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Another example is Farrell from Ballylinan . Clearly not up to standard .

Your posts are starting to rot me. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but dismissing lads so readily and naming them individually is quite frankly pathetic. Until you can find better, they are the ones putting in the time and pulling on the jersey. This isn't the X fFactor you know
Exactly, well said High Fielder.

Are we in a masters championship next season ?
If you consider an average age amongst those 15 players of 26.1 years old to be "masters", then yeah we'll be in a masters competition. If, like me, you consider 26.1 years old to be a good median age for the starting 15 then we need not panic. Plenty of strong younger lads challenging for spots, too. Like Piggott, Crowley, Lowry and Moore. And to Laoisabu, those players are starting out their inter county career, very young lads. I was impressed with them this year and they will come on in standard. How you can say Collins or Crowley are not up to inter county standard is beyond me. I see good potential in those lads, same as Farrell. Plenty of potential in Eoin Lowry, Danny O Reilly and Sean Moore too. Once we harness that incoming potential and make them a lot stronger with s&c, I'm not that worried as we still have a lot of big players well under 30 - (Brody 24, Dillon 28, Attride 25, JOL 29, Donie and Paul Kingston 27/23, Even O carroll 25 etc). The big emphasis must now be to bring on those younger lads coming through. I wish for Sugrue to be kept on if we can at all. After 3-4 years of poor management, we finally have a senior set up that does these players justice.

Just an experimental 2019 line-up, look at that power house of a FF line  :P. Brendan out as third midfielder if needs be .


Cahir Healy, Timmons, Dillon,

Attride, Begley, Collins

JOL, Lillis

Conor Merideth, P. Kingston,  D' O Reilly,

Evan O Carroll, Brendan Quigley, Donie Kingston.

I don't agree with those comments from Laoisabu. It's 50/50 if they'll make it or not; they should be tried. It's a poor attitude to think they just won't be good enough. Look at the likes of Collins, crowley, dillon and lillis and look how much they've come on this year. I know lillis and dillon are well established but they've been given a new lease of life this year. Iron sharpens iron and giving new lads trials with the county seniors and hopefully bringing some on board for the squad will bring lads on no end. Was highly impressed with a lot of newer faces this year. Ideally we'll have another 5-7new faces for next year battling for spots. I also hope cahir comes back (and the likes of Conor Merideth) for one last good go of it. When he's fit and strong he's some player and we need more top defenders.


Cahir Healy, Timmons, Dillon,

Attride, Begley, Collins/Crowley/Merideth

Looks like a solid back line to me.

Hasn't been mentioned much but I did note a good improvement on fitness this year. With the loss to Monaghan, it wasn't down to fitness or endurance, moreso to do with the mental speed of the division 1 game and how clinical they were in the first half. I think Cannon deserves respect for what he's done, most of the lads are flying fit. I hope they keep that up now for clubs and end of season. You can have the best tactics and players in the country but if they're not fit you're going nowhere. Big respect for that to all involved in S&C in Laois, let's hope that an appropriate S&C programme is set for U-14 level upwards.

 The gains the kildare underage lads have made has been massive but we can set programmes, too. Doesn't take a genius, it just probably needs full time position for someone to oversee. It's good for the underage lads, too, to have a good solid foundation in s&c for their own lives as they grow up. Would love to see at least 4-6 new faces challenging for places next year. You don't have to have an all-ireland winning u-20 setup for good lads with potential to funnel into senior.

Regarding Donie, he's had a good year overall and I'm glad he came back to the setup. I hope he's glad he came back too - it's hard to play with 2-3 lads hanging off ya each match. In that respect, we need more lads to put their hands up as forwards to watch for us so that the opposition's defence does not focus on him all the time. In the context of every team hounding him each game, he's had a good year. He's still well in his prime, hopefully next year will be a big year for him if our attack gets more dangerous and clinical. E'OC also had a great year and he's only going to get better. I can see Lowry making a difference next year, he made a solid impact when he was introduced. A couple more new, fast, clinical forwards would make a massive difference. Sugrue and management team has my vote to stay on and bring us forward for 2019.

I know we don't get to pick the draw but it would have been great to test ourselves against division 2 teams this year to see where we stand, someone like meath or armagh. It's very hard to bridge the gap in pace and standard of division 1 teams, coming from division 4.

Regarding sugrue, judging by his following comments, he wants to stay on at least another term. I don't think anyone in the whole county would oppose that:

For now, however, Sugrue has only a couple of immediate plans. I'm looking forward to maybe progressing some of those individuals thoughts a bit further if we get another term. There's lots of things hinges on that, that's for a different day. My terms is up as it is right now, and that's another day's work.

Extremely proud Laois man tonight and very happy with the year. Looking forward to 2019 season already, it usually takes me over a week to get over the usual heavy defeat to exit the championship. This year was different in many ways. Drinks up town soon, see ye there  :P. A more comprehensive review of the year coming later this week.

Lads, if ye want to insult each other like 5 year olds, nobody wants to see that only yourselves. There's a private messaging function on here so go in there and go nuts. Otherwise you'll just continue to look pathetic to be fair.

Regarding the match, if we beat monaghan, we deserve to be in the super 8's and I'd love to be in it. It would be great for Laois football and for youngsters interest in gaa in Laois, 100%. If, as expected, we come up short, then so be it. We've had a great year at senior level, all things considered. It's bonus territory so I hope all go out, let loose and express ourselves. As sugrue says, let's see where that takes us. Laois abu!

I don't really agree that Monaghan aren't in good form - they beat Tyrone and had a solid league, beating Dublin in the process. They also annihilated Waterford and Leitrim. So the only real blip on their CV this year is that Fermanagh game where they lost with a late goal after being 2 points up.

That being said, I think we're better than our 2nd half performance against Dublin suggests. Monaghan will be very tough to play against and have some top players in Beggan, Whylie, Hughes, Malone and McManus. We've only had 6 days to analyse them properly, but I think John can come up with something to make us competitive. I'd love to see a good performace above anything else and see where it takes us. If we do lose, it'd be good to go out on a good performance and build for next year. Right now i can't see anything but a 4-6 point loss or so, being realistic. Bookies usually aren't far wrong. monaghan are 1/6 to win and we're 5/1. Whatever happens though, it's been a very pleasing year for us and progress has already been made. We're really in bonus territory as stated before, so let's give 100% and see where it takes us.

What's your team don?

Very good interview with John Sugrue, pre Monaghan:

I'd go with something like this:

Strong Timmons Dillon
   Damien O Connor

Crowley Begley Collins

        JOL Lillis

Evan O'C  P Kingston Donoher

   Donie    Gary Walsh

Listen Snowflake, saying that I was "a little bit disappointed with Donie vs Dublin" is not offending anyone but you. I clearly stated that he's a great player and clearly deserves his place. Crawl back under your rock there and continue to listen to Fall Out Boy.

I really think Gary has been given a raw deal to be honest. He's the top scorer out of all 4 leagues earlier this year - and since then he's played maybe 10 mins in all the championship. Not sure if there's something else going on there but he's a proven scorer and very cool under pressure and gives you something different. If not starting, I'd give him a good 30min+. In my opinion, we've no better free taker. In a match that could be close and tense like Monaghan could be, you need almost all your frees going over the bar to have a chance. That's why I was a little bit disappointed with Donie vs Dublin. He missed some very scorable frees and chances that could have made a game of it for longer vs Dublin. Free kicks are massive. Not having a go at Donie, he's a great player and still deserves his place. But maybe lets take some of the edge off it for him by starting Gary and have him main freetaker. I'd have faith in him keeping the scoreboard ticking over for us and contributing from play, too.

I think we have to start Donie, but let's not be drama queens. He's not "getting a going over on here". 2posters pointed out that he hasn't been at his best this year. That's not getting a going over. Brody's not getting a going over either. We're full of praise for Brody with the exception of one poster who thinks he mightnt get an all star nomination. Again, that's not getting a going over.

For me, Donie should start with Walsh but I wouldn't mind seeing Evan in half forward line. He's a great man to run at a defence and monaghan hate when a team runs at them up front, directly towards goal, like Evan does when further out the field. Starting all 3 would be what I'd do but I'm not the man in charge  ;D

I think there's space for both Donie and Gary. Not starting Donie and bringing him on after 40 mins makes no sense to me. He's our best player and 2/3 men from the opposite team follow him. What we need more of is runners off the shoulder of Donie (think Stephen Attride off the shoulder for that goal vs dublin in 2016). He can win his own ball but it's very hard to beat 2 men and needs more support. I always thought Walsh was very creative, dangerous very accurate at frees too. I'd fit him in, not at the expense of Donie though.

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