it."

Abu Marzouk's post was also reported on Hamas news websites.

There was no comment from Abbas aides and no immediate reaction from Israel, which has opposed involving the court.

Turning to the International Criminal Court became an option for Abbas in 2012, after the U.N. General Assembly recognized "Palestine" in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, lands captured by Israel in 1967, as a non-member observer state. The upgrade to a state opened the door to requesting the court's jurisdiction in Palestine.

General discussion / Re: Cardinal Sean Brady
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:56:48 PM »
This makes it particularly clear that young Fr Brady reported accurately to the Bishop, in effect his line manager, who should have acted accord ingly.

Also the victim says to the best of his knowledge his parents were never made aware?  Incredible statement.With or without any oath did he not think of telling his parents?

Rest of interview is simply two journalists speculating and doing what journalists do best, inventing sensationalist stories

But what if you were one of the boys getting raped while Sean Brady knew your name, knew Smith was a rapist, and did nothing to warn you our your parents?

General discussion / Re: Cardinal Sean Brady
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:18:42 PM »
Yawn.Sean Brady (the only person in the whole wide world) was the only earthly human that could have stopped Brendan Smyth blah blah (during the same period when Irish police moved suspected clerical bombers to other parishes) blah blah, no one else raised concerns or complaints about Smyth in the 20 year period since 1975 (bullshit).

If God is reading this thread he is surely saying "In the name of me, Give it a rest!"

Tony, you can do whataboutry all day long. The fact remains that Sean Brady covered up child abuse. Here is an interview with
Darragh MacIntyre following the documentary. I will copy and paste it. Read it, and then ask yourself, "what if I was one of those victims and Sean Brady knew all along my name and that Brendan Smith was a child rapist, yet he did nothing. Didn't tell my parents or anything. If you were that child, would be you posting in support of Sean Brady today?"

Michael Clifford: “First of all, Sean Brady’s role in the investigation into Brendan Smyth. We knew already he was part of this commission that was set up to look into the initial allegations that were made that Brendan Smyth was abusing children. He has always claimed that his role in that inquiry was merely that of a note-taker. Your documentary last night seems to dispute that in the first instance.”

MacIntyre: “Well yes. When limited details of the secret inquiry came out first, Cardinal Brady and his spokesman said that he had a minor role, that of a notary or indeed a note-taker. In fact  Cardinal Brady I think said he was a notary without powers. And he believes, plainly, that he simply did his job. But during the investigation, we came across a hand-written document suggesting that his role was more significant. He wrote, and I quote “I was dispatched to investigate the complaint”. Now we have asked him, we did ask for an interview but he turned down the request. And just to take you back to the top of this, the new evidence here Michael, and this is a significant element. The new evidence that we revealed is that the Cardinal was given names, and other priests – the other two priests involved in the investigation. But the Cardinal was essentially drawing all the information together and it was he, it was the Cardinal who compiled the report and who eventually gave it to his bishop. But the new evidence reveals that the Cardinal was given names and addresses of children who were being abused or who were at risk of being abused by the man you’d described as Ireland’s most, well I’d describe him anyway, as Ireland’s most notorious paedophile Brendan Smyth. But he failed to ensure they were protected. That’s the point. Brendan Boland is the boy we spoke to in last night’s programme. Brendan was 14 years of age when he disclosed that he was being abused by Fr Brendan Smyth and he disclosed this to a priest, a young priest in Dundalk, who took him immediately home, straight home to his parents. And then subsequently this particular young priest reported it to the Church. Then the Church, pretty soon afterwards, set up a secret canon law inquiry. Now three priests took part in this process. Among them Cardinal Brady, then of course Fr John Brady at that stage, a canon lawyer, a bishop’s secretary, that’s key, and a school teacher. Cardinal Brady took down the answers, another priest asked the questions. Another key point here, 14-year-old Brendan was interviewed alone, without his parents. He was asked a variety of questions. Some of them focused on what Smyth did, others focused on his own behaviour. And we have the documentation from the Church, the Church’s own documentation to verify Brendan’s account. And this is the most significant thing of all. He spoke of five children who were on trips with him that Brendan Smyth took them on, across Ireland, marathon excursions up and down the island. And Brendan recalled, to that meeting, he recalled the names of five children, their names and addresses. We then tracked down, I tracked down those five children. And all say, that to the best of their knowledge, their parents, their families were not warned in any way at all about paedophile Brendan Smyth. So the consequences of this, sorry to go on a bit, Michael…”

Clifford: “No…”

MacIntyre: “The consequences of this are the issue because the consequences meant that for two of the children, the abuse continued with them. But in one boy’s case the abuse not only continued with him, it crossed to his sister – she was abused for another seven years – and then to four first cousins in the extended family abused right up until 1988.”

Clifford: “Now is it correct that one of those boys that Brendan named in that inquiry, a boy from Cavan, that Sean Brady himself interviewed that boy some days later.”

MacIntyre: “That’s correct.”

Clifford: “And he had not informed the boy’s parents about?”

MacIntyre: “I spoke to that boy. That boy told me, who’s now a middle-aged man, he told me, on his doorstep, he told me he had never spoken to anyone about this before, let alone his parents. He was asked to attend a meeting in a parochial house, he went to the parochial house. He was interviewed by Cardinal Brady, there was another priest present. His parents were never notified. He was 15 years of age, he was..And he was in the middle of a secret canon law inquiry and his parents were never told.”

Clifford: “Did he attend on his own, Darragh? Did his parents have no knowledge?”

MacIntyre: “His parents had no notion that he was being interviewed. No notion that he was being part of this secret process. More than that Michael, they had no notion that he was abused. And he never told them cause he was then sworn to secrecy about the process he was involved in.”

Clifford: “In a similar way that Brendan had been sworn to secrecy earlier.”

MacIntyre: “Exactly the same way. Now remember the Church will point this out and it’s fair to point out that the children were not sworn to secrecy about the abuse. They were sworn to secrecy about the process they were involved in. They were only allowed to speak to authorised priests about it. But I’d suggest the effect of that on a 14 or 15-year-old boy was pretty much the same.”

Clifford: “And, one other thing strikes me, we’re often told different rules and different morales applied at that time. Yet it also emerged in your programme last night that initially Brendan Boland, when he was a boy, he initially went to a priest. And that priest did go to Brendan’s parents.”

MacIntyre: “The point we make in the programme, that’s absolutely the case. What the priest did in the very first instance, a young priest in Dundalk, he went straight to the boy’s parents. No dilly-dally. Now we don’t make a big deal about going to the police in the programme, about going to the guards. We don’t say ‘you should have gone to the guards’. We point out plainly that the guards were not notified. We know that. That has been known for, almost forever now it seems.  But the big point is this – What would a parent do? What would somebody do if you knew that so-and-so up the road was being abused? What would you do? Would you let the situation..Would you take any risks in that situation? Would you intervene, that’s the point.”

Clifford: “Yes. And you put these, a lot of these details to Cardinal Brady’s office and did you get any response?”

MacIntyre:  “We got, we certainly have been in correspondence with him and we have got, we have…I suppose the best way to put it is we reflected their response in the programme last night. I mean one of the things they would say is, they would say, for example, that there is no State or Church guidelines responding to allegations of child abuse in Ireland at the time. And they do point out that the oath wasn’t simply about swearing the child to secrecy about the abuse it was about, they would argue that it was about in fact giving greater force and integrity to the evidence given by Mr Boland.”

Clifford: “OK. Now just to touch on this last element Darragh, because I think this is quite important. The second boy you referred to, the boy from Cavan. He was interviewed, without his parents’ knowledge and what he revealed in that inquiry to Sean Brady was never told to his parents to the best of that boy’s knowledge.

MacIntyre: “That’s exactly the situation.”

General discussion / Re: Cardinal Sean Brady
« on: August 20, 2014, 04:40:09 PM »
Every time I see Sean Brady I think of the young boys that were raped, and their wider family circle, by Brendan Smith
after Brady was given their names. He could have stopped it. He didn't. I don't care if it was 10 or 100 years ago.
He let those boys and girls down, and he rose to the top in Ireland. The man shows no remorse and he should
have resigned years ago if he did. He played a major role in child abuse cover up, and for that, I will never forgive him

God will though

He'll be the only one......

General discussion / Re: Cardinal Sean Brady
« on: August 20, 2014, 04:33:58 PM »
Every time I see Sean Brady I think of the young boys that were raped, and their wider family circle, by Brendan Smith
after Brady was given their names. He could have stopped it. He didn't. I don't care if it was 10 or 100 years ago.
He let those boys and girls down, and he rose to the top in Ireland. The man shows no remorse and he should
have resigned years ago if he did. He played a major role in child abuse cover up, and for that, I will never forgive him

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