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Laois / Re: Bord na Mona O’Byrne Cup 2019
« on: December 09, 2018, 10:48:59 AM »
we would also have the makings of a decent junior team, but we don't bother entering that competition anymore.

Laois / Re: Bord na Mona O’Byrne Cup 2019
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:53:44 AM »
well that didn't go to well, I actually thought we might be a bit better when I saw the team selected. The game was over at half time and we had half a chance of a goal just before the break when Gary Walsh one on one with the keeper and he decided to chip and the ball and it floated over the bar. at least a goal might have made the second half interesting. 1-3 to 0-3 in the second half and I think there was no score for the last 15 or 16 minutes from either side which was possibly a better view of the game. A bit like Westmeath this time last year Meath looked a bit further ahead of us in at present, not surprising looking at some of their upcoming games in the league and the fact that their management are under a bit of pressure after under performing last year. They are going hard for this trophy reflected by the amount of regulars they played and bringing on the likes of graham reilly when we were trying new guys. it was also obvious that there regulars are a bit ahead in fitness than our ones that played. I think 24 players had a run and it was always going to be that we were going to lack a bit of shape. certainly the game and the conditions suited a bigger meath team who bottled us up constantly in attack even if the ref gave them a bit of lee way in terms of physical tackling. At the same time our forwards were awful considering we started four regular enough players, the lack of ball winner killed us and there was little or no link up play. if we don't move the ball fast in the forwards the three hand pass rule is going to kill us as we have come to rely on handpassing quickly like most teams on it.

on a night when no one really did themselves any justice, campion tried hard in the corner. its hard to make your debut and find yourself marking a fast corner forward with half the field to run into. in fairness he stuck to his task. The rest of the defence were at sea bar Timmons in patches. We were swamped at midfield and the forwards were really poor though it would be good to look at Byrne and Scully again. Byrne looks to have a bit about him. Interesting to see how big the panel is at the moment. We togged out 24, Fennell was injured from the programme, so it would be interesting to see what others are to could back. obviously the likes of donie, Begley and evan will appear along with hopefully the likes of frank Flanagan, lillis, Dillon, boyle and a few others from portlaoise but I wonder if any players from o dempseys are training with the panel. I dont know what the position is with others like eoin buggie, Kelly from st. joes, moore and murphy from port is.

Laois / Re: Leinster Club Football Championship 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:25:13 PM »
that Moorefield fella on the Kildare forum is some man to keep an argument going. :)

GAA Discussion / Re: Programmes & Memorabilia
« on: November 12, 2018, 08:11:47 PM »
i am trying to collect all the county final programmes for this year. managed to get a good few,

looking for help with some of the harder ones if they are out there,

Monaghan - hurling and football
Donegal - Hurling
Louth - Hurling
Meath - hurling and football
Antrim - Hurling and football
Longford - hurling
Cork - Hurling and Football
Sligo - Hurling
Tyrone - Hurling
Armagh - Hurling and Football
Down - Hurling
Leitrim - Hurling
Kilkenny - Football

if you have any for sale I can be contacted on or Facebook GAA Programme Collectors page

Laois / Re: Laois Intermediate Football Championship 2018
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:44:42 PM »
It sickens me that as soon as a team starts becoming dominant the first question people ask is “ ohh should we split them into two clubs” Portlaoise should be focusing on winning a Leinster this year beacause a Leinster title is badly due in Portlaoise ,especially for the size of the club. I can’t see Portlaoise being split in two either , Tullamore has one club , so has Naas, it’s not uncommon .

Same where I live, lots of big towns, one team in celbridge, one in maynooth, one in Kilcock, two in leixlip but both average at best. lot of soccer teams though due to the influence of the blue plague. plenty of teams in the rural areas around these towns though.

Laois / Re: Leinster Minor Football Championship 2018
« on: July 28, 2018, 11:26:41 PM »
U-16's beaten by 12 points by wicklow

Saunders with Portlaoise is meant to be very good, have never seen him myself.

Mentioned him a while back, saw him last year. I think they were trying him at full back for a while earlier in the year

From seeing every game from o byrne cup to our exit last week it was great to see it improve from how bad they were last year. A lot of players were tried but many didn't make the grade and we kind of ended up with the same team, but one that was motivated better. All credit to sugure in this aspect. Achieving promotion and getting to the Leinster final was great, the lack of quality and squad depth caught up with us when we faced the better teams. Tactically at times we were poor as well. I hope john stays on, he deserves it for the work he put in. I think div. 3 will be tough but it might help develop new players better. John himself, probably learned a lot and if he stays on their is plenty to work on in terms of the team and his own tactics. Hopefully the better exposure and good will towards the team might bring a bit more badly needed finance in. Hopefully it also might attract more players to put in the massive effort needed to compete at this level. Getting the right players or developing them will be one of the big problems.

We have a good keeper, and looks like a decent back up. We have an issue with kickouts in that we loose a lot of them when we go long. Not having a mobile midfielder doesn't help. Our captain will be a big plus when back and Dillon has developed well. Nerney has a lot going for him but we are still light on full back line options. We have a ball of middle third players, nearly all of them not at the required standard for top level. It's a pity that begley was not a few years younger. Defending has been a problem all year especially runners from deep or one on one tackling. A lot of scores have come down the sides.If we are going to play a sweeper I still would prefer Lillis in that role. Both midfielders went well but are too alike, the lack of pace or an attacking option to get ahead or come off the shoulder was a rare enough. It's hard to play withdrawn wing forwards and not have midfielders coming through in support. The forward play has been up and down. The issues had been mentioned several times, bar Evan that distinct lack of killer pace to stretch defences. Paul Kingston looked the part as an 11 but struggled in the last few games. Free taking has been an issue, for whatever reason we have missed a lot of simple frees, vital in games. I would hope that Evan would get some coaching in this regard, he was still missing the same frees in the last game that he was missing in the sigerson.

Hopefully a few players of that needed quality can be found, there are a few away for the summer that hopefully will return. An odd Bolter to come through, someone like Flanagan from the town. Interesting summer.

I thought the defending was awful in the first half, they had 18 shots at goal, 14 scored, most of which were unopposed. We saw how Fermanagh blocked up the channels and physically dominated them, but we never got close. The placement of Glynn was a disaster. Asking him to sit deep was a bad call, he ran around aimlessly but it also allowed o Connell to push up and kick two points unopposed. With Begley getting the runaround and out of the centre we could have easily planted Lillis in the centre and left him there and switch Glynn back out to midfield. At least it would have stopped the free runners through the middle.  With Donie being covered by two in full forward we are least would have had no spare men in our half. For some reason we played a kind of zonal system in the middle third. This allowed them so many kickouts  especially on the terrace side unopposed. When we did push up everybody was clustered on the stand side of the pitch. A simple basketball type move with a runner from the group and Rory beggan  dinked a brillant kickout into our half which got them a score but the whole half back line was on the other side of the pitch and we had no one bar jol to chase him. I thought this was real naive stuff

A bigger issue is what to do with Donie, we don't seem to get the best out of him. I know he is tightly marked but we managed to get a point from play from him in each of the last two games. It a bit disheartening at times to see brody further up the field than him. He is not mobile enough for centre forward as he can't track back. We tried a few balls to him at full forward but he was too easily bottled up. The game has changed to a mobile Pacey full forward like Flynn of Kildare but we have to work something to our advantage. Finding a few more pacey forwards will be a priority for sugure, once again we only managed 12 scores in a game

I hope that's tongue in cheek, 6 division 1 teams from this year through now and Roscommon the seventh might as well be one as they were promoted. The gulf has really showed. The fastness of the pitches and heat is making it very hard to be defensive. Interesting to see what the tactic is. Pace and power has been very evident today. It's looking like you will have to be hitting a minimum of 20 points to be in the game

Going to be a big ask to get over the line here, monaghan don't seem to be in the best of form either but they have an athleticism in their team that we don't do well against. No matter who is selected in the forwards we can't miss the chances we have been getting. There is a general sloppiness at times throughout all the games we have played especially with frees. Generally we get between 12 to 15 scores in games, usually when we go above this we have a great chance of winning. Goals have been key and Sunday will be no different

Let's look at the positives from the Dublin game and see what we can work on.

Our kickouts went well. I was worried with how we would win possession but Brody was on top form and the midfielders did well enough.
Our full backline did reasonably well in one on one battles. Dillon was excellent against Mannion, it was runners from their half back line and midfield which caused us problems.
We created a number of chances but we missed too many. It would be worse if we didn't create any chances. Some of the passing was top class, our inside forwards created space for themselves, it was just our shooting that was off. We only scored 40% of our shots! Kingston kicked 6 and O'Carroll kicked 5 wides. We need to convert them, hopefully shooting has been worked on but as I said, the creating of those chances with the build up play and the movement inside is very positive.

Monaghan are a very good team. Should Timmons or Dillon pick up McManus? Should Walsh start? Any other changes?

I thought we were rinsed on our kickouts especially when they pressed up and we went long, we lost 11 of these. it wasn't helped that we allowed a free man to sit on their half back line and collect anything that broke. we still need a reliable freetaker on the team, donie and evan are too hit and miss. I wonder is drew wylie back from suspension.

8 groups of 4 based off the league. Top 2 go on to play in yhd 'A' championship and bottom 2 the 'B' championship. B final played in Croke Park with all stars and holidays for the  winners.

Definitely better than the current system

Don't agree with you tony, a tiered championship is the only way Forward. The gap between the top three and rest of division 1 is big but the teams after that are at nothing. Top level gaa is professional and we neither have the finances, numbers or organisation to bridge that at present possibly never. People regularly quote monaghan as an example of a small county doing well but they squeezing as much as they can out of a good group and are still coming up short. Kildare if they were organised better probably have a chance due to the numbers of juveniles they have coming through.We did well this year because we got to play teams at our level, if we managed to get to the super 8's that would be massive but don't fool yourself on what we would be facing. A tiered championship would benefit us and let us grow in our own space, I would much prefer it that getting repeatedly mangled by a half interested Dublin team who were more thinking about their recovery session in the sea in dollymount afterwards

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