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General discussion / Re: Premier League 2017/18
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:59:41 PM »
Why did the Sky Sports commentator keep saying tonight that Pep Guardiola has reached his first Wembley final when in fact he reached the FA cup final last year and a few Wembley finals with Barcelona?
Arsenal Chelsea final last season

General discussion / Re: The same-sex marriage referendum debate
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:37:04 PM »
I did not say that.But poor upbringing is a factor in many instances from veering from convention.

Apart from that what chance has a child being reared in a gay marriage got of being straight when he or she grows up?
Nearly 50 posts in just over a week.  You've given this topic a lot of thought.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

General discussion / Re: PDC Premier League of Darts
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:25:24 PM »
Love Bristow, bought his Autobiography, it's funny but shit, after a while you just think it's one spoof after another.

Cross is a smug looking git.

Funny Bristow was one of my serious childhood heroes, I ran into him in Dublin Airport 10 or so years ago and he couldn’t have been more obnoxious had he tried.. they say you should never meet ur heroes.
Bristow needed someone to practice with back in the day.  Phil Taylor who was working in a ceramic factory at the time said he would do it.  Taylor went on to beat him in world final in 1990.  Bristows dad after the match 'never teach a man how to do your job!'

General discussion / Re: PDC Premier League of Darts
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:47:40 PM »
Nice start from Lewis after losing the first two legs. Strange from Taylor not to go back to the 20 to leave him a shot at 170 and gave Lewis six darts to get out from 65.

That's twice now Taylor has not left 170 when he could have when the other guy on an out.  That time 232 left.  He missed the first dart and was 212 could have went for bull.  If he gets it he is on 162 with a dart left and guaranteed a finish if he misses and gets 25 he is on 187 and can go for treble 20 or treble 17 with last dart and guaranteed on an out.  John Part was saying that.  I guess Phil knows what he is doing :)

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:40:34 AM »

Boyos and girls

Tommy Howard , Tony David , Ross Carr , Liam Honohan & ??

Any idea ??
Stephen Calnan

GAA Discussion / Re: Tom Humphries
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:42:49 AM »
Can someone clarify did Walsh or Cusack not have the option to retract or disallow their statements to be used once Humphries pleaded guilty or when they heard all the evidence?

Ex High Court judge said on TV3 Tonight Show that there was no reason they couldn't have withdrawn their character references between the hearing and the delivery of the sentencing if they wanted.
Isn't that the whole point of a character reference I.e. it is only used after the person is found guilty. There would be no need for a character reference if they are found innocent.

General discussion / Re: Probability
« on: October 07, 2017, 01:21:22 PM »
Quick question.

Is it better to have two chances of being drawn out of a draw of 500. 5 tickets drawn.


Is it better to have one entry but do it on two different occasions.

Either way your chances are 2/500 so both the same
Not quite.

2 tickets in same draw odds

2/500 or 0.004

Different draws odds of winning are 1-(499/500)×(499/500) or 0.003996.

If bought all 500 tickets odds be 1.  If bought 1 ticket in 500 draws not guaranteed to win.

General discussion / Re: Probability
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:46:42 PM »
Two rolls 5/9

Three rolls 19/27
For you not to hit straight it has to be not 1 or 6 (2/3) followed by not 1 or 6 (2/3) so odds of not winning (2/3)×(2/3)=(4/9). So odds of winning (5/9).

3 goes odds of Not win (2/3)×Not win (2/3)×Not win (2/3)=8/27.  Odds of winning then 1-(8/27)=19/27

GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Cooper testimonial dinner
« on: September 26, 2017, 04:05:24 PM »
Someone offered him 250000 to give a talk for a couple of hours.  He asked the guy organising it if he thought there would be enough people in Dublin willing to pay 500 EUR each.  Money for old rope he'd be mad not to.

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: September 08, 2017, 02:56:35 PM »
Next year I think it's time to let seconds teams into Div 4. There are teams in Down who would be well capable of fielding two squads every Friday night.  Kilcoo, Bridge, Ford, Clonduff and ourselves would definitely be able to. I think teams would embrace the challenges. The Premier reserve league has only 11 games this year.

I think in principal it is a good idea, it certainly allows players to get more games. However how do a few things work:

  • Would it ever be allowed to have two teams from one club in the same division? Cos that would be wrong
  • would there be a restriction on players playing for both teams? Like the whole first team winning Division 4 AND Division 1.
  • How would the logistics work of having multiple teams playing but not enough pitches? Would teams need two pitches to play two home games at the same time?


visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

General discussion / Re: Game of Thrones - Spoilers
« on: August 07, 2017, 04:53:58 PM »

‘I’m not ogling the breasts in Game of Thrones’, insists middle-aged man  | July 28, 2017
Game of Thrones

A middle-aged man insists he is gripped by the story in Game of Thrones – and in no way watches simply to ogle at beautiful women’s breasts.

Jonathan Smith, 51, says he is enjoying the hit television series because he has always been a fan of dragons “and stuff like that”.

But his long-suffering wife, Samantha said: “Let’s be honest, he’s just watching it for the tits.

“Jonathan was hooked by all the naked breasts and full-frontals in series one – and has kept watching ever since even though the nudity has been toned down. A bit.

“He’s never liked dragons or shown any interest in fantasy stories in their true sense – the only fantasies he enjoys now involve threesomes with buxom wenches in King’s Landing.”

IT manager Jonathan, from Ipswich in Suffolk, refused to admit the women in the series — all of them — were attractive with shapely bodies. Even the older ones.

“I can’t say I’ve noticed,” he said. “I’m too busy trying to keep up with all the scheming and plot twists to worry about girls with no clothes on.”

Game of Thrones is currently broadcasting its seventh series, and centres around a lot of people claiming they are the true king or queen of a world in which a huge wall splits the north and the south.

The Suffolk Gazette revealed recently that Game of Thrones scenes were being filmed in Norfolk.

There are ghostly figures, wolves, witches, dragons and even a dwarf – but that’s enough about Norfolk.

GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Retires
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:59:26 PM »
Look at the finals Kerry won and lost over that period. All close games were lost!

 :D :D
Wind-up of the week.

Well played Colm Cooper - one of the best I've seen.

Don't believe that Gooch hid in big games, however, this statement is pretty close to the truth. Outside of the 2014 final when Durkan handed the game to them Kerry haven't won a close final since the 90s.

... or in other words, Kerry, when they don't win, lose only narrowly.

..........or in other words they lose tight games.

OK. I understand. They'd be a better team if they lost by more.

No they'd be better if they won even one tight final.

OK. I'm getting the hang of it. Winning by a lot is a sign of a bad team.

Love it Hardy, you've totally destroyed that argument.

Yes Hardy, the games they lost were by small margins and that's a testament to how good they were. However, there is a strong argument that whenever they met their biggest rivals (Tyrone 00s and Dublin in the 10s) they invariably lost on the biggest days.

The finals they won since Gooch came on the scene:

2 x Mayo
2  x Cork
1 x Donegal (Durcan mistake being the decisive moment)

Finals they lost:

Tyrone x 2
Dublin x 2
Armagh x1

I think it's fair to say that Tyrone and Kerry were the standout teams from the 00s and Dublin hold that mantle in the '10s and Kerry win record in the biggest occasions was 0%. Of course, their biggest achievement is being consistently in the finals but that's an argument for another day.

And Gooch didn't play against Donegal too in 2014.

It depends what you value, those who rate Gooch so highly obviously rate style over substance.

There's no doubting the skill and talent Cooper had but greatness isn't just about that, to me I'd put more weight in being able to deliver what you are capable of when it matters and when you're really up against it. They really decide the greats and Cooper was superb when the elements were in his favour but regularly disappeared when they turned, a great player is not a slave to the elements, he is a decider of his own destiny.
That sounds like 1 of Enda McNulty's quotes.

GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Retires
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:27:39 PM »
All Ireland final record.  Win or lose he was always consistent.

2011 C Cooper 1-3
2009 C Cooper 0-6
2008 C Cooper 1-5
2007 C Cooper 0-6
2006 C Cooper 1-2
2005 C Cooper 0-5
2004 C Cooper 1-5

Didn't he play in 02 and score 1 or 2 points?
And held scoreless against Dublin in 15?

Still a fantastic record, over 5point average across 9 finals, only drops to 4.7-4.8 across 11 if you include club finals
Yeah I think he scored 0-2 in 02.  He was only 19 at the time.  I might be being a bit unfair but I don't think he was quite the same player after the injury in 14.  Still a very good player with his quick brain but just about markable.  Dublin exploited that he couldn't get up and down the pitch like he once could by putting Philly McMahon on him and had McMahon doing full pace sprints up and down the pitch for the whole game until Gooch eventually ran out of steam.

GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Retires
« on: April 05, 2017, 09:55:25 PM »
All Ireland final record.  Win or lose he was always consistent.

2011 C Cooper 1-3
2009 C Cooper 0-6
2008 C Cooper 1-5
2007 C Cooper 0-6
2006 C Cooper 1-2
2005 C Cooper 0-5
2004 C Cooper 1-5

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Club SFC 2016
« on: November 14, 2016, 10:24:02 PM »
It was clearly inferred that the reason for Tyrone clubs lack of success in ulster was due to the fact their championship was that “competitive” teams were spent the time ulster matches came around; comments that the same faces from Armagh/Derry/Down/Monaghan were always there or thereabouts in Ulster was that they “walked” through their championships without challenge which is bull.   

From reading posts, people are clearing trying to make a point the Tyrone championship is the toughest in Ulster.  The point I was trying to make is that if it that tough, and the winner is that deserving of the title, why do they not compete as well as they should?   

Regarding Maghery, semi-finalists, they have done as well as any Tyrone team in ulster in the past 10 years bar Omagh in 2014, as far as I mind the only Tyrone team to reach a final?

Some people may have inferred that but I haven't.

What I have said is that Tyrone have 8 or 9 sides who would be able to hold their own in the Ulster Club Championship, there's not a lot between the top 8 or 9 sides there and while Tyrone may not have a side up there with the likes of Cross/Kilcoo/Slaughtneil/Scotstown they do have plenty of sides who can go into Ulster, win a few games and be competitive against the best teams.

In the other counties mentioned I highly doubt you would have the same. Derry for a long time has been the best club championship in the province but it's now basically a duopoly between Slaughtneil and Ballinderry, all the other sides seem a good distance off these two. Armagh and Down have generally been processions for the past few years for Cross and Kilcoo and we saw the hockeying Maghery got yesterday. Monaghan is an inferior Derry at the minute with an inferior duopoly in Clontibret and Scotstown. Donegal is of a decent standard but a bit like Tyrone doesn't have any super club who will dominate the scene.

On that basis, I would say Tyrone has the strongest club championship in Ulster - I would not use the best team in the county as a marker for the rest - it would be like saying Leinster foobtall is currently the strongest province because Dublin have won 4 of the last 6 AIs.
Your argument doesn't add up.  Coleraine lost the final last year by a point.  The year before Slaughtneil won the county final with a last minute goal that was arguably not over the line and then got to the all ireland final.  I've already shown that Burren are not far off Kilcoo.  There is no evidence at all that the Tyrone championship is stronger than any other county.

My argument does add up, the same clubs come out of those Championships year on year on year. If The Burren were not far off Kilcoo then Kilcoo would not have won 5 titles on the trot and hammering Burren when it matters.
09 Aug 2015 Burren 2.13 v 2.10 Kilcoo (AET)
13 Sep 2015 Burren 1.9 v 2.7 Kilcoo

07Aug 2016 Kilcoo 1.7 v 2.10 Burren
11 Sep 2016 Kilcoo 4.7 v 2.8 Burren

Ok whatever on Burren.  Look up the list of Derry championship finals if you think it's the same teams.

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