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Apparently Thiago to Liverpool is all but done. 35 million Euro.

General discussion / Re: Sinn Fein? They have gone away, you know.
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:04:53 PM »
The DUPers, Stoopers, Fine Gaelers and Fianna Fáilers among others all out in force today. The hypocrisy. Didn't see the same outrage over Charlie Flanagan at the Garda funeral or calling for arrests due mass gatherings at the wee lads funeral but sure anything to get a dig in at SF.
SF will be going nowhere. Arlene didnt step aside over RHI, they have a quare neck on them.

So Liverpool will not be going after Napoli defender Koulibaly after all according to reports on Sky Sports. I rate Koulibaly highly but his price and age are prohibitive in mine and the clubs opinions.

Liverpool may still get a centre half i if Lovren who is nearly 31 leaves. Kouliobaly is 29 and I would like to think that if Liverpool went after another centre half he would be no older than 26.
I read that Liverpool were favourites because they were willing to include Lovren in the deal. Can't see it happening though,would still be too dear and at 29 wouldn't be worth the investment. Gomez also too good and promising to drop. Would prefer a solid backup and replacement for Lovren as Van den berg and Hoever are still a few years away yet.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: June 29, 2020, 09:02:06 PM »
This narrative from Tyrone fans that some boy is the second coming of god and that he's somehow going to come home and win tyrone an all ireland because he played well for a few games for the tyrone minors when he was 18. Hilarious.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 2019/20
« on: June 26, 2020, 02:25:56 AM »

We have done it!
Enjoy everyone, drink up!
We are the Champions!

I don't know if it's a west coast thing, I hear it all the time here.

"The reduced federal district, over which the Congress would retain plenary authority, would consist of two square miles."

"With less than five months before U.S. elections, the partisanship displayed during the House Judiciary hearing was on display throughout the Congress."

"Let's not just pick on our presidents, what are we going to do about the Congress, the Senators, the Members of the House. They approved the Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson's removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma, the Congress did. And they approved the laws requiring segregation. The Congress did. And what about the people who elected the Congress? "

As for "historical," I hear it used where "historic" would be better. "Madam President, your visit here today is historical." (Maybe she meant hysterical.)
Nonsense. The yanks talk a serious amount of shite but saying "the congress" is not a big deal. At least it actually makes sense

General discussion / Re: Teachers get it handy!
« on: June 24, 2020, 02:37:51 PM »
Do kids transmit this virus?
What are the risks to teachers?
Has there been any outbreaks linked to a School?

Considering the schools in the North closed pretty quick in March and haven't been open since but even then there were skiing trips coming back from Italy and kids had Covid 19..

There's no definitive answer to the top two but give me 24 hours to read a bit more on it and I'll be a verifiable expert.
;D ;D ;D

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: June 24, 2020, 01:18:49 AM »
The Liverpool lack of injuries stuff is somewhat of a myth. Allison, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Mane, Salah as well as a number of good second string boys have been out at different times. No 6 monthers or anything but it all contributes. It is a blessing VVD has only missed a couple of games but it isn’t ‘lucky’. The same way as it isn’t unlucky Salah missed the CL semi final last year. Shit happens, or doesn’t happen! If Allison hadn’t got hurt the second time, Liverpool would arguably still be in the CL this season. Swings and roundabouts.
100%. We've had more bother with injuries overall than City but others can't seem to see that. Or else they can, but they won't be able to use the excuse that Laporte and Sané have missed most of the season and that's the only reason why we're winning the league ;D

GAA Discussion / Re: Cillian O'Connor wins Golden Boot Race
« on: June 24, 2020, 12:14:16 AM »
Having considerably more time than sense lately. I decided to check out Cillian’s scoring returns, some of them at any rate.
I decided to concentrate on his championship games from 2011 to 2019, his entire championship games so far, that he scored in and I used Willie Joe’s blog for the statistics.
The format I used is fairly straightforward.
The year, the number of games he scored in, the monthly total of actual scores and finally, the number of scores from frees, penalties, 45s etc.

So, here goes….

2011, 5 games, total score 1-19, frees etc. 0-14
2012, 5 games, total score 0-21, frees etc. 0-19
2013, 5 games, total score 6-22, frees etc, 0-18
2014, 6 games, total score 5-36, frees etc. 4-25
2015, 5 games, total score 3-34, frees etc. 1-29
2016, 9 games, total score 2-44, frees etc. 1-34
2017, 10 games, total score 3-66, frees etc. 1-48
2018, 4 games, total score 3-22, frees etc. 0-18
2019, 6 games, total score  2-26, frees etc. 0-19

He scored in a total of 54 games, notching up 25-290 in all with 7-224 from placed balls. His total from play in that period was 18-66.
His overall score in points was 365 and of that, 245 came from placed balls and 120 was from open play. In other words,approximately one third of his total came from open play.
In other words, a free kick merchant.

Does saying the month before the date count? "June 24th" ... aye catch yourself on

General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: June 23, 2020, 08:46:23 PM »
The south of Ireland’s death numbers seem to be a steady 5-10 a day this past few weeks. That’s really not a good sign considering the amount of cases this 3 weeks. At this stage they should be saying more 1 and 2s. 7% of infected people have sadly passed away. Poor performance from the south. And before anyone says it yes I have changed my mind on them.i did say I thought they done well?
Hasn't been a double digit daily death number for 4 weeks. The 7 day average on deaths right now is 2 per day and a good number of recent deaths are probably from those that got the virus when weekly cases was much higher than they currently are.
That's him told

Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« on: June 23, 2020, 04:50:43 PM »
Fixtures got updated. Bit more spread out which is good to see

General discussion / Re: Who’s Been Cancelled??
« on: June 22, 2020, 06:52:00 PM »
When players sign a contract it should also bar them from having social media. Period!

Would never work the profile of a Premier League player would mean that they need Social media for their endorsements and sponsorship.

They should be banned from posting anything of their own without being accompanied by a PR firm although they can land plenty of people in the shit as well!!
So much for free speech ;D

GAA Discussion / Re: Cillian O'Connor wins Golden Boot Race
« on: June 21, 2020, 11:19:39 PM »
He’s the top scorer in the history of the championship.

He averages 6.8 points per game.

The only player in the top 25 with a better scoring average is Matt Connor (7.0).

To put this in context, dead ball specialist, free scoring scoring machines of the back door era like Padraig Joyce (4.0), Paddy Bradley (5 . 8), Conor McManus (5.3), Dean Rock (5.4) and Oisin McConville (4.4) fall well short of him, with comparable appearances.

The only player in the top 25 all time scorers with more goals than him is Mikey Sheehy.

He’s has scored 36 points in 5 All Ireland finals (including a really).


Statistically speaking he is the single greatest scoring forward of all time.

Just to repeat that he’s averaged over 7 points a game in AI finals.

This is not a flat track bully.

His record is extraordinary.


Comparing him to workhorse half forwards like Doherty, McLaughlin and his brother is utterly pointless. Why not compare him to Chris Barrett while you’re at it?

Mentioning him the same breath as players like McAliskey and McCurry, who each have struggled to make a mediocre Tyrone side because they simply don’t have the gears to play top flight senior championship football is bizarre. It might even be bordering on retarded.


The analysis that reopened this thread is inherently flawed because regardless of who he has played against, for the best part of a decade now, he has rattled up scores.

Look at the top 25 scorers in the history of championship football. It’s a who’s who of scoring talent. And there, plum at the top of them is O’Connor.

If you genuinely believe that an average player or an average free taker could do that, then you need a zip placed on your mouth and sticky tape put on your fingers.

Ok Cillian

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