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GAA Discussion / Re: Football All Stars 2019
« on: August 06, 2019, 06:52:39 PM »
For the lads whose season has come to an end I'd give Keoghan & Murphy All Stars. O'Neill, McGill, Smith, Patton & maybe a couple of others would be well deserving of a nomination and whether it goes any further for them depends on who blows their chances between now and the end!

Counting by county is a very silly measure. It's an individual reward. I have two Meath men included in my nominations which some might complain about but they both deserve it imo.

On a similar note, what county boards provide streaming / have streaming provided for them - paid or unpaid? I know that Armagh TV has been the flagbearer for a number of years, but last year I think we also saw coverage provided by Mayo, Sligo Down, Derry (after the fact on Vimeo), Wexford, Fermanagh, Dublin & Limerick, while this year the Irish Examiner has streamed some of the early rounds in Cork.

IS anyone new starting up this year?

Have I missed anyone from this list, or added any that I shouldn't have?

How has the streaming been received?

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin V Donegal
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:04:02 PM »
Good solid home win for Dublin. Always had Donegal at arms length. Dublin won the game running the subs bench, not getting injuries, not getting cards and slowing the game down for the last 15 minutes.

The 7pm start is tough on Donegal supporters.

Jez what time did the Donegal supporter get home last night at?


The expense of travel?

A serious disrespect to Provincial champions!

About right, yeah. The club's dry bus got in just after 2am, but it'd be an extra hour on from a lot of the county.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Cork. Croke Park 30/07/16
« on: July 31, 2016, 06:19:11 PM »
Am I right in saying that this game is the only fixture in the whole championship where two division 1 teams played each other so far? That can't be right!

It's not even the only Donegal fixture! :P

GAA Discussion / Re: August Bank Holiday weekend
« on: July 31, 2016, 02:32:24 PM »
The 2015 adjustments weren't a positive contribution. This solution doesn't really solve the problem of the six day turnaround for losing provincial finalists at all either, it just pushes it back. To take my own county as an example, instead of having a week to prepare for games against Galway last year, or Cork this year, they have a week to prepare for matches against tougher quarter final opponents. I suppose that technically they did solve the issue, but only in the shallowest way possible.

Today's quarter finals mighn't be ideal match ups if you're looking to sell some tickets, but packaged with next weeks as a 'festival of football', as it was before last year, which is a much easier sell as a set of quarter finals. The quarter finals are usually strong-to-strongish match ups, with perhaps one tough sell mixed amongst them. They're ideal to bunch together. And with that, we can take the last round of qualifiers out of Croke Park and spread them around the country as appropriate.

It doesn't seem too difficult to arrange that round 4 of the qualifiers takes place two weeks before this, so that every county comes in with a week off. Even leaving footballing reasons to one side for a moment, that means that fans of the provinicial winners know where and when they'll next play from the moment they lift their cup, and fans of the teams coming through the qualifiers get a little bit of time to build up a bit of hype, and savings!

Obviously I'm not claiming that this is the ideal Championship structure, and this board alone is full of better ideas but really, it's not very hard to implement. Jesus sure it was basically in place two years ago.

Has Jim been personal? Personal is the sort of comments Joe Brolly has made about McGeeney, Cavanagh or Grimley. Jim was merely commenting on the tactics and game management as he saw it. Like he has done on other games. If you considered his comments and applied it to another manager we wouldn't be saying he was being personal. It would be worse if he filled his analysis with bland comments and didn't call Rory on the mistakes he made as Jim saw it. Fair play to him I reckon, his articles are always a worthy read!
There is analysis and then there is sticking the boot in.  Jim makes no allowances for the fact the main men on the team have a lot of miles on the click and their best form is behind them. In his articles he is always finding ways to criticise Rory/performances. Don't read his articles anymore when he is writing about Donegal as his anti Rory agenda is clear

I wholeheartedly disagree, I think Jim has danced around Donegal's failings in the past, unnecessarily and to the detriment of his articles on occasion. His criticisms here are well thought out and well presented. Even if you think that this article was an example of an agenda, I genuinely couldn't think of instances where he has stuck the boot in, and I'm baffled as to how dublin7 & ck have come to this conclusion.

GAA Discussion / Re: Jimmy Mc Guinness/ Donegal The Movie!
« on: July 24, 2016, 06:46:45 PM »
Antonio Banderas as Frank McGlynn.
Colm Meaney as Eamonn McGee.

ahaha ;D

I was surprised at the venue. But he's talking nonsense if he thinks you could do Derry to cavan in an hour and a half. He also completely contradicts himself then asking for galway. Breffni is a lot more neutral than galway is

He's having a laugh there surely, with both his estimates. It's, at the very least, a 2hr journey from a couple of South Derry Clubs, and upwards of 3hrs from the N.Derry clubs. And a brief look at google maps it would suggest something similar in Tipp. Based on times from Roscrea and Carrick

After listening to Kearns' moaning I pulled up Google Maps and checked the travel times from the club of each starter (or the village in question) to eah venue that he suggested. Now this is quite a tricky match to set, I'll give you that, but I'm not sure why Kearns feels that his the fixture planners have done a poor job here.

The average differential for Cavan was around the three quarters of an hour mark. The only venues more suitable than Cavan were Navan & Parnell. Tipp refused to travel to Parnell as they have lost matches there before, and Navan, no offence intended to the Meath posters on here, is an awful, awful ground. The venues suggested by Kearns leaned heavily towards Tipp, and some of them were particularly ludicrous, with two venues suggested by Kearns having an average travel time differential of over two hours in favour of the Premier County boys.

I really doubt that Kearns is unaware of this, surely a man repeatedly chosen as an intercounty manager has to be a little more on the ball than that, so I guess that it must be a deliberate 'motivational' tactic, similar to his statements about columnists before the Munster Final. That's fine, whatever. But it's quite disappointing that no pundit on either GAA preview show that I listened to pulled him up on it. Instead you have Mossy Quinn nodding along and suggesting halfway points that approach the three quarter way mark.

Anyway, if I was from either county I'd be more concerned with the wildcard that is your ref for the afternoon.  ;D

David Brady's contributions to this are hilarious.

Jim's articles are generally interesting, and I thought that this one was particularly good. I don't mind him analysing the Donegal team, he's getting increasingly comfortable with the pen and more power to him. I'd far prefer that himself and Horan were on the sidelines on matchdays, but since that's not possible, I appreciate that they've been excellent additions to the GAA Media circus.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal V Tyrone Ulster Final 17th July
« on: July 17, 2016, 08:45:46 PM »
Donegal folk can have no complaints about the result. Unlike last year when they somehow contrived to lose to a mediocre Monaghan side, they were well beaten by a far superior Tyrone today. Hopefully that's the end of themselves, Monaghan and Armagh for a long time. Their "style" of football will not be missed at the business end of the championship.

Aye Bro, I'm sure that today killed off the big Armagh challenge. Although I know that your posts are rarely in good faith, at the business end of the championship from 2011 on Donegal have come up with a dreadfully negative performance, a dull one, a routine one and two highly entertaining performances. As they'd say in baseball, they're batting .500.

Fair play to Tyrone today, they went and won the match when it was there to be won. They'd have won a replay handily enough, their supporters were very gracious winners offline and their star players shone when it mattered. I'd agree with the previous posters that Brennan probably deserves to start now, possibly at the expense of McNabb. Hopefully they can plow their way through to the final now, because there's something to this team.

In fairness to headquarters, StraightRed, that's already the directive for the year and seems to be being enforced well.

The cliche is that neither team deserved to lose, but I'm not sure that either deserved to win. In the end, McQuillan had the steady hand to grab the draw! In a paralell world both semis would have gone to extra-time and I doubt if anyone would have been particularly sad about that.

Before the game I was worried about Donegal and frees - worried that the tackling had become so slack that they would give too many away. But who saw twenty-something wides coming between the two teams? Remarkable to see such good players miss such favourable frees.

I sometimes worry that I slightly overrate the young players coming through, but Gillespie & Eoin McHugh look so comfortable at this level already. For Monaghan, McCarthy & McAnespie mighn't be superstars, but they're exactly what they needed - good young forwards.

Karl O'Connell, however, is an All Star in waiting. Odhrán, king of the baffling wide followed by casually brilliant score, seems to be planning to get his through sheers goals alone.

It was less frustrating than last year, I suppose. Maybe. This team isn't what it could be.

On a side note, as frustrating as RTÉ can be, they're years ahead of Sky.

It's weird not being at a Championship match. Monaghan the better team by a reasonable distance during the middle stretch of the half.

I'm quite blown away by just how bad Sky's coverage is though. I suppose I haven't been subjected to much of it. The commentators take such little care with their words, read the game poorly and are very slow to recognise the newer faces.

Sad news about the fan who died after falling from a balcony in Nice. Terrible situation for those with him and his family at home.

horrible thing to have happen. very sad for his friends and family

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Fermanagh - Sunday 12th June 2016
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:58:46 PM »
Logged in to post in this thread, but FermGael has covered most of it already, especially on the kickouts.

Fermanagh's attack was a wee bit shapeless, but I'm not sure that the backs would get away with such poor tackling again.

Good luck in Wexford! They're quite poor at present so I'd magine yous will come through.

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