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Galway and monaghan both know a draw suits them next week. Might check the odds on that.

Some unreal monaghan play there.

Exactly the same thing was a red card in the first game

Beggan has a foot like a traction engine.

To kick over the far 45 is incredible

Perfect tackle blown up for a free. Monaghan very impressive.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: July 22, 2018, 02:58:42 AM »
As always any chance of a decent ref and we're favourites. More of that bollox today and we're gone.

At the game itself I was livid with Coldrick. Watched it again when I got home and I have cooled a bit. I still think he done us in on some big calls e.g. RoN's free, Ritchy pickup free was a clear foul beforehand by Dub going in with feet etc. However, it masks the main reason we were beat, our shooting. Some of it was down to superb pressure by the Dubs, however, we were guilty of going for some silly shots that should have been recycled.

All in all I'm happy with the progression. If RoN scored at the end it would have set up and interesting last two minutes but the Dubs were clinical in wrapping it up. They do all the small things so well. Very rarely make mistakes and have pace and power to burn. They remind me so much of the great Kilkenny hurling team.

Onwards to Ballybofey were I think we've got a great chance.

Cooper commited a blatant push in the 2nd half and got away with what would have been a tap over free - dublin went straight down and scored. Aside from that he let a lot go but i was glad he did - really enjoyable 2nd half
Tiernan McCann rugby tackled Philly McMahon to the ground in the 1st half. Black card all day long. How Colm Cavanagh got away with 2 cynical fouls is beyond me.

Dubs sat back when they went 6 up and nearly got caught out. Tyrone don't have a good enough forward line to win an all ireland. That free they missed at the end is unforgivable at that level.

Aye and if only you be let take a free you missed again twenty yards closer?? Nah only the dubs get that pleasure.

Better team lost that game. Robbed.
Ha Ha ;D
Those 10 wides the ref kicked. What as arsehole!

No the two pens and endless frees we didn't get was down to the ref.

You're a complete whopper. Blinder than that **** with the whistle.

A jammy goal and awful decisions from the ref cost us that win.

Better team lost that game. Robbed.

Nothing changes. Same old same old. Dublin have destroyed this sport.

One man destroyed rhus game although he might as well have worn blue.

Delighted with Tyrone here. Should have won this had we got a fair crack of the whip. Two penalties we should have had and countless frees.

No chirping about cards there??

How anyone can watch this and say its fair is beyond me. Two frees we didn't get there. Both easy scores.

Wahaaaah. A free.

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