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Westmeath v Cavan - Cavan by 2
Derry v Galway - Derry by 1
Dublin v Kerry - Dublin by 6

When I first got on around 12.15 the Cusack seats wouldn't come up for me so I panicked and bought seats around 40 rows back in Davin. Later in the day I emailed them and asked if you can swap seats, they said you can make a new order and they can refund the first. I ended up getting Cusack seats, hopefully they do refund the first order like they said they would. They never responded to me again but I assume they don't reply after 5pm.
Oldest trick in the book!

Let me know if they do. It would be handy if and when the fabled middle seats go on sale.

I got 3 adult 3 kids in the middle about 5 past 12 today.

Will Derry sell any season tickets next year? Or will it be back to playing in front of 500 at Owenbeg or complaining that Celtic park is too far to drive? Suppose it depends how the next two games go

Thanks for the vote of confidence, very magnanimous of you

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 03:29:01 PM »
Its all in the coaching and team culture built up over a number of years. If anyone thinks that McKLeever and McGeeneys 'style' isnt all over that team then they need their heads read.
Monkey see monkey do.
Its premeditated not to ever actually strike. Becasue thats a sending off offence. So lads, no striking whatever you do.
But make sure you grapple, wrestle, grab, twist and hold onto him like your life depends on it and dont ever back down or let go first. Thats a sign of weakness and we cant have that, because after all, we're all big men and we like to flex how big we are.

Whilst there is alot to admire about Armagh's journey and football theyve played, they still get involved too much, indulge in thuggish shite and foul too easily. Their obsession with chest beating macho bull shit and insistence in turning every game into a dick-measuring contest was always gonna bite them at some stage.
Theyve lost this particular dick-measuring contest and its gonna hurt for a while.
Iíve read some shite on here (mostly Tyrone and Derry people, ironically) chastising Armagh for yesterdays handbags. Iím not sure Armagh are coached to do anything specifically in terms of dark arts but the only criticism Iíll accept is that the management clearly havenít learned anything this year in terms of other teams riling them up.

Iíve asked it before but what exactly do Armagh, or any team for that matter, have to gain by starting a melee? There is literally nothing to be achieved from a premeditated melee.  Fair criticism of McGeeney/McKeever would be that their players fall for this shite too much: happened with Donegal, it happened with Tyrone and it happened again yesterday. TK deserves a hefty ban and if the powers that be make an example of him, so be it; moronic behaviour from him and something he shouldnít have involved himself with.

What has this got to do with yesterday.

The Armagh #2 ran after Comer and barged into him on the way to the tunnel.

Thats how the melee started
No itís not, Comer went for James Morgan after something between him and Walsh, thatís how it started. Forker then got involved and straight away both teams went into full handbag mode

Melee starter

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 12:46:21 PM »
So there you are now. Some thoughts.

It was fantastic entertainment.
Rian O'Neill is a serious player. What a huge performance. Great score at the end but he was everywhere. But he is all Armagh have. A lot of the rest of them are limited players.
The sending off was a funny one. Initally I thought it very harsh, felt a yellow was enough but looking at it again last night I can see why Coldrick gave it.
Galway are a good team. A lot of Armagh ppl felt that it was only a matter of turning up. Had heard a lot of stories of Armagh fans getting carried away. Galway didn't get caught in the hype and after they settled they went about their business with great efficiency. They did shite the togs. They need to learn how to lose games out.

The row was the row and yer man made a bollocks of himself. Everyone will get off no matter what suspensions the GAA throw at them. Coldrick made a balls of it. Contributing to a melee is the referees get out of jail card. But this is a problem of the GAAs making. They have let Armagh off all year and they will continue to behave this way. Dublin and Kerry also got let off similarly.

If the GAA are serious about dealing with the issue they need to address the mess that is the rulebook. A referees report must be sacrosanct. No reds overturned ever. No matter what. If the ref gets it wrong, he gets it wrong. Tough. Use only video to retrospectively ban for serious foul play missed by the referee. If he deals with it, then that's the matter closed. No appeals on technicalities because the report wasn't submitted in 4 different versions of Irish or this nonsense.
So Coldrick made a balls of it but the refs report must be sacrosanct. If youíre winding at least donít make it so obvious. Sean Kelly doesnít deserve to miss an all ireland semi final. Thought the ref was woeful all day tbh.

I'm not winding. If Coldrick thought he had any power he'd have lined 15 from each side. The rulebook is a mess and then by extension so was his handling of the row.
I was kind of on your side but you know what you're proving everyone's point. Armagh can do no wrong. It's their responsibility. There is a clear Armagh directive, one in all in. Can't send us all off boys. They all pumped up out of their minds like McGeeney was when he played.

Armagh are playing with the big boys now and need to realise that every single incident will be poured over. Tyrone live with this daily.

Tyrone haven't lived with it much this year anyway, they were long gone before the championship had even begun in earnest.

Sean Kelly will get off on appeal because looking at the replay he done nothing to warrant a red card. The Galway player that swung a punch at Kelly should get banned and after that it was all argy bargy stuff with very little actual foul play. But the media will make a big deal of it as usual and big bad Armagh will probably get the blame.

Jesus Christ. A person could have lost his sight.
If Armagh owned up here ppl would have more sympathy.
Plenty of Armagh people calling out the gouging, not so many others calling Comer out for starting it. It is unsightly and the GAA needs to do more to stop it.

How did Comer start it? Did he organise a reck of men to come piling in whilst having a disagreement with Morgan?

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 27, 2022, 11:22:20 AM »
Highly disappointing to see us involved in another fracas.  It has to stop.  I can't fathom that our management would send the players out to do that - but it's something that has to be forcibly drilled in from here on.  No more of it.  If the GAA don't have anything in place to stop 2 teams who are pumped up after a hard fought finish running down the tunnel together then we have to get our own house in order and instruct our players to wait on the pitch.

It wasn't the GAA fault
Its hard to believe that its not drilled into Armagh to start rows considering the amount of incidents Armagh are involved in
Its rumoured they coach MMA
Ironically one of the only things barred in MMA is eye gouging!

As much as I dislike them being an opposing county the above is a complete load of shite.

How do you drill it into a team to start rows?

Its a psychological thing - the way they are coached. For example do you see other counties get into this type scenario this often. Take the Dubs or Kerry they have players who are targeted continually but they must drum it into there team not to get involved because they rarely have scenarios even close to this.

Armagh had a good season but they have a reputation which has now defined them. We should be talking about how Rian O'Neill is an awesome footballer but all we are talking about is Armaghs usual dirty tricks!
Takes 2 to tango. Dublin and Kerry were at something very similar a few months ago so you must have a short memory. [/b]

Best player in Ireland imo. Clifford and Con maybe better forwards but Rian could play anywhere on the pitch and be top class at it.

Also there arenít too many players in the country whoíd have had the balls to take that shot on and nail it like that after 70 minutes.

Similar? Yes, that it happened on a football pitch. This keeps getting totted out by Armagh folk. The Dublin Kerry incident was the very definition of footballing handbags. Involved only the onfield players, wasn't a punch thrown, an eye gouged and was over in seconds.

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo AIQF 26th June 4pm Croke Park
« on: June 27, 2022, 12:03:20 AM »
I can't see Derry getting beat at this stage

I suppose stranger things have happened, but this is a mad statement Fear! I hope you're right though  ;D

I've been right all along . Everything going well , all the other teams have either injuries to key men or potential suspension s hanging over them

Long may it continue Mistic Meg! Wonder where the foreign holiday be??  Bundoran? ;D

General discussion / Re: glastonbury
« on: June 26, 2022, 11:46:55 PM »
Pet shop boys stealing the show, hit after hit.
Ripping I'm missing it. Better be on iPlayer!


GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo AIQF 26th June 4pm Croke Park
« on: June 26, 2022, 11:44:38 PM »
I can't see Derry getting beat at this stage

I suppose stranger things have happened, but this is a mad statement Fear! I hope you're right though  ;D

Think itís a toss up at this stage. A lot will depend on Galway injuries and any suspensions that might come their way!
And will depend if Galway management has the street smarts to drop Gleeson in goal. Rory Gallagher will be doing some amount of spitting on his hands if he starts.
They wonít drop Gleeson not a chance.
Anyone that watches us on a regular basis knows how much of a liability he is.
But they are not about to drop him now for a guy thatís never played even a league game

What about putting an out-field goalie in nets?

Qho's the 3rd mid-fielder for Galway?
Genuinely we barely have a midfielder on the panel.
Conroy Tierney Niall Daly play there from time to time.
McDaid isnít a midfielder.
Like itís been well flagged for the last two years now how poor he is.
Maybe today is the day the wider public have seen it

You're awful sore on players representing your county.

Galway will be distracted with suspensions and appeals. Itís Derryís to lose.

Yes, a very unexpected semi final appearance against a team that hammered us a matter of weeks ago is Derry's to lose!
I honestly don't know how this game will pan out. We have the players to match up, but absolutely anything can happen on the day. We're in bonus territory, again!

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Galway AIQF
« on: June 26, 2022, 08:22:06 PM »
What entertainment, well done to both teams. A game that had everything played in front of a huge passionate crowd, but penalties are a cruel way for a team to go out.

Must have been some Sunday drinking going on in here. Feeling thirsty now

Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« on: June 26, 2022, 12:52:53 AM »
A great trip down today, the big group of kids all had a mighty day. A semi final to look forward to, sure you couldn't beat it!

GAA Discussion / Re: Attendances
« on: June 24, 2022, 02:48:22 PM »
Version A
seems all the people talking about the conspiracy theory about holding back best tickets are right.

loads of good hogan and cusack stand tickets available now

I said previously what happens is so many go on ticketmaster and then county boards/season ticket holders etc are held back. If there are returns from these they are then sold online closer to the game. It's complete nonsense to say that they hold back the good seats so people will buy bad ones.
Version B
seems all the people talking about the conspiracy theory about holding back best tickets are right.

loads of good hogan and cusack stand tickets available now

One of these versions is true and one version is reactionary b#llocks.
Discussion boards in a nutshell
i just stated facts . there are better tickets available now than there were 2 weeks ago and that  certain people had expressed views why this may be
Personally i would say its the little Caesars who will lose power if tickets good 100% online  that want this situation.

You weren't stating facts, you were wrong, and have highlighted this fact again
It is a fact that that there are better tickets available now (well a day or so ago anyway)than there were when the initial tickets were released.

But they weren't held back.

Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« on: June 24, 2022, 02:47:39 PM »
Best of luck to Derry tomorrow in both the minor and senior game. Looking forward to going down to Croke Park as a parent for the first time. Great to see the 'Derry Days' at the schools and the feel good factor back across all of the county.

The locals bulls going mental around the country schools this morning. Great sight at my youngsters primary school. Great times. Imagine being told a few years back we'd be Ulster champions and playing an All Ireland q/f as favourites with a great chance of nailing down a semi spot?

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