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GAA Discussion / Re: RIP Aaron Devlin
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:30:29 PM »
Very sorry and saddened to hear this. Rest In Peace. Thoughts and prayers with his friends and family.

GAA Discussion / Re: New Meath Manager
« on: July 28, 2015, 10:37:39 PM »
I hear that for an extra 100,000 of sponsorship money who ever gets the job has to be dressed as Mr Tayto for all county matches and public appearances.

Hurling Discussion / Re: All Ireland Qualifiers
« on: July 26, 2015, 08:48:06 PM »
Just thinking about Galways first goal, how come the cork goalkeeper didn't come out and clear it especially when the ball was flicked over the defenders heads.  Paddy O'Rourke wouldn't have missed an opportunity like that.

GAA Discussion / Re: New Meath Manager
« on: July 26, 2015, 04:58:07 PM »
We are due another stand off between the county board who want MOD to stay on for another 2 years and the clubs who aren't as keen on the idea. I've no idea if there are other likely candidates but it goes to a vote on August 10th. I'm not that keen on changing mod without a credible replacement and if he stays a few more years I don't see any harm although I won't expect any success bar a possible promotion to div 1.

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry V Cork 2pm Killarney
« on: July 18, 2015, 11:24:29 PM »
Cork fought hard but just lacking that extra bit of talent to swing it. Far too many over hit passes into the full forwards and also over complicated their hand passing in the half forwards. Had the possession to win that game. Entertaining stuff and hard fought.

Shame on Shields for his pathetic dive though.

You can get a tan footing turf.

Not too bothered at least we weren't hammered. Hopefully we'll come back with a new set up next year whether with Mick O'Dowd at the helm or not I don't mind. Hopefully we'll be more match fit and with less injuries. If any good came from today it shows we can play defensive football if need be even without our full strength squad.

I hope I'm wrong and we get a good game but I think the semi-final might have given Westmeath a false sense of their own worth. They were decimated in the first half and a more proficient team like Dublin will punish them severely. Dublin have enough supplementary talent on the bench that they won't be significantly effected by a few black cards. Dublin by 16 or more I would imagine. Still hope I'm wrong.

Any serious analysis (not the rte variety) of Meath before the start of the championship would have lead anyone to the conclusion that it was highly likely that we would struggle against Wicklow and Westmeath would have their best ever chance of winning.

There has been a repeating pattern for Meath under MO'D of a poor start to the league followed by a strong enough finish. Then follows the gap between the league and championship where about 5 first team players usually get injured. This year has been the same but the injuries just haven't cleared up and the rest of the panel seem underprepared or just not up to the required standard.

Most of the injured players are in the defensive lines so taking a few scores from Wicklow was no surprise. The papers were talking about a lot of debutants on the Meath backline but none of these lads were worthy of starting if all the others were fit. At least our forwards seem to be functioning somewhat as evidenced in the first half against Westmeath. Sadly MO'D switched Rooney for Flanagan which proved to be a negative step. This error was compounded by Graham Reilly's black card and then we were completely overran in midfield. It wasn't so much as a collapse last week as it was more a case of poor judgment and bad luck falling together. For all that is wrong with Meath though had we a fully fit squad we would have won that game by a fair margin.

For this game, Mick only really has the option of putting out the strongest and fittest 15 he has available and just pray he doesn't have to make any subs because there is no depth to the panel right now. Bray, Wallace, McMahon and Newman might be able to cause a few problems for Tyrone but I doubt they will present enough of a threat for the full 70 minutes to win the game as they are likely to not get enough space and possession in a crowded defensive area.

Tyrone simply aren't as talented enough to win silverware bar maybe a division 2 title but they will have enough for this one and organised enough to get to beat an out of sorts under strength Meath team.

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: June 29, 2015, 03:05:28 AM »
The live coverage with Brolly and Spillane before the Meath game started like the announcement of a death in your family. So downbeat and depressing the first ten minutes without talking about the games themselves.

Spillane has gone so far beyond contributing anything worthwhile to the show. I honestly don't know how he or half of those pundits are still receiving a salary from RTE. Pat has amazingly somehow combined the talents of a broken record and an empty vessel to create his own unique blend of shite talking.

Brolly at least gets around to analysing the game while making some good points occasionally.

Having just watched the match there as I was in the hospital with my new born son. So thankfully this game doesn't hurt as much as it might have.

On my first watching of it seems Mick O'Dowd made the wrong changes at the wrong time. No reason for Rooney to go for Flanagan. Flanagan brought nothing. Mickey Burke might not have many fans here but he was better than what replaced him. MOD had his hand forced by the black cards, maybe I'm biased but I thought Reilly's was completely wrong. Tobin however definitely had to go.

Fair enough injuries also played a part as a lot of the lads out there wouldn't be on the starting 15 if we had a fully fit squad. But why the hell Martin was left to run riot in the corner against a small back like McGill on his own. That said we probably didn't have anyone but had we not made some unforced changes so early maybe something could have been done.

I'm half tempted to start saying MOD and Trevor Giles should pack their bags but again injuries haven't helped things. But I feel I'm making excuses for a poorly prepared squad. Young lads whatever nerves might effect them or any lack of talent but shouldn't look so jaded. The Westmeath team had as many young lads out there.

I think it's time for Mick to step aside. While I know he's had some bad luck at times and in the first half we played some great football among a scatter of poor errors. It hasn't all been bad but they've never put in a commanding display for a full 70mins under MOD. I'm really not sure who there is to replace him in the county. Dare I say it it's time to look outside the county again at someone who has some serious credentials. Although there is much more that needs to be done within the county if we are to start competing at the highest level. Watching Dublin now and seeing the standard we have to meet its clear we do not have any players that would get on that team.

I know people are a bit despondent about Gaelic football these days but if we ever get another team as good to match this current Dublin team we'll have some class matches to look forward to. Sadly Meath are just not there right now.

As for Paddy O'Rourke. Not all that surprised, he's always been liable to do that kind of thing. It's probably fair to say the brains didnt end up on his branch of the O'Rourke family tree. Even before the sending off he had a poor game with some sloppy kick outs and I think he could have done better for two of the goals.

Fair play to Westmeath though. They never stopped playing despite the scoreline and their management made the changes to try and win the game while MOD did the opposite.

No mention of it being off yet. I'm surprised.

Club games have been postponed as far as I know.

Meath (SFC v Westmeath):

1. Patrick O Rourke{Skryne}

2. James Mc Entee {Curraha}
3.Conor Mc Gill {Ratoath}
4. Donncha Tobin {Blackhall Gaels}

5. Mickey Burke{ Longwood}
6. Donal Keogan {Rathkenny} Capt.
7. Bryan Menton { Donaghmore Ashbourne}

8. Harry Rooney {Skryne}
9. Kevin Reilly [Navan O Mahony's}

10 Graham Reilly {St. Colmcille's}
11 Padraic Harnan {Moynalvey}
12 Andrew Tormey {Donaghmore Ashbourne}

13 Michael Newman{Kilmainham}
14 Stephen Bray {Navan O'Mahony's}
15 Brian Mc Mahon {Ratoath}

K Reilly at no. 9? I'd say Menton will be there more like.

Shane O'Rourke and Gillespie are still out but Menton, Reilly, Newman and McGill should be available. How fit they are will be another matter but better to have than to have not.

Still not feeling too hopeful but we can make a decent fist of it while we're out there.

GAA Discussion / Re: The Celtic Tiger killed Meath football
« on: June 18, 2015, 11:55:26 AM »
I agree, the likes of Cian Ward and Joe Sheriden still among the best players at club level and could offer a lot. There have been a few retirements though that I thought were premature like Meade and King.

GAA Discussion / Re: The Celtic Tiger killed Meath football
« on: June 18, 2015, 12:26:11 AM »
It's not karma. It's deep rooted complacency at county board level and I think the generation of young men that followed the glory years became more interested in watching football than playing it.

The state of pairc tailteann tells it's own story of how poorly the game is being run. The county is full of bystanders who are great at pointing out flaws but short on solutions and absent when it comes to putting a shoulder to the wheel.

Perhaps that's why three of our greatest talents of the last 30 years are much happier being commentators or columnists and don't want to take the reigns of county management.

The memories of the bygone glories are about the only thing that propels us forward and not because of great work going on at the top.

Whereas Dublin started putting things in place and planned a way forward with the right people leading the game at the top. They are reaping the rewards now.

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