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Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 1
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:01:54 AM »
no sign so far

In relation to the qualifiers next week end will clear out some of the weaker teams, the following week the eight winners play off and the winners play the four losing provincial finalists. A lot of strong teams left

Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 1
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:40:49 PM »
when you say harvesting, how many players were brought in from other clubs to those teams??

Your making me feel bad😀, I could say that we only scored the same as louth and less than kildare. Still think that we shouldn't have to had made it so nervous in the end. You can miss frees but some of them were sloppy misses. Would you change any of the forwards for the final or are we to assume that o Connor will go into the backs and Evan into the forwards

some good points junior, firstly Longford decided not to employ any cover and got roasted, the score could have been massive if Dublin wanted it. the Dublin forwards really hit them hard at times, one of which yielded a goal and along with their sheer pace and fitness had them run ragged. it was very noticeable that a few of their backs had their hands on the hips in the first half. I would hope that we can deal with them better.

on the match itself, while it was great to win, I was very disappointed with how we still allowed Carlow to be so close at the end. realistically they had the better goal chances than us. That is the third game against them and I would wonder as a tactic did we not try employ some sort of runners off the shoulder to commit them. The backs were great and midfield I thought did ok, certainly at times there was space in front of them to draw Carlow out. The forwards didn't go well. I would have taken off donie long before it happened. As talented and important he is to us, near the end between missed frees and turnovers he was liability. it is mentioned that he was double marked, then you would think it would have been easier to instruct him to drag the two of them over towards the corner and make some space for others. He was very static, nearly as bad as paul. Paul could strive the next day but he has never done well with a close marker, possibly the reason why he has done better further out the field than corner forward. ross tried hard and won a few frees, but found it hard at times to get that bit of space to get a shop off. The next day will be different as Dublin let you pay a bit, but we cant be as wasteful and hopefully evan will start.

I think after looking at Fermanagh today we know what we will be facing. Have to take our goal chances but also no reckless shooting. Carlow will bring high energy and look to exploit us on the turn overs. They have played for frees a lot so lazy tackling will have to be cut out. We are under the radar with all the press they are receiving and hopefully they will seen as favourites. Interesting to see if they can execute their blanket defence in croke park

Nipped into the Kildare forum, it seems that Carlow really put it up to them physically on and off the ball and there was a lot of sledging. The real bile is for poacher who appears to have really annoyed them with his antics. I would expect we will get more of the same from them.

Try get there first. Dublin are on a completely different level at present

Great win tonight, wasn't expecting it but we punished them with goals which knocked the stuffing out of them. Really took a while to get going with the wind in the first time. The 8 to 1 run of points made a big difference. It was no coincidence that niall donaghers introduction improved the forward play. The second half after a slow start we managed to get on top. Both teams got 7 scores we managed 4-3 while they got 1-6. They ran out of steam completely by the end. Brody was ok, not much to do but we still conceded another terrible goal and he gifted them another score. Dillon after slow start was very good. Not Timmons best game, conceded a few scores to his direct opponent. Attride eventually got into it. Half back line was ok, Egan caused problems early on and I still think Crowley though very game is still a bit on the light side. Begley was motm. Drove the team forward. Midfield finally got on top especially Lillis,  jol had his problems with daly until he went off. In the forwards Paul Kingston finished great and was very dangerous when he went full forward.ross and Farrell were poor while carroll and o Connor were average. Donie mixed a bit of everything. I thought the subs came on did ok, strong and Evan were the best of them. Certainly the forwards are far more effective when they use their pace and go direct. Interesting to see who we face.

wary enough their forwards, especially loughlin in the corner, he caused us a lot of problems twice this year, very fast.

A game of four halves, first half was awful, 38 minutes and no score from play. Wexford started fast and had us under massive pressure. I don't know what our game plan was but the defence was under  pressure. They surged from their half back line all who scored and isolated one of their corner forwards. We didn't make many changes but had a few chances of goals which we didn't take. We had the wind in the second half and started better. Donie went full forward with Bennie carroll coming on and gary was sacrificed, a bit harshly as you could have taken your pick. 1-12 in the second and numerous missed chances and still after a mental last few minutes we needed Dillon to kick the leveller. Wexford had lost a few with injury at this stage and were a bit deflated. We got the wind with the start of the extra time and pushed on their kick outs making them go long. We were well on top and got the vital goal and the game kind of petered out. Certainly a great comeback considering how horrible we were. We still conceded a big score and missed a ton of goal chances.

Brody played well and managed nearly to reach the full forward line at one stage, full back was at sea and fouled far too much. Timmons came into it eventually, Dillon was poor and was dragged everywhere, he did kick the vital score.  Poor fennell was roasted after been isolated on their best forward. A change should have been made earlier. Half back line was overrun at times but all came into it, the backs were all changed in an attempt to put out  various fires. Midfield eventually got on top, Jol was excellent throughout, my man of the match. Half forward was very poor. O Connor  ended up corner back, we tried a number at 11 before carroll settled things. Farrell was very poor and a lot of their attacks came up his side. Ross mixed a bit of everything, some great scores but also a missed close frees. Gary got the hook which was a bit unfair as he was no worse than others. How tom shiel was brought on in front of him in extra time. Conway hadn't the pace for centre forward and was poor. Donie was awful at centre forward but ran amuck at 14. The loss of their full back helped as he bossed their corner back but still he missed a sitter of a goal and a point st the end. Paul Kingston kicked I think three points and needs to start the next day. Darren strong in a forward role also made a difference.

Car crash stuff, no score from play in 38 minutes. Backs completely at sea. There half back line is killing us with 1-2 already, appears to be no pace in the team at all.

Laois / Re: The future of laois hurling
« on: May 09, 2018, 02:24:51 PM »
Looking at portlaoise recent performances and no minors starting, things not going well there. No camross either but good to see a few from smaller clubs

Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 1
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:50:49 PM »
more interested to see how the younger players are doing, we are going to need them. saunders at portlaoise is getting a run with the senior team, though frank Flanagan seems to be hurling. I thought he was good last year playing with laois. Barry at o dempseys seems to scoring well and it will be interesting to see how Coffey and Murphy do with Port.

courtwood seemed to have a few good lads as well.

The kickouts have been a continuing problem for a while, not just this year. Carlow in the two games went with a high press and the lack of movement forced us to kick long which suited them. Obvious that both midfielders struggled trying to field balls going backwards. Evan had been an underused option on the wing throughout the league  and Glynn was only tried an odd time, so brody usually went towards the middle in the hope of picking up breaking ball.  Every other team set back and allowed us to go short in the league or play the one-two with brody and use him to carry the ball out. Probably two issues, both midfielders and the half forwards are not moving a lot to take a kick out in space when pressed high to beat it and the slowness of the backs to give brody an option when going short. Stuff to be worked on.

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