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GAA Discussion / Re: Your countyís toughest defeat to stomach
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:42:46 PM »
Football wise the defeat to Tipp in 2016, naively was convinced Galway would beat them comfortably only to be hammered.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football All Stars 2018
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:24:25 PM »
I can't understand why Conor McManus is rated to get an allstar. Good player and all, probably deserves a nomination, but well behind the likes of Clifford, Mannion, Murphy, Comer, Burke and Rock in my book. He was pretty poor yesterday bar his frees. Think he's just short of this level, which is not really an insult. The final gets too much sway in these things but at the moment I'd go for Clifford, Mannion, Burke in the FF line but that feels harsh on Comer and Murphy.

I think even with the last minute brain fart, Beggan should get keeper. Has been a real difference maker all season. Others I'd say are in the box seat with one game to go are Cooper, O'Connell, McCaffrey, Fenton, Cavanagh, Shane Walsh and Kilkenny. Perhaps this year with the Super 8's exposure it might be slightly lass Final-centric? Certainly should be anyway.

Pretty big statement to make Seanie.
Gets some super scores from play to go along with his free taking.

Given the amount of attention he gets from other teams, as they know take him out of it and you will beat Monaghan, it is pretty impressive what he returns each game

I wouldn't have McManus in my All Star team this year. Don't think he contributed all that much from play this year apart from the Kerry game, he's certainly learnt how to win a soft free this year too. He's been an exceptional forward for a long time and probably the best inside forward the last 5 years but he's not hit the heights of previous years.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:21:54 PM »
Tyrone are the 2nd best team in the Country based on they've made the final but if they'd played Dublin in the semi nobody would be lauding them as that.

It's a huge opportunity for Tyrone as going forward I can't see them
making too many finals in the coming years
; I just don't see enough scores in that forward line to trouble the Dubs based on what we've seen this year.

Why not? This Tyrone team have been knocking on the door for a few years with the profile of an improving team, consistently getting to semi finals, winning an U21 All Ireland, winning back to back Ulster Championships. Tyrone havenít come out of nowhere to get here and the age make up of the squad is relatively young. I also think the super 8 actually suits us as we tend to play our way into form. The other thing is that, bar maybe Kerry with a lot of great minor teams coming through, there is nothing coming from the chasing pack to make you think Tyrone will be pushed further down the pecking order. Who knows if Mayo will make it back, Galway showed against Monaghan that they are a long way off the required level and everyone else is just making up the numbers.

I'm basing it on what I've seen from your forwards. Naturally that might all change come the final but don't their talented enough to be back like Mayo were.

GAA Discussion / Re: AI minor football championship
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:32:02 AM »
Finding a free taker and cutting down on the greediness are the 2 biggest aspects Galway need to work on if their to beat Kerry; Kerry are a more physical team than Meath and Galway won't be cutting them open so often as they did to Meath.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:24:16 AM »
Tyrone are the 2nd best team in the Country based on they've made the final but if they'd played Dublin in the semi nobody would be lauding them as that.

It's a huge opportunity for Tyrone as going forward I can't see them
making too many finals in the coming years; I just don't see enough scores in that forward line to trouble the Dubs based on what we've seen this year.

Disappointing but inevitable end to a good year; Losing to Monaghan whilst playing a full strength team was a killer blow, we had to beat Monaghan once he'd gone with such a strong team. Would like to have seen how Galway would have done with 3 weeks preparation facing the Dubs instead of the 1.

Echo the thoughts of the Galway posters on here, plenty to be positive about. It's been a very good year, there's been huge improvements all over he pitch from 12 months ago, don't see any reason why they kickon again next year given the age of the panel and that they've only just had one year in Div 1.

The way Galway setup defensively needs to be worked on too as well as personnel changes to the half back line. Dublin got too many soft scores in that first half probably as a result of having too many players covering the D;

The amount of steps Kilkenny takes needs addressing, he knows exactly what he's doing and it's one of the reasons why he's such a productive player.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:14:32 PM »
Who knows whats going on at the club and Mourinho certainly doesn't look very happy but when the transfer window is closing in 9 days time and we've only signed 2 players thats not good enough. Since Pep took over they've signed 20 players whilst United in that time have signed 9 and they had a lot more quality then United did at that time.

United will continue to struggle getting rid of players because they pay them too much, Rojo is probably on 4 times what he's on at Sporting while if you look at the wage bill its astromical and out of hand for the squad we've got. IF United can get rid of Rojo & Darmian in the next week I'd expect United to sign 2 replacements and the same for Martial if he goes. I thought Perisic was brilliant during the world cup after having a great season for Inter, United clearly missed out on a winger that would have suited United.

Its a big 9 days for United because if not a lot happens then you may as well give the championship to City.

GAA Discussion / Re: AI minor football championship
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:04:48 PM »
Great comeback but you'd wonder how they got themselves into such a hole in the first place.

From the match report sounded like there was a strong wind, should be a close match against Meath in the semi.

GAA Discussion / Re: McKenna takes a major swipe at Galway
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:01:58 PM »
I can't say I've paid too much attention to his ramblings in the past but is he always like this?

I saw on Twitter call Galway a massive group of cowards, a nasty bunch of cheats and topped it all off by calling Eoghan Kerin a low life. He's certainly gone well over the top. 

GAA Discussion / Re: The Toughest Rivalry
« on: July 27, 2018, 04:58:42 PM »
Just watched episode three there. Some end to the original game. Why not fist it over the bar.

Just seen it too, was thinking that but did that goal even cross the line?

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: July 27, 2018, 04:56:18 PM »
Transfer wise we've not not done enough so far, can't believe we've not signed a left back, its beyond a joke.

I'd be content will letting Martial leave as long as someone like Perisic came in. One of the reasons I'd imagine United are prepared to let him go is some of the attacking talent we've got coming through. Good to see Mason Greenwood get some game time, he's even a better prospect then Angel Gomes. A mate knows one of the youth coaches at United who's been split his time coaching between both City & United the last 15 years and he says Greenwood is easily the best youngster either club have produced in that time.

So McKenna's article is based on never actually seeing Galway in the flesh, he may we have a point about some of the stuff that goes on off the ball but he's very naive to think it that all the top teams aren't at it. I've been at all the games Dublin & Mayo have played against each other and both teams are at it, so much stuff going on off the ball. He's gone far too personal on the attack on Galway. We saw a Kildare man sent off and Cooke & Varley were both on the receiving end of punches too, their are clear to see on the TV. He keeps showing a picture of Sean Andy grabbing Cribbin's jersey as some sort of evidence he's punched him, he's completely lost the run of himself. As for been filthy thats laughable considering the amount of Kildare men caught throwing punches on the TV.

He's citing the red cards as some sort of evidence which is laughable, if you ask Harte, O'Rourke, Fitzmaurice, Gavin & Rochford about the sending offs they'll tell you how disappointed they were in their own players not the Galway player. Comer gets dogs of abuse and its only the last 6 months he's started to deal with it, he was sent off in the FBD against Mayo. Galway have been very disciplined since that game, just hope it continues.

GAA Discussion / Re: DICK v WOOLY
« on: July 26, 2018, 12:15:53 PM »
The GAA Hour is excellent and Parkinson is good craic on it. Iíd much rather listen to the likes of him than some of dinosaurs on RTE. Stevie McDonnell and Cian Ward are excellent on it as well. By far the best GAA podcast going.

Ward is very good but can't say the same about McDonnell, he gets so much wrong.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football All Stars 2018
« on: July 25, 2018, 08:47:03 PM »
We've still a final round of the Super 8's to come then the Semi's and the final; Its nonsense to suggest there are any certs at all. There are a 3 or 4 players well placed to get them but that would change with a couple of poor performances. Semi Final & Final performances will go a long way to deciding who gets them.

Just listened to the GAA Hour on the drive home there and was surprised to hear that they were pretty much in agreement that Galway should rest players against Monaghan with an All-Ireland semi-final the following weekend. Their logic being that they are in the semi-finals already and shouldn't be bothered about avoiding Dublin as you're going to have to play them in either the semis or final anyway. Why risk all your top players in what is sure to be a hard hitting physical game against Monaghan with such a quick turnaround after. They compared it to having a league game with your club the weekend before a big championship match. Worst case scenario is Galway play their best side, lose the game to Monaghan anyway, pick up a few knocks and still have to face the Dubs who will likely have a low intensity glorified training session with Roscommon.

I like the podcast but they really like getting carried away, earlier on in the year Parkinson was slating Galway week in week out but then changed his mind when he actually went to watch them live. I can understand their logic that it might be easier to beat them in a semi than in a final but I think its highly unlikely that Galway can beat them this year; So IF Galway could get to a final the experience from that would be invaluable going forward. Galway have a brilliant age profile, of the starters only Bradshaw is the wrong side of 30 and like Armstrong he'll another year left in him as they certainly won't be burnt out.

I see Cooke scored a point with his left on Sunday, Dublin are the only team who can match Galway in this department; Galway have so many players capable of scoring with either foot.

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