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General discussion / Re: Car Problems!!
« on: June 19, 2019, 12:40:20 PM »
It is legal to drive an untaxed car on public roads if you are on route to or from the MOT centre. Probably the only time it is legal to do so.

What way does that work with insurance then? If someone had an accident on the way to MOT, what then? Surely the car isn’t insured?

No idea, but I have been paying insurance on the car for the last 18 months anyway, its just over £300 for the year so I never cancelled it incase I needed the car as a back up.

Third parties would still be covered. However if it was fully comp you may struggle to get the value of the vehicle if you had no tax. 

Some players don’t want to put in the hours required for Tyrone to challenge at the end of the season. And that’s no slight on them, as it’s just the way the game has went. It’s a big ask of players to commit so much time especially if your on the fringes. Doesn’t have to mean anything more than that.

General discussion / Re: You know what really grinds my gears?
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:20:28 PM »

Hungry cannibalistic c**ts.

Decision on McCann. About right IMO. Hope Tyrone accept and move on.

Tyrone's Tiernan McCann has been handed a proposed two-match ban by GAA disciplinary bosses following the controversial incident in the Ulster SFC semi-final defeat by Donegal.

TV pictures showed McCann's right hand making contact with the mouth of Stephen McMenamin and also appearing to step on the Donegal man's neck.

Referee David Gough did not see the incident, but the CCCC reviewed it.

The ruling relates to both offences, with the bans to run concurrently.

The two-match penalty is understood to have been proposed by the GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee and the player now has the option of accepting the sanction or appealing against it.

The Tyrone player appeared to attempt to wrest McMenamin's gum shield out of his mouth as the Donegal player was on his back on the Kingspan Breffni turf and the Killyclogher man then seemed to catch the defender's neck with a boot.

BBC Sport Northern Ireland GAA Championship pundit Oisin McConville described McCann's behaviour as "inexcusable", adding that GAA bosses were "bound to take a look at it".

McConville's fellow BBC analyst Martin Clarke also described the incident as "not a good look".

If McCann's proposed sanction does remain in place, he will miss Tyrone's All-Ireland qualifier against Longford at Pearse Park on Saturday, 22 June.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: June 13, 2019, 09:48:01 PM »
Poor STG, Not getting the reaction he was hoping for here.  ;D
you reacted anyway fool.
Quite happy to call you a p***k anytime you want STG. Always a pleasure.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:32:50 PM »
What kinda rent would you have to pay to get garvaghy for the 2 days? Just asking for someone involved with Tyrone ladies.

God you have been digging some amount to try and get a point on the board around this. Fair play to those involved. Fantastic occasion for all, and as a previous poster commented it'll be great to learn some skills and meet your idols.

Surely you'd have attended something similar with Tom Brewster and Raymond Gallagher back in the day?

Given the absolute scummy comment he has made previously on this thread I'm not surprised. Should have been banned for good after it. Only Good thing is that most people realise him for what he is now. 

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:31:16 PM »
Poor STG, Not getting the reaction he was hoping for here.  ;D

Longford will be loving this. Tyrone under serious, serious pressure.

Longford might just get the luck that deserted Meath last year. If Tyrone don't tighten up, I can see them in a hell of a fight here.

I'm hoping the otherway. I'm hoping we get a reaction from the team and they come out guns blazing. They're better than they showed on Sunday.

Funny I would say it's fairly close to the mark. There's a lack of man markers like we've had in the past in the vein of Ricey, Gormley, hell even a Mickey McGee would be valuable now. Someone who can stick tight to a man and meet every ball coming in to try and make them 50 50 balls.
Our ability to tackle a man running with the ball(Either along side him or facing him) is poor. The amount of half arsed tackles, missed shoulders etc at men running through the defense on Sat was atrocious. Stand up, arms out and take the hit to slow the man down. Turn him back on himself to take the momentum out of the run. (I know it's easier said that done if you have a Michael Murphy charging at you but the guys need to be prepared to put themselves on the line to slow the attack). The likes of Jordan could play football and break at speed but when it came to it, he could take a hit as well.   

If anybody spots Dublin7 can they ask him what he thought of the above incidents as like the rest of us he was outraged at what McCann did yesterday.

Nauseating and hypocritical sanctimony (from d7), don't depend on hearing from him any time soon.*

*Not a defence of Mc Cann's actions in the slightest.

I do apologise for not replying earlier. I do have other things to do. For what it's worth Philly McMahon incident was clear and he should have been suspended. O'Gara didn't do anything wrong if you actually look back on the video and not just a still frame. Why people automatically point to other incidents to somehow justify McCann's actions doesn't make it any better and not much of a defence.

Sadly you just know Tyrone (like majority of GAA clubs/counties) have lawyers on speed dial so if the GAA do hand down a large suspension to McCann they will appeal it on some nonsensical technicality.

There have been dicipline issues on Tyrone teams over the years from the cynical fouling/diving to incidents like this. Harte should have stamped it out, but chose not to.

Of course they would. If the GAA were deciding to ignore some actions from other counties and cherry picking which ones to bring forward then they should be absolutely be pulled up on it. Otherwise they'll be open to complaints of bias. I have no issue with that being highlighted.

Tyrone are no worse than most when it comes down to fouling/diving. You could have made an argument about that in the 00's but recently we've been far from dirty.

Watching the game on tv you would hope that will be Tiernan McCann's last game this summer. To stamp on someone like he did is s**t housery of the highest order. Delighted to see him go off injured. Karma is a bitch!!

All the years that Tyrone played with 13/14 men behind the ball means their defenders have no experience in man on man defending. Tyrone were all over the place defensively. Donegal the better team and well worth the win

Very nasty incident and no excuse. I'm sure he's ashamed of himself afterwards and the media attention that it will get will not be nice for him or his family to deal with but there is no place on a football field for that type of act. Harte has stood by him in the past for a different type of high profile incident but he really let his manager and teammates down today. I think for his own good and for the good of his team Harte should drop him from the panel for this year. He's an important player to them but discipline in a team is very important and a precedent and example should be shown to the panel. I'm sure he's a good lad but some standards need to be set within a panel and there's some lines when crossed cannot be excused with a "rush of blood to the head". And regardless of the white heat of battle there must be some modicum of respect to opposition players. Thankfully no real damage done to Donegal lad but these type of incidents getting too common.
I don't get his importance? I understand why a team would want to have Diarmuid Connolly and the bit of madness that goes with him. McCann ???? Not worth the trouble. 

His worth has been reduced by the change to man marking. He came to prominence with the ultra blanket defence where he was protected by the swarm and had the speed to break on the counter. This was aided by the opposition backing off into a defensive formation.

 His exposure began with Dublin games when man marking was important and he had to rely on his own ability and skill with little or no cover. Yesterday, he was exposed again, just watch the lead up to the incident and see his level of frustration unable to handle speed and evasion of the Donegal player. Then when the swarm put the man down, savage instincts took over.

You have to wonder what type of sportsman engages in the repugnant behaviour that all observed when the victim had done nothing other than embarrass his opponent’s lack of skill, speed and agility. No level of frustration could begin to justify the actions.

What will be the manager’s reaction and how public will it be?

Will the GAA virtually condone this behaviour with the application of a single match ban when it was nothing less than common assault?

A test for manager and authorities that neither can afford to fail.

Sad to see football stooping so low.

I find it ironic that Mickey Harte, who does sterling work in schools etc.   in regards to moral issues, has always 'allowed' Tyrone players to do things like Mc Cann's carry on yesterday - it goes back further with loads of examples.  Yet, he does nothing about them for all the moral preaching elsewhere.

You think he'd say to his players, like he does in schools and youth organisations, where he talks excellently about good values, to cut out these serious nasty elements of Tyrone's games. 

Every player in a team can see the red mist at different times but this incident was beyond crazy.  Mc Cann will obviously take serious stick for this and rightly so, but he has form re 'hairgate' but Mickey needs to say to hid panel, cut out the bad press for their panel.

Oisin McConville agreed yesterday that Mickey Harte should, and will, condemn McCann’s antics. I thought to myself, don’t count on it.

Have we ever seen Harte publicly speak out on his teams antics?
I just hope he has the sense not to appeal it if the do take action. That would definitely look like he condoned it. 

On McCann incident... defo did not kick on head that was was down to mchugh pushing mccann.
Not sure what his hands were doin around the face shouldnt been there but it was not an eye gouge and was not a fish hook...his fingers were closed. Hands shouldnt have been up there tho it happened very fast.

Brolly rabbitting on about the brendan rodgers incident again which was clearly accidental. And how is anyone gonna rip out a man's teeth and gums with his fingers I'll never know :) Coming out with shite like that boy is gonna get what is coming to him is dangerous talk. O, Rouke and his manliness  ::)
CCcc will spring to action now tho since the tail has wagged it.
Attempting to defend or deflect from what McCann did yesterday is poor form

The holier than thou brigade out in full force today. Quick to jump down the throat of anyone not prepared to send McCann to the gallows. EVERY Tyrone poster has condemned McCann but it is reasonable to argue that he may have not intended his stamp (slow motion can often be misleading) and it is reasonable to argue that he put his fingers in the other players mouth rather than the narrative which has circulated on social media, that it was an eye gouge and it’s also reasonable to argue that, just maybe, he shouldn’t be banned from the GAA for the rest of his life. Yes it was a stupid, despicable act for which I hope he gets banned, but any sort of argument to the contrary of stringing him up for a public execution is not just poor form.
The previous poster in no way condemned McCann and went as far to insinuate the CCCC would open a case on McCann because of the Sunday game analysts alone.

Well they have form there to be fair. And made a pigs ear of it. Which is why he’ll rightly get a one game ban (Although it should deserve more, same as previous incidents)

Depressing stuff today. Don’t have the will or the want to start dissecting it all.
Couple of main points,

McCann deserves a lengthy ban but won’t get it.
Thought the Harte BC looked harsh (and the mixed support around me felt the same) but will wait to see the reply on tv.
Donegal keeper was fantastic with kick outs. But Donegal were showing much better than Tyrone and made it easier.
McCurry looked strong when he came on.
Cavanagh can’t play as an orthodox MF. Legs are gone and was left chasing shadows.
Our tackling is terrible and we are not in a position to play without a sweeper. The amount of mistimed lazy shoulders/ high tackles was crazy.

Poor day at the office. But fair play Donegal, strong performance. And fans really seemed to enjoy it. Tyrone badly outnumbered.
Things aren’t as bad as they’ll be made out in the next few days. Overreactions are the usual order of the day after a defeat. Mickey got a lot of work to do if we’re to make it to the S8’s. but still expect to be there. (Maybe that’s being optimistic but someone has to be!!)

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: June 08, 2019, 10:54:37 PM »
Angelo, harte has never took the rap for anything in his life. That was a disgrace. Why drop Cassidy? Rafferty started for skeet? Mc crory now a regular sub again? Wtf? Just when I thought harte had got his shit together he goes and makes a pile of needless changes and f**ks everything up. I'm fuckin ragin after that.

He made big, big calls in the starting side. They all were badly wrong.

The alarm bells were ringing in the Derry and Antrim games the way a few fist passes down the middle and a few bodies running there could tear us to shreds. You could forgive that as it was Derry and Antrim and I was naive enough to think we'll be much more reserved against Donegal - nope.

We played the same sort of tactics against Derry and Antrim as against Donegal, absolutely wide open we were. For those who were crying for us to play a more expansive game and go man on man with teams with deadly forwards and pace around the middle of the pitch - there was the evidence about the quality of defenders in our panel.

I have to say I've been very disappointed with McKernan of late, he's very much overrated. He's got good pace and power and likes to bomb forward but he got absolutely toasted by Brennan today, he got destroyed in the All Ireland final last year too.

McShane has been a good find at full forward but unless teams play open against you he is not going to be much use. Any ball we put in there today he had a host of bodies around him or it was cut out by the players playing in front of them. The difference today was Donegal had a defensive system and we did not.

I wouldn't get carried away if I was a Donegal fan though as despite how badly set up we were, the fact we had one of our best players wrongly black carded in the first half, the fact that many of our big players completely disappeared, the fact we were completely wiped out on kickouts and the fact we spurned three decent goal chances in the first half, we still only lost by 4.

It's a wake up call for Harte and the people who were looking for us to go toe to toe with the top teams though.

Strange analysis.

1st half Tyrone played with a sweeper in colm cavanagh, conceded all the kickouts dropped men back and were torn to shreds.

2nd half Tyrone took colm cavanagh off, pushed up on Donegal kickouts and won the second half by a score of 8 points to 5.

But sure you twist it whatever way you want

Strange analysis as Cavanagh played as an orthodox midfielder all first half. We didn't play any sweeper at all. How drunk were you watching that?

I honestly doubted if you knew anything about football but maybe it's just that your eyes don't work too good.
Are you saying cavanagh was marking Hugh mc fadden...
The donegal sweeper  :o
Cavanagh wasn’t playing as a sweeper in the first half. He should have been. But he played as a standard MF.

General discussion / Re: Running
« on: June 05, 2019, 10:52:53 AM »
Yeah me too. I actually keep a close eye on the cadence so like having it. The 645 is decent - I like it. I am not sure over and above the music it has anything more than the 235 mind. It has the wrist based heart rate monitor - whether the 235 has that or not I am not sure. They say it's not as accurate but to me it's only a guideline anyway.

Yeah the 235 has the wrist HM as well. It does cadence  and elevation etc but I don't really bother with those.  As you say I don't treat it as gospel but enough for all I need.

I got a wee USB music player thingy as well. But would have been good to have it in the watch.

Just out of interest, I need a new pair of runners. Have never bothered with the gait analysis before, is it much use? I was always a bit skeptical about it? Or is there anywhere in the west (I'm Omagh) that does it?

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