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General discussion / Re: Nicest Towns in Ireland
« on: April 19, 2018, 08:36:38 PM »

Nice to live beside a town that has been mentioned a few times. In fact it could have been listed in the previous thread as well!!

A couple of my own favourite smaller villages.

Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. Beach, cliffs, archaeology, birdwatching, walking, whalewatching and a wonderful café at the bottom of the hill.

Easkey, Co. Sligo. Surfing, fishing and a wondeful area to walk and cycle. Loads of space for camper vans along the shore. Pints for 3.50 and 4.00.

Both are underdeveloped - but that is not a bad thing imo.
Ballycastle in Co. Antrim was voted one of the best places to live.

General discussion / Re: Nicest Towns in Ireland
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:52:33 PM »
Ardara, Co. Donegal.

Hillsborough, Co. Down, black as it may be is a lovely, well kept town with some great spots for food and drink.
Presumably the use of the  word 'black' is a pejorative term.  What would the equivalent to this be on the opposite side of the coin?

I've absolutely no idea.

I'm sure you know full well that "black" being used in that particular context simply refers to a location as being overwhelmingly unionist or Protestant. A historically cold house for people of my ilk. Whether that's pejorative or not is a different question altogether.

Funny thing about the use of that word. When Protestants are giving out about the cops they call them "black b******s." Damned if I know where that comes from.
Presumably from the black and tans.

General discussion / Re: Paddy Jackson apology
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:59:27 PM »
Not sure there is anything more to say here
Let's see how many more links seafoid can post before it gets shutdown.

General discussion / Re: Death Notices
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:46:29 PM »
Whole swathes of the BMW region of the country, the so-called Big Tom Belt, will have an official day of mourning.
Where is the BMW region?

Border, Midlands, Western - not D4 as the acronym might suggest.
:D very good. Yes, prime Big Tom country.

General discussion / Re: Death Notices
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:33:59 PM »
Whole swathes of the BMW region of the country, the so-called Big Tom Belt, will have an official day of mourning.
Where is the BMW region?

General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« on: April 11, 2018, 08:56:06 PM »
I need a new boxset. . And don't have the time for starting some and not finishing.. I'm not into waking dead or breaking bad / the wire etc
My fave shows are .. game of thrones / mad men / manhunt unbomber / peaky blinders .. so any suggestions based on my likes ??
Just as a matter of interest, why do you say you are not into breaking bad/ the wire etc?
Have you watched any of them?

Watched the first season of bb and didn't get into it - only watched an episode of the wire and didn't appeal to me either .. don't know why.. I've been told to go to bb ...

Watched mindhunter too and enjoyed it
The attraction of Breaking Bad took me some time to see. Ibwas into The Wire from the first episode. Give them both time and you'll get the reward.

General discussion / Re: Biggest Sh*thole in Ireland (2018 Edition)
« on: April 11, 2018, 07:03:45 PM »
Still would have Granard quite high on any such list but for sheer out-and-out kip I would plump (perhaps surprisingly) for Kilgarvan in Kerry. Its nice location almost saves it, and it is close to the wonderful Kenmare, but really, only for the local gombeens, it would be have been swept under the Kerry rug ages ago.
What's the problem with Granard? I drive through it every now and again on way to Athlone and it seems like a perfectly fine Midlands town.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:05:51 PM »
Top 4 teams in Europe.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:51:01 PM »
1-0 down after that half is a good result. Wouldn't be surprised to see somebody get the line this half though. Karius remains useless.

General discussion / Re: Avoiding rates on new house- NI
« on: April 10, 2018, 07:41:14 PM »
The rates fee charged relative to the service provided has become scandalous. I would like them to state exactly where the money is being spent and what the justification is for charging the amounts that they do. If it's simply to get a bin collected every week then it's entirely disproportionate but people seem to just accept it for what it is.

You can request a rates review and somebody will come out and issue a new assessment but the chances of any sort of material reduction is slim. It is a grossly inflated levy for receiving very little in terms of service.

If you did your own recycling, and dumped your own bin every week, would you get a reduction?
No. We get our grey bin emptied every fortnight and have no other bins. I live in the sticks with no street lights. A Bryson House van comes and empties kerbside boxes but I don't bother and do my own. I emailed the council and said that people in the towns get a brown bin emptied as well as the grey and I got less for my rates and needed a rebate. Got told to eff off in polite terms.

General discussion / Re: Paddy Jackson apology
« on: April 09, 2018, 05:48:10 PM »
Can you put a link up where it says this?  I see one where 67k want a review which is currently taking place but not one of what you are suggesting ie that they shouldn’t play for ulster again
From what I can gather from a number of newspaper articles, there is widespread concern that the PSNI decided to prosecute a case that they had little or no chance of winning.  That means that Syferus and 65,000 (alleged) other fascist, anti-democratic gobdaws should either accept the verdict of a lawfully constituted court that found Olding and Jackson innocent of all charges laid against them or they reject the concept of law and order. Not only that but the PSNI may have to answer questions about their reasons for allowing wasting over eight weeks of a lot of peoples' time as well as subjecting the complainant and the accused to an immense amount of unnecessary stress.

You’re starting to show yourself up. Stick to the yerrah yerrah stuff and playing handball with Enda stories and leave societal issues to those that actually have to deal with them regularly. I would say you’re divorced from reality given your position but you probably voted to keep it outlawed too..
Now, now Syf, stop throwing yer rattle outa yer pram. :D :D
I like to think that I am a democrat and will accept the law of the land in any country where the will of the people is observed.
I believe that the judgement handed down in the recent case was based on a decision, freely made, buy 11 responsible peers of the accused. I also think the presiding judge delivered her directions to said jury in a fair-minded and very comprehensive way. Nothing was left to chance.
At the end of the proceedings, the jury retired to consider the evidence presented to them and returned in a very short period of time with a clear cut verdict.
Had the verdict gone the other way and if any or all of the defendants were found guilty as charged, then I would accept that verdict also. It seems the jury regarded Dora Florence to be a more credible witness than the complainant. There may have been other relevant factors involved but, for me, this is the crucial one.
Mob law is what you are advocating here and it sucks...

The decision is not the problem. The system that supports it is.

If you think rape is well policed and prosecuted you are, to be frank, wrong.

People have no responsibility to give any undue respect to a system they see as broken, and you and others would do well to remember that before you throw stones at those brave enough to try to effect some manner of change.

In fact, a responsibility to seek a more fairness society is much more fundamental to the ideals of justice and a better country for all people than blindly deferring to a judicial system and ignoring the issues that it has raised.
Woah there. I think you'll find yourself on record (repeatedly!) having a problem with the decision and on many occasions before there even was a decision.

General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
« on: April 09, 2018, 05:04:39 PM »
Some people have been questioning Harry Diamond on the bag as potentially another "yes man" which was the allegation against JP. I would have thought a mate (albeit an inexperienced caddy) would be more empowered to call him out.

General discussion / Re: Facebook - a penny for your thoughts.......
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:50:54 PM »
why is it ok to offend though - post an offensive picture or commentary to your entire friends list (via your wall) but not ok to be offended by that post?
I don't understand it.

Don't reply to it. It's not worth it. Discussions can't be had over facebook. If a pattern emerges, then just stop following that person's posts.
I've deactivated my account. Every few months I'll dip back in for a nosey for 10 mins or if someone tips me off that there are photos etc. but in general it's the same oul rubbish so I'm not missing anything.

General discussion / Re: Facebook - a penny for your thoughts.......
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:17:13 PM »
question on facebook etiquette:
If someone writes something offensive or shares an offensive post and you're friends with them, known them for years, can you comment on the post or should you comment on the post?
I did this yesterday and opened a big can of worms and I did it a couple of years ago with a lad from home who then just blocked me.
FB isn't worth losing friends over but I said to him if we were out in a bar and you came out with the shite I would argue you with you there about it...

If I felt strongly enough about it I'd PM them rather than making a public post.

General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:34:59 PM »
Rory just never got going on the front 9 after the eagle miss on 2.

Can't decide who I want to lose less Reed or Speith.

Its shit hopng rahm might get going but no firewirks as yet. Wouldnt nind fowler
I have Rahm e/w so he needs to hang on in there near the top.

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