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GAA Discussion / Re: Retirements
« on: November 25, 2021, 09:04:01 AM »

Ciarán Murphy: Born on the right side of the border for Mayo, Colm Boyle will be missed
A thunderous footballer, the Devitts clubman hails from a curious part of the GAA world
about an hour ago

I know a family who live on the Galway side of that divide. A significant minority of the family members are maniacal Mayo supporters. The Milltown people I know speak about Ballindine as if it's on another planet entirely. I find it all very amusing.

GAA Discussion / Re: 50 years of the all Ireland club championships
« on: November 18, 2021, 05:08:36 PM »
Decent chance we will have a new winner in football in 2022, when you look at the teams remaining.
Yeah, i think there are only 4 previous winners left in the competition:
None from either Ulster or Connacht,
One from Leinster (Kilmacud Crokes) and
Three from Munster (Austin Stacks, Dr Crokes & St Finbarr's)

And of those 4 teams - Kilmacud and Finbarr's have a county final to play
The two Kerry teams are only at the semi-final stage

Even when you look at the provincial championships, there are not than many serial county winners.
In Leinster it is very rare for a "new" county champion to win the province. Ballymun might be the last one, in 2012.
Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Meath, and maybe Dublin, will all have teams competing who are new to this stage. If Mullinalaghta are close to the level of 3 years ago then they could do it again.

GAA Discussion / Re: 50 years of the all Ireland club championships
« on: November 18, 2021, 04:56:59 PM »
I’m one of the luckiest footballers in Ireland. I grew up with a bunch of lads who were serial winners from we were cubs and we brought that through to adult level. I remember a Clan na Gael man chiding me saying I was the worst player to ever win an All Ireland….I disagreed with him…I told him I was the worst player to ever win 3! 

It is 50 years since the first one and next year is 25 years since our first one but the competition is only getting better. I think our win coincided with the new world we were living in with people having more money from an improving economy and freedom following on from the ceasefire. The GAA became ‘sexy’ and we as a team were part of the new media focus on the games. Coupled with that was the internet which brought things to a whole new level of exposure.

Our story is well written, our heroes are well known, but to this day I still get goosebumps when i remember back to the ‘good old days’….I love meeting old foes who are now good friends. We all have the same aching limbs and fading memories,  though some of the tales are getting bigger as the years pass!

Class. Can't beat it.
My father won one in the early 70's , when the competition was only new. Even then, they knew what it meant. It was a big deal right from the off. They'll soon have their 50th anniversary celebrations of county, province, and all-Ireland. I think just two of them have passed away to date, which is not bad going for men in their 70's. They are all 25 again when they meet up together, of course.

GAA Discussion / Re: 50 years of the all Ireland club championships
« on: November 17, 2021, 11:40:18 AM »
Decent chance we will have a new winner in football in 2022, when you look at the teams remaining.

General discussion / Re: People you admire
« on: October 16, 2021, 08:46:17 AM »
A fella in Derry, Daniel Quigley, who lost his father Colm (who was probably the best triathlete in the town) to suicide 10 years ago, is currently training to undertake 10 Ironmen in 10 days, to raise money for Pieta House. Absolutely incredible.

How far exactly is and Ironman?
2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile cycle finished with a nice wee 26.2 mile marathon run lol

The ‘decathon’ is that distance ten times in ten days…. There’s an Offaly man that did it a few years ago, he won the race, it’s outrageous

I presume you mean Gerry Duffy. From Mullingar.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL FAI Thread.....Roll on
« on: October 10, 2021, 02:49:27 PM »
Surprised at the north and Wales being lower

It’s the strength of their home leagues. Not sure what the relevance is to this specific topic.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL FAI Thread.....Roll on
« on: October 09, 2021, 06:20:57 PM »
Stephen Kenny deserves a bit of good luck.

None required here. Have been utterly dominant.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 2021-22
« on: October 07, 2021, 03:08:31 PM »
But why should he care , when non Newcastle fans don’t really care either? What the Saudis do is of little interest to the vast majority of people in the U.K. , be they in Newcastle, London or Birmingham. Same can be said of Ireland, France, wherever. People care about local issues they affect them and their families.
I think it’s wrong too. But I won’t vote in the next GE based on a parties stance on Saudi.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 2021-22
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:47:52 PM »
It is quite clearly an example of "sportswashing". However, this is just one tiny part of a much bigger picture. The people involved in sports clubs, be it fans, owners, players. They are just a subset of society. A society which largely ignores the acts of (in this example) the House of Saud. Why should football, or any sport for that matter, be expected to be different or held to a higher standard? The UK Government is squarely behind this takeover.

GAA Discussion / Re: Change underage back to u14,16,18
« on: October 05, 2021, 02:09:31 PM »
Would it align across the country?
What is a 4th year in the south? Is their school cut off date the same as it is in the north?

This could make a balls of Féile, Ulster championships and All Irelands.

Feíle has changed drastically and you won't be having host counties and the weekend tournaments ever again. It'll be more like county winners attention regional blitzes played off in a day and at U15.

Some of the southern contributors may be able to clarify, but is junior cert @16yo and leaving cert at 18yo?

Junior Cert at 15/16
LC can be 17/18 or even 19 now.
Transition year is optional

GAA Discussion / Re: Change underage back to u14,16,18
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:36:00 AM »
I remember seeing a stat a few years ago that 70+ % of Olympic athletes were born in the first three months of their school year. The stats for premier league footballers were similar. I wonder what the stats are in GAA and does the two year age groups impact on that. The working theory was the older kids tended to bigger stronger etc earlier and therefore came to the fore sooner and got more coaching and playing time as a result.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell covers this in detail. The figures are staggering. I can't see any reason why the GAA would be immune from this. Although the different age cut offs between club and school might actually be a good thing. The lad born in November is at a statistical disadvantage for club, but he would be one of the oldest on a school team. I was born in February, which was great for me. But was always a tougher ask making the school team than the club team on my "good" year, as there was more competition.
No matter where you put the cut off, there will be some lads who missed it by a month. It's up to coaches to recognise this and make allowances for it.
My concern with minor being a year early is that lads will drift away as they become forcefully disengaged. I'm not talking about the lads who would have been lost anyway , but the lad who will play if he feels he has something worth playing for , but won't if he does not. There are 17 year olds who are just not physically ready for even lower division adult football. One year makes a big difference at that age.

GAA Discussion / Re: Change underage back to u14,16,18
« on: October 04, 2021, 05:51:24 PM »
From what I understand , the move from u18 to u17 was made to protect the u18 who was getting pulled and dragged between numerous teams. However the vast majority of kids just play with their club and don’t play county minor + adult football at that age. As mentioned by others, the gap from minor to adult football is now bigger, for the vast majority of young lads. U19 can never be a serious grade as it clashes with adult football in a way that u18 did not. The drop off rates will surely increase. There was no need to change. 

GAA Discussion / Re: The next 10 all Irelands
« on: October 01, 2021, 06:00:48 PM »
The reward for winning it was still Promotion.
Tommy Tailteann is a meaningless tournament under proposals A, 2017 or 2018/19 systems.

Agreed. But my point was in relation to whether it would be promoted and well placed on the calendar. It might for a year or two, but then it will sink in to obscurity.

GAA Discussion / Re: The next 10 all Irelands
« on: October 01, 2021, 04:37:08 PM »
As Rossfan so accurately states Proposal A for the new football championship structures IS A DEFINITE non runner for purely realistic and practical reasons. 

If Proposal B does not get at least 60 per cent of the Congress vote on October 23rd we will be left with a return  basically to the Super 8 system which  caters only for the top eight teams in the country.

No system outside the total implementation of a  three category system based on separate Senior,Intermediate and Junior championship as per the County Club Championships in most counties can be completely fair or equitable.That however is not on the table.

Therefore Proposal B, PROVIDED  the Tailteann Cup is marketed properly and played in tandem with the Sam Maguire Cup series up to and including All Ireland final weekend, is by far the fairest proposal to treat ALL of our players in  ALL 32 counties in a fair manner.After all at present every county trains as hard as the Dublins,Mayos,Tyrones and Kerrys of this world.

The delegates to the Special Congress must vote accordingly so that every county has a reasonable chance of some silverware.Proposal B CATERS FOR THAT EVENTUALITY.

The Christy Ring Cup final, when originally introduced, as supposed to be played prior to the Liam McCarthy semi final. It was orginally. Then it wasn't any more. Eventually it was played in June, in Portlaoise.

General discussion / Re: European Leagues.
« on: September 30, 2021, 09:13:14 AM »
Ronald Koeman’s days are surely numbered now with Barcelona after 2 defeats in a row in Champions League. 3-0 to benfica last night.

Has been a dead duck for some time now. Not sure they can afford to pay him off though.
Where do they even go from here? Will those decent young lads they have even stay?

A lot of their problems stem from a failure to accept that success comes in cycles. There is nothing wrong with lowering expectations for 3-5 years, and then aiming to come again with a new team. They will still be likely to get top 4 in La Liga each year and keep the Champs League money coming in. However at Barca, due to their structure, every president feels the need to win as much as possible while in situ. They only plan in political cycles. Failed short-term fixes have put them where they are now - in a financial mess. You'd imagine they'll have no problem holding on to the likes of Pedri, provided they can show them a vision for how things could look in a few years time.

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