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GAA Discussion / Re: Top 10 Forwards since 1977 - Survey Results
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:09:56 PM »
Canavan was the best I have ever seen.  His ability to run with the ball was amazing, and he could score of either foot as well as win his own ball.

As for Connolly, definitely think he is overrated.  Capable of moments of great skill but doesn't hurt the score board enough, I owuld have Stevie McDonnell or O'Neill over him anyday.

Bernard Brogan is slightly underrated I think though.  Scores heavily in the majority of games and his ability to win ball and score of either foot is remarkable.

You're comparing a half forward (or someone who plays most of his football in the middle third) with out and out inside forwards here. What other half forward hurts the scoreboard more frequently than Connolly?

Not one mention of Keith Higgins in the CB slots yet. Only Marc O'Se comes comes to him. Fantastic all-round footballer.

I know of at least one man who can rectify that....

County: Derry

1.Cluxton            Dublin
2. M O'Se             Kerry
3. Owens             Fermanagh
4. Lacy                 Donegal
5. Jordan             Tyrone
6. Moynihan         Kerry
7. T O'Se               Kerry
8. M Murphy        Donegal
9. D O'Se              Kerry
10. Cavanagh     Tyrone
11. Dec O'Sullivan   Kerry
12. M Clarke        Down
13. C Cooper       Kerry
14. O' Donaghue Kerry
15. Coulter          Down

As a few have mentioned, I grew up with my grandparents calling a trip to the caravan in Donegal a trip to the free state. Why is it so offensive to some? Is it guilt? (I'm being genuine)

GAA Discussion / Re: Top 10 Forwards since 1977 - Survey Results
« on: April 22, 2017, 07:10:29 PM »
Anyone who doesn't rate Connolly either needs their head examined or just doesn't like him on a personal level. He's an exceptional footballer.

'I'm glad the Connolly hype train has broken...' help!

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: April 21, 2017, 02:54:06 PM »
H & A Mechanical Services ACFL Div 1

2 00 PM O’Donovan Rossa Magherafelt  --- --- Glen 

2 30 PM Coleraine  --- --- Greenlough 

2 30 PM Bellaghy  --- --- Glenullin 

2 30 PM John Mitchel’s GAC, Claudy  --- --- Kilrea DRAW

2 30 PM Banagher  --- --- Dungiven 

2 30 PM Lavey  --- --- The Loup  DRAW

H &A Mechanical Services H & A Mechanical Services ACFL Division 2

1 00 PM Newbridge  --- --- Castledawson

2 30 PM Moneymore GAC  --- --- Faughanvale

2 30 PM Desertmartin  --- --- Foreglen 

2 30 PM Lissan  --- --- Ballerin  DRAW

2 30 PM St Marys Slaughtmanus GAC  --- --- Drumsurn 

2 30 PM Ballymaguigan  --- --- Drum  DRAW

2 30 PM Steelstown Brian Og’s --- --- Craigbane 

H & A Mechanical Services ACFL Division 3

2 00 PM Sean Dolans  --- --- Ogra Colmcille

2 00 PM Slaughtneil Thirds  --- --- Glack

2 00 PM Magilligan  --- --- Dungiven Thirds 

2 00 PM Doire Trasna  --- --- Doire Colmcille 

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: April 21, 2017, 02:15:15 PM »
Div 3 having a lying week?

Peter Canavan
Paddy Bradley
Michael Murphy
Maurice Fitzgerald
Colm Cooper
Larry Tompkins
Stevie O'Neill
Micky Linden
Frank McGuigan
Ciaran McDonald

It's been mentioned a few times on here that it's not possible to compare forwards from successful counties with those from mediocre counties.

I reckon it is, so long as you try to apply a sensible initial criteria - one which would have eff all to do with playing style, and everything to with outcome.

Pick a player and then over the course of his career, evaluate whether his county regularly exceeded (or at least achieved) expectations. If so, then you can logically observe that his ability MIGHT have had the positive influence that an all time great should have had. That's the objective bit. After that, it's subjective whether he was one of the primary causes for the positive performance of his county. But at least there's a baseline in place.


I love Benny Coulter dearly. He was a bright shining light in a time of darkness for Down; one of the few reasons to pay in to watch Down. But using my criteria he doesn't make it as the cold hard facts is that the team he played in underachieved apart from one season.

There'd be a similar story at play for Paddy Bradley and his little brother, for as wonderfully talented as they were, they never really dragged Derry to a higher pedestal.

Someone mentioned Vinny Murphy above. He's a cut below Colin Corkery. So talented, but didn't deliver the big different often enough. They don't deserve to be any higher than Donnacha O'Connor or Tony Boyle (fantastic players, but not quite at this level).

Funnily enough Joe Brolly would be a genuine contender for the list. His presence gave physically strong but workmanlike Derry sides the ability to trade blows with the most talented sides in Ireland. Is that not the marker of a great forward?

That's said, he's an absolute twat for his recent attack on Gooch. The one player who ensured Kerry had chance of being the "team of the Noughties" was him.

On a side note. How Stevie O'Neill is a constant in these discussions but Owen Mulligan is an absence, I'll never understand. Stevie should have been a better player. He was bigger, stronger, quicker, meaner, and could kick a bal twice as far. But Tyrone needed Mulligan too to play at the top table.


my 10:

Brogan Bernard
Canavan Peter
Cooper Colm
Doyle John
Flynn Paul
Joyce Padraig
McConville Oisin
McDonnell Steven
Moran Andy or Linden Mickey. Genuinely can't decide which county would have been less relevant without their appearance
Murphy Michael

I know there's a fair chance you're on the wind-up, but in my opinion Joe Brolly wouldn't make the top ten Derry forwards of the last forty years, let alone merit discussion as a possibility for the top ten overall.

Not so much of a wind up as trying to set a baseline.

There are absolutely majestic forwards at every level from junior b to senior county. Players who have that dash of class, spirit, power, whatever, that make them memorable.

Then there's the forwards, who in my opinion, genuinely win matches and are the difference between a team reaching its potential and not.

In terms of talent, Brolly is a step below most of the names mentioned in this thread. But in fairness to the argumentative little ****, he had a remarkable habit of turning up when it mattered. More of an Andy Moran than a Colm Cooper, but absolutely vital to Derry's best ever period of football.

By the way, I've watched Derry for 30 of those 40 years now. I'd grant you Paddy Bradley and Enda Muldoon no problem. Maybe Enda Gormley at a push. Not Skinner, for although he was a truly gifted player he didn't do what Brolly did for Derry. Nor has Mark Lynch. Barton was classy but not classy enough for this conversation. So I'm guessing Derry had a well of great forwards in the eighties?

Thanks for reply. I like sensible debate.

I would contend that brolly didn't turn it on when it mattered. A bit part player prior to the AI semi in 1993, by which time he was 24. One point in the semi final (out scored by Henry Downey) and one point in the final (out score by Johnny mcgurk). Anonymous in 94 (after ten minutes) and 95. Decent in 96 and 97 as Derry flopped, but padraig Joyce was spot on.

Paddy and Muldoon are clearly two of my ten, skinner and Mark lynch also. Any one of those four in 94 and 5 Sams would have a different username. I'd take Gormley ahead of brolly and Dermot Heaney ahead of both. The 80s had a young spoofer; as good as I've ever seen before he headed to st kilda. Sean o'connell was still playing in '77, so I can count him. Mark lynch wasn't as good as his father, so I'm up to nine now.

You could make arguments for Gerry Mcelhinney, Barton, Cassidy,Brendan Kelly; even Anthony tohill if Sean Cavanagh is being discussed on this thread.

Eunan O'Kane was the best of them all though.

All about opinions though, one for the bridge some night.

The Wobbler, Barton and Lynch were / are far better forwards than Brolly. Skinner as well.

Champion, Eunan from Dungiven? Superb minor but it's a stretch to say he was the best of them all as his undoubted potential sadly didn't come to fruition. Watching Lynch as a 16 / 17 year old playing senior club championship was a sight to behold

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:29:00 PM »
4th Place is all but guaranteed now
No it isn't.

Palace, Watford, Southampton, West Ham & Boro the final 5 games?
Boro only team with anything to play for and could be relegated by that stage

One could hardly hand pick a better final five games - otherwise dont belong in CL.

Maybe if one had just woken from a 1 season slumber old bean. Handpicking Liverpool's run in from this season would be Everton, Man U, Spurs, Arsenal and Man City surely

I'm all in favour of the Dubs being sent to the moon.

Who'd sponsor the rocket?

They already have a rocket, he plays the attacking corner back roll

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:04:28 PM »

Peter Hagan - can someone please explain to me why he gets playing time at U21 never mind Senior?

You single out a player for criticism after a heavy final defeat. If you where at CP for the Armagh game last week you wouldn't needy ask the question.

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: April 10, 2017, 10:28:45 PM »
Donegal are a serious outfit with a good few years honing the blanket / counter attack template behind them.  Their fitness levels are off the charts. The 1-01 just before half time was a severe blow as we were going rightly.

General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« on: April 10, 2017, 09:47:19 AM »
Big little lies is quality! Plenty of Kidman showing off her bod!!

Line of duty had some finish there tonight!!!
Didn't see that coming at all. Feckin hell!
The writer is pretty good and not letting the viewers see what is coming! Jaw literally on the floor.

Mad finish to Line of Duty last night! Superb show

Moran is a force of nature!
In todays "modern" football it was great to see a old fashioned traditional midfielder produce a man of the match performance.

He was absolutely brilliant today. That score into the Canal end under serious pressure was something else. Griffin I thought was immense as well, some derv in his tank

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