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GAA Discussion / Re: Jimmy McGuinness
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:15:05 AM »
It's one hell of a story of Jim's life. I know him and his wife and kids and I remember how bleak things looked for him before he got the Donegal job. He had all these qualifications after spending ages in college and loads of self belief but no solid experience. He was sitting beside me at a wedding and he told me all his plans of what he was gonna do with Donegal and how he admired Mickey Harte and what he achieved with Tyrone.

i'd say that's why he is going to the US as his first soccer fits team coach job to get experience of being a head coach for the first time away from all the hype of Europe. Small fish in a big pond where he will learn his trade whilst earning huge money for his family.

I was amazed when he left Donegal first to go to Celtic as I knew how much living at home meant for him and his family but then even more shocked when he went to China but the man is ambitious and like Harte very single minded as Kevin Cassidy found out.
I will not be surprised if he becomes a top coach in the premier league some day. As he says himself above, its just people and life and managing them to get what ye need out of them.

However, unlike Getoverthebar, I think he went too far though with how he changed our GAA game and how we have went through a period of paralysis by analysis. Some can argue Kerry had wing forwards tracking back in the 70s and short kick outs and then many would say Armagh and Tyrone brought in a lot more tactics during the early 00's but I think Jim with his total defensive blanket changed our game forever. It has become much more soccer or basketball like I feel with it no longer a man on man scenario. Possession is king and so the joy of watching a player take on crazy passes or shots or try to beat his man is gone as there will be too many players back sweeping to catch him should he beat his man. Yes sensible and good defending but as a spectacle our game has gone backwards big time and I definitely lay a lot of that blame at Jim's door.
Even in his article in the Irish Times a few weeks before this years final about how he thinks Tyrone's best chance is to go ultra defensive, almost like that terrible low scoring game in 2011 was it? It almost sounded as if he wanted to still justify he was right to play that way.
Anyway fair play to him in the States and I hope he make a fist of it.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:35:50 PM »
Great stuff lads. Disappointed I missed it but I was sick.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:55:44 PM »
Where would yis play Morgan outfield?

Scandalous stuff and when you dig in deeper it looks like they have form in interfering with things that they should stay out of.

Apparently TTM is actually funded by "Advertising" from Russian Oil baron, Mikhail Khodorkovsky , believed to be a cover name for MichŠel ů Harte and they had a lot to do with getting Donie McTrumpy setting up roots in Clare and then influencing the voting from the hugh Russian and Tyrone influence in the US.
TTM have has several visits to the US allegedly for GAA fund raising purposes but they use the term "DRAGON" as a code word to hide their true real intentions in the US.

Rumour has it TTM have helped lots of redundant Tyrone builders and labourers to make their way to the US Mexico border

Good to get the feedback lads and yes I did choose to ignore a certain person  ;)

I just wanted to get a feel for people's thoughts on here before I started to react on social media in case there was something I didn't know about

I have started to attend the TTM all star awards the last few years and the players and families seem really pleased with the event. In the years I've been there they had Joanne Cantwell and Jarlath Burns as MCs and it seems very well run. Noel McGinn, Damien Harvey and the others puts a hell of a lot of effort into promoting the GAA within Tyrone which is a huge resource for people like us who live far away.

For the new Tyrone Chairman and committee to throw a spanner in the works just seems crazy to me and I wondered why would they do this unless it was something personal.

How many of ye have local radio or does your county board stream their own games such as Armagh TV?
I know Donegal have Highland Radio and a lot of counties would do the same but are they moving over now to pay for live TV streaming for a one off subscription? is the main one in Tyrone and most would agree provide a great service for free but at the weekend the county board decided to suddenly ban their coverage of the county final at the last minute as they themselves were bringing on board a new streaming service for a fee of £8 to watch it live.
Do your ex pat fans depend on this service online to stay in touch with local GAA back home?

Just wondering do other counties do something similar?

How many Tyrone ones on here signed up on Sunday and how many were annoyed it wasn't on TTM for free?

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« on: October 23, 2018, 11:28:18 AM »
With live streaming radio commentary would be a non runner.
They have provided a brilliant service to Tyrone gaa over the last number of years, it was very poor form. To stop them covering this and especially at short notice like that.

It was an absolute disgrace for the county board to have stopped TTM from doing what they have been doing so well the last number of years and that's providing an amazing service to those of us like us down here in Dublin and beyond who depend on them for superb coverage of most of our games.
I was at the launch of the Paul McGirr tournament on Friday night and was thinking how well TTM have covered so many of the good things in Tyrone GAA and then they are shut out at the last minute when they were on their way into the ground with all their equipment. Total kick in the face to someone who has been highly active in promoting our games very well the last 5 to 10 years or is it more now?

I presume TTM only get money now from their own advertising as they don't sell anything so could the county board not have worked with them rather than against them in this one. It sounds like total greed from Mr Kerr and his committee but I don't know the ins and outs but I do know a lot of ex pats were pissed off. This should be fed back to those in power how many people who were tuning into TTM last Sunday were disappointed.
We ourselves here in TAD had asked TTM to plug our event in the Clontarf Castle hotel for the Tyrone person of the year away on 3rd Nov as well.
I wonder did many sign up for the £8 TyroneGAA coverage? Was it any good?

General discussion / Anyone from Tipp who want to help
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:12:03 PM »
Hi lads and ladies
I bought a car last July in the UK and brought it to the North but now I want to import it into the South.
I live in Dublin but wondered could I register it in Tipperary as I like the new T number plate

Would I need to use someone who lives there to register it for me or can I use their address?
Do they need a utility bill etc for that?

181 T SAM would be nice though.  ;)

I've not had time to read too much of this thread but here's my quick thoughts on yesterday

I was sitting in the middle of the lower Hogan and it was 95% Monaghan and very loud and foul mouthed around me. The amount of times I heard the phrase ye cheating Tyrone tr**p used was despicable. One "lady" behind me had a 4 year old on her knee and the language out of her was unreal, so much so I turned to her at one point and said can you try to tone it down a bit for your kids sake. That's awful language and she told me its not her F-ing daughter and to turn around and F**K off. I did.

I had Scooby Doo with me and that got loads of laughs and craic and some good photos including one of him sitting behind the TV Camera.

I thought Monaghan got a harder time with the ref than we did but then again my thoughts could be influenced by the very vociferous fans around me. Had I been with Tyrone fans I made have felt the other way.

It certainly looked like SOME of the Monaghan players were playing for frees and the one right at the end was never a free and I think you could tell the ref had noticed that Hughes was taken on JUST to win frees and cause panic.

Despite being called all sorts yesterday as I was totally outnumbered in our section, I did feel for the Monaghan fans. You could see that they and their players had put a HUGE amount of effort into the whole performance and they must wonder what the hell it takes to beat Tyrone in Croker. I think some would say a draw would have been a fair result but I'd say the ref didn't want to play extra time anyway.
I saw loads of fans crying after the game but in fairness a good few shook my hand on the way out (NOT THE ONES around me)
Did you notice one of the Monaghan players rejected a hand shake from McKernan I think it was.

One last point, I think when an underdog like Monaghan play a team like Tyrone for the chance to get to their first AI final for the first time in years, it will always influence the neutrals in how they view the game and how certain decisions dont go the way you would wanna see. I spoke with a Fermanagh fan today and she said totally disgusted with the whole game yesterday. Thought Tyrone were terrible rough and dirty and diving and the ref rode Monaghan time and time again. She's usually sound but I could just tell she wanted Tyrone OUT and was angry that the marginal calls went Tyrones way not the underdog. She thought 3 mins was a total travesty despite what they said on TSG last night

Having lived in Dublin for 22 years now and have 4 kids (One still a red hander) I have been looking forward to this final since I moved here. There is already some craic in work and I think I'll put up a few more flags and posers around my desk. Scooby Doo-her is already sitting up in his red Rockwell shirt

Can't believe the shite being talked any more or the credit we give these wums.
Of course smaller counties who have suffered at our hands for years will despise us and let's face it Tyrone and usually AN Other have been getting to AI quarters now pretty regularly for the past 17 years.

Can we not just ignore their biased crap and talk about the game. I was out last night in D7 area with my Tyrone jersey on and the banter was great. People from various counties approached me and gave me their opinions. Most neutrals thought we would win on Sunday and maybe even give the Dubs a fair aul scare in the final.
I was a lot more cautious about Monaghan.
One Monaghan lad said he was very confident and that this team no longer fear Tyrone and are more used to big days in Croker now than ever before.
I said usually at this stage most teams are physically at the same level and it comes down to hunger and how willing you are to fight for it.
My concern is that if it is a tight game will our free taking be our downfall again.
How many times in the last 5 years has wides or short shots cost us defeats against Mayo or Kerry.
I think Monaghan by 2.

It's great to see Tyrone give these poor Derry, Armagh and other sad b'tards from counties who can't get anywhere these days like Meath, something to cheer for and have a bit of interest in this time of year.
Of  course the neutral will be hoping for plucky wee Monaghan, with such a small population, to exact revenge for McManus in Brolly eyes.
I can see him now saying how good always overpowes evil in the end.

Must agree with some posters views yesterday how Joanne cantwell did a much better job that yes man Lybster regarding not letting Brolly and Co get away with inaccurate statements. She's sharp and pulls them up when they contradict themselves.

Weird season where you could make it to an AI final having already lost twice, once to the team in the Semi and once to the time in the AI final.
Even weirder that no sign of Kerry or Mayo who we have struggled to beat for 10 years.
The Monaghan manager, no doubt will be drawing comparisons with meetings with Tyrone in Croker from previous years and how they need to learn from that and overcome that mental block.
I wonder will he also talk about 2001 when Derry came back to beat Tyrone having beaten them earlier that year.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:02:42 AM »
I wonder will Micky Harte retire after this match
I wonder.
Just reading backwards through these posts yesterday and it's gas the overall theme is so negative and grumpy old man syndrome. Never happy with anything.
Granted a lot of the posts are from "neutrals" or fans who couldn't get to the match for one reason or another but the whinging and giving out so reminds me of listening to aul lads in their 70s constantly giving out about the modern way things are done and how it was so different in their day.
I'm not that shocked at the Derry wans or other counties who have been shite for years but the older Armagh fans should remember what it's like when you're in the white heat of a highly competitive match where winner takes all.
Remember Tyrone hadn't won here for 45 years.
Yet again at stages they appeared to have to deal with a very challenging and inconsistent referee and then they gave away a very soft goal after losing a talented defender for an inoccuous tackle. That's a lot of shit to overcome in a very hostile environment so as you sit in your comfy sofa, having not been at an actual live game for years perhaps, maybe you should try to think back what the passion and mood was like in such circumstances when this was do or die.

Having watched it in O'Neills in Oxford yesterday, my 4 kids said to be after the game, we've never seen shouting at the TV so much before dad. The youngest still supports Tyrone (not Dublin yet) and we were all getting high fives and hugs all around the pub. The kids all loved the passion and excitement and my eldest said, you don't get that at boring Dubs games dad.
I would love it to be a Tyrone v Dublin final just for the craic in our house and the banter with MDMA their cousin.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:23:49 AM »
Anyone know where I can watch the Sunday game again from last night or the full game in YouTube or anywhere.
Do Rte put the whole game on the player?
Great win and 1973 was a great year.  ;)

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:20:28 AM »
TherealDonald, is what O'Neill said not accurate though.
I  wonder will Horse keep the head better this time.
HT tunnelgate is always fun

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:32:19 PM »
Norf, don't be worrying about what people think of Cathal.
I noticed it last year too that loads of fans are just wanting him to fail so they can say they're first impression on him was right

He has 12 point this year all from play and has improved hugely on last year. He was unlucky with that ball through to him as he had to slow down for it to come into his hands and Mannion did very well to make such a clean tackle.

Cathal seems to believe in himself which is the main thing and I don't think its by chance he's started every game this year.

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