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General discussion / Re: The SDLP
« on: April 08, 2021, 09:39:21 PM »
Might be waiting a while on a reply, smelmoth.

Labane1917 Banned permanently under Rule 8

Sid Waddell and Angelo banned for 15 Days each under Rule 9 - Feuds

General discussion / Re: 2021 Masters
« on: April 08, 2021, 09:32:17 PM »
6 top 10s in 12 appearances, with all of them coming in the last 7 appearances. Of course he should have won one, but those results are probably as good as, if not better than, anyone else. Would suggest he will be in contention, although current form isn't great. Although that will likely be the time he wins it, when nobody thinks he can and the pressure is off

Rory's a great fella for pulling out top 10 finishes without ever really being in contention. Lots of nice low Sunday numbers after shooting a 76 on Friday or Saturday.

The 76 was on Thursday this time. He'll shoot sub-70 tomorrow to make the cut, and probably have the round of the weekend on Sunday to finish in the top 10 again. All while never being in contention.

General discussion / Re: 2021 Masters
« on: April 06, 2021, 10:20:51 AM »
6 top 10s in 12 appearances, with all of them coming in the last 7 appearances. Of course he should have won one, but those results are probably as good as, if not better than, anyone else. Would suggest he will be in contention, although current form isn't great. Although that will likely be the time he wins it, when nobody thinks he can and the pressure is off

Rory's a great fella for pulling out top 10 finishes without ever really being in contention. Lots of nice low Sunday numbers after shooting a 76 on Friday or Saturday.

General discussion / Re: 💩 DUP C*ntwatch - Fleg Lives Matter
« on: April 03, 2021, 10:58:16 AM »
Took a trip down the FB bonfire rabbit hole there. A very depressing experience - a lot of lost, frustrated people lashing out at pretty much anything that moves. More skirmishes like those in Belfast last night seem inevitable this summer with this sort of sentiment flying about.

Unionist leadership seems to have utterly failed to provide these people with any sort of vision, hope or direction. I'd say the pandemic hasn't been good here either, too many people spending too much time stewing away in their own unenriched wee bubbles.

The stuff about the threat of republic violence seems particularly strange. To what is this in reference? Surely not the dissidents, who aren't doing much different than the same low level shite they've been at for years? Has there been something else that I've missed? Or is this just a line these people have been fed and encouraged to run with?

Qatar are the current Asian champions, having beaten Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan on the way to that title - all World Cup regulars. They're ranked in the mid-50s in the world, just about a dozen places below Ireland and in and about the likes of Israel, Finland and Bulgaria - countries that we've always struggled with, under every manager. Anyone expecting us to rock up and trounce them just hasn't being paying attention to the trajectory of either country over recent years.

If we'd anything about us we would beat them. But we don't, and haven't going back a couple of managers now. Our 'front' seven last night included two premier league players - both bench warmers at relegation threatened clubs. The rest were a mix of lower league journeymen and newbies. But that's our lot at the minute, and expectations should reflect this. We were never going to qualify for this world cup and the campaign was always going to have a focus on bringing through younger players.

Comparisons with the O'Neill era, and even McCarthy's brief spell, are redundant. Those managers had more to work with, and even then didn't do much very noteworthy. And their mandate, like that of every Irish manager going back decades, was to just keep things tight and have the team in mathematical contention for qualification for as long as possible - that meant tickets were sold for Lansdowne and the FAI was kept afloat. There was never any ambition to try anything different, until now. Which is why it's important to see where this all goes, even if it has to be under different management.

Horrible result last night. No defending the manager nor players.

But any criticism should be framed by the context that this is probably the least experienced, least accomplished Irish squad assembled for competitive matches in at least 40 years. They were always going to struggle.

Kenny probably doesn't have what it takes at this level - whether that's the charisma to energise the players, or the in-game smarts, or whatever. But the transition he leads away from hoofball is a noble pursuit, and should continue even if under different leadership. There isn't much to be gained from ditching him before the end of the campaign, which is just over six months away anyway.

Those pining for it should realise that hoofball is not the innate condition of Irish football. It wasn't a trait of senior team in the decades preceding Charlton. It isn't commonplace in the national league. It isn't played by the underage national teams. Most of the current senior team won't have experience of it at club level. It's entirely possible, and logical, to try to send out an Irish team that plays with more variety - and over time it will lead to better results. No team, at national or club level, is achieving anything at the minute playing hoofball - it's a dead philosophy.

Hoofball isn't even really a style of football - it's what you're left with when after abandoning all efforts to play with any particular style. When you just send men out to sit in tight banks of four, hoof everything, and try to nick goals from set-plays. It's debatable whether it ever really did anything for Ireland, in the last 20 years anyway. We qualified for two tournaments in that time - once after beating Estonia, and once by finishing 3rd in qualification but sneaking through after the championships were expanded. And in recent qualifying campaigns it had stopped working altogether - we just drew a pile of games, inevitably finished third in qualifying, and achieved nothing.

The rest of this qualifying campaign should be about exposing the younger lads to international football. Bazunu, O'Shea, Collins, Molumphy, Knight, Smallbone, Parrott, Idah, Connolly, Obafemi. Expand options for next qualifying campaign and hope that some of these boys press on with their clubs. This was probably the intention anyway, but you'd hope that there isn't too much pressure to revert to the likes of Hendrick, Christie, McClean, etc. in pursuit of some now irrelevant results.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: March 19, 2021, 03:52:53 PM »
Canít see Haaland to United. Too many reasons for it not to happen.

Also donít see him going to Madrid or Paris, just yet anyway. Raiola will be pushing against it - he wants as many big paydays as he can squeeze out of his most prized asset. Madrid, PSG, City, etc are dead ends. Haaland could sit at these clubs for the rest of his career - like Pogba at United, which really seems to have fucked Raiola off.

Without an obscene payoff to the agent, I reckon the plan is for Haaland to stay at Dortmund for another year until the relatively modest release clause kicks in. Then shift him to a club just below the financial elite - Juve or maybe even Liverpool - before sending him to Madrid or whoever for mega bucks when heís 26/ 27.

General discussion / Re: Sharing The Love
« on: March 18, 2021, 11:05:16 PM »
I found a frog in the garden yesterday. I like frogs.


Republic of Ireland squad:

Goalkeepers: Caoimhin Kelleher (Liverpool), Gavin Bazunu (Rochdale, on loan from Manchester City), Mark Travers (AFC Bournemouth), Kieran O'Hara (Burton Albion).

Defenders: Seamus Coleman (Everton), Matt Doherty (Tottenham Hotspur), Shane Duffy (Celtic, on loan from Brighton and Hove Albion), Enda Stevens (Sheffield United), Kevin Long (Burnley), Ciaran Clark (Newcastle United), Dara O'Shea (West Bromwich Albion), Ryan Manning (Swansea City), Cyrus Christie (Nottingham Forest).

Midfielders: Conor Hourihane (Swansea City, on loan from Aston Villa), Alan Browne (Preston North End), Jeff Hendrick (Newcastle United), Jayson Molumby (Preston North End, on loan from Brighton and Hove Albion), Jason Knight (Derby County), Josh Cullen (Anderlecht).

Wingers: Robbie Brady (Burnley), James McClean (Stoke City), Daryl Horgan (Wycombe Wanderers), Ronan Curtis (Portsmouth), Callum O'Dowda (Bristol City).

Strikers: Callum Robinson (West Bromwich Albion), Aaron Connolly (Brighton and Hove Albion), Shane Long (AFC Bournemouth, on loan from Southampton), James Collins (Luton Town), Troy Parrott (Ipswich Town, on loan from Tottenham Hotspur).

Difficult to be optimistic about this campaign. This could well be the weakest squad named for a competitive match in decades. Very few of the younger players have pushed on with their clubs this season. A lot of injuries and loss of form to contend with too. Manager also under pressure after a slow start. Qatar is going to be shite anyway, sure.

General discussion / Re: Who's worse than thrush?
« on: March 18, 2021, 08:33:38 AM »
The boardís days are numbered

It doesn't have to be.

There was a nice 10 day period there when people chatted about football, rugby, golf, violence against women, parking tickets, cans of Guinness...

Sport, social issues, offers of help and advice, and a bit of craic - just the normal type of talk that has been the hallmark of this place for the guts of 20 years.

During this time no one used these topics as a battleground to 'crush' anyone else. No one ran around the board after any other poster dragging their boring, self absorbed feud with them. No one felt the need to spam threads with literally dozens of posts until everyone else just gave up trying to have a real discussion.

Our mod should consider the atmosphere of the place during those 10 days, compare it with the atmosphere the rest of the time recently, and decide what the future of the board is to be.

Over to you @GAABoardMod5...

General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: March 17, 2021, 01:37:12 PM »
They talked about having potential herd immunity there too so on that front itís not good either.
It's also a lesson as regards the concept of vaccine acquired herd immunity

The Astra Zeneca vaccine doesn't seem to be very effective against the South African variant

I suspect we could see a big spread of that variant or another similarly evasive variant this summer or autumn

UK have plans for a Ďrevaccinationí or booster jab rollout later in the year to tackle escape variants.

Even if this becomes a continual thing, it shouldnít cause much bother for high income countries. The science involved in tweaking these vaccines is relatively straightforward, apparently. And the rollout infrastructure will have been well developed.

It will be more of an issue if low and middle income countries need to keep vaccinating on a continuous cycle. They will need an awful lot of help at a time when money is tight.

General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: March 17, 2021, 12:33:07 PM »
A lot of misinformation here.

The "surge" in India is currently 1 case per 50k citizens.

In the UK where lockdowns restrictions are not starting to roll back it is 1 per 14k.

In the Free State it is 1 per 17k.

So the surge in India is not actually a surge at all and it has one of the lowest incident rates per population worldwide at all.

You really have to check the misinformation and misrepresentation of views out there.

I'd say that the representing the officially tested numbers in India as accurate is misinformation.

Modi out today saying that they have to do a lot more on testing outside of the major cities.

Indian government definitely more concerned by the rise in cases than some on this thread.

General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: March 17, 2021, 12:07:38 PM »
See that India is experiencing another surge in cases.

Certainly something going on. 43% week on week increase in cases, apparently. If that's not yet a 'surge', it won't be long becoming one. Perhaps some new variants beginning to challenge immune response?

Mad how this thing can still turn on a sixpence, definitely a lesson on not being too hasty with thinking that you have it under control.

General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: March 12, 2021, 03:38:10 PM »

I've never been anti-vaccine but this time I think i'll go with my immune system and a 99.97% recovery rate.

Not dead ≠ recovery

I was talking to a doctor yesterday evening and he was telling me that the latest thinking around the people who have long COVID is that itís something theyíre going to have to live with. The research shows that there is chronic damage to the heart which is causing the fatigue and there is no treatment which is going to help. Considering that around 5% of infected people go on to get long COVID including young people then thatís an extremely serious risk.

Yes, throughout the pandemic many people have failed to recognise that there is a substantial and significant middle ground between death and full, uninhibited recovery.

Some of this is down to naive misconception, some of it more nefarious. Either way, you hope those with responsibility for encouraging vaccine uptake could communicate more effectively on these matters.

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