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GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland Football Final 2017 Mayo V Dublin
« on: September 20, 2017, 10:00:31 PM »
Seen Redmond crying in the Herald there,about a new low, nearly as low as staying on the pitch after been sent off in a final, the worst action of the game was O`Gara which wasn't mentioned at all, or no mention of Costello throwing away kicking tees, blue blinkers on as always. Alot of ex dublin players like him and Murphy would put you off admiring this great Dublin team.

Agree with this.

I had a great day Sunday. Really enjoyed the match, except for the result obviously. Was very proud of the Mayo team and sometimes you just have to accept you were beaten by the better team. During and after the match I was annoyed with some of McQuillans decisions, the non penalty most of all, but in these games its swings and roundabouts. After the match I couldn't stomach hanging around Drumcondra with the "only bleedin banter brigade" and instead had a few pints with some proper true blue gaa men. Obviously they were delighted with the result and the three in row but they were able to chat about the match without feeling the need to belittle Mayo with the nonsense trash talk I've seen all over social media the last few days.

I've been going to Mayo - Dublin matches for manys the year and always enjoy them. The majority of the Dublin support are 100% but the vocal minority who are egged on by gobshites like Charlie Redmond and Vinnie Murphy along with these so called "fan" pages on social media are hard to put up with.

You be doing well to stomach pints in Drumcondra especially Quinns where the drink is muck. Wouldn't pay any heed to players from Dublin 90 team especially Charlie and Vinny Murphy.Paul Curran was at same re kerry during the league. These lads have no attachment to current Dublin side

GAA Discussion / Re: We need to talk about Diarmuid
« on: September 19, 2017, 02:11:44 PM »
Fair play to DC. Showed excellent leadership in last 15 minutes and kicked a great point.

GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:51:36 PM »
I see Paul Curran turned ye down AZ.

Did they not think to ask anyone their neighbors in Athlone about how he did? He was ran from Clann. Not a good sign for Offaly that they were going after him in the first place, an even worse one that he thinks he's better than the job.

A complete spoofer, Hadnt a clue and all he was down for was the few pound and a nice bit at that. Ye got lucky AZ. Great to see John Evans back a top manager who is a great appointment for Wicklow who need to get right underage structures in place. The right man for it

Did he not win a county final with Clan na Gael? Should have won AI club title with Ballymun but some strange reason left John Small on bench for the season

GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland Football Final 2017 Mayo V Dublin
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:34:29 PM »
One thing Dublin need to do in final is cut out the frees against Mayo as we have conceded a lot of scoreable frees against them. We have played them in 6 championship since 2012. Cillian O’Connor has scored 2-46 in them 6 games 1-38 has come from placed, 4 45s and only 1-4 from play. Andy Moran has scored 1-8 in 5 games against us with 1 point coming from a free.

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Dublin - The return of the Jedi
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:10:49 PM »
The lack of intensity from Tyrone yesterday was the most disappointing thing.

The goal for a start was as a result of Sludden overhitting a simple hand pass, Dublin breaking and McNamee making the most pathetic attempt you'd see to stop O'Callaghan. If you look at the contrast with Dublin yesterday, they were hunting in packs, they were checking runs and niggling at their markers, the rare time a man got into a dangerous area he was stopped fairly or unfairly, but he was stopped. There was none of that from Tyrone yesterday which made it all the more disappointing.

Tyrone this year have been retreating back and then hitting teams on the 45 and turning them over, today was disgraceful. Dublin were allowed work the ball into the 30 yard line without a glove on them. Andrews, Rock and Mannion etc were all allowed to win ball in there without a glove laid on them and the lack of pressure applied was baffling. Was it down to tactics of the players afraid of their lives of what Dublin could do to them. Probably a bit of both.

The mentality of the side was all wrong today. The tactics on the Dublin kickouts were disgraceful, when we went to push up on the kickouts we were still leaving a man completely unmarked in a pocket of space between midfield and half back. When you push up on kickouts you have to go man for man on everyone, we didn't - we left one guy free all the time.

Colm Cavanagh battled gallantly, took a few great scores but outside of that it was fairly bleak. A rethink is needed for sure.

In fairness I think McNamee picked up a knock when Paddy Andrews tackled him after a couple minutes into game. Probably wasn't right after that for a few minutes

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Dublin - The return of the Jedi
« on: August 28, 2017, 10:45:47 AM »
Dublin played more defensive back in 2014 we could been seeing the first 5 in a row team here. learned their lesson the hard way

No they didn't. It was there lack of defensive shape which let Donegal run through them in the second half. They have have been playing a sweeper since that.

They are playing with their centre back playing defensively which doesn't mean playing a sweeper. It's not like moving a midfielder/forward back to defence

Dublin had 15 men in their own half many times yesterday. The notion that they don't play defensively is a joke. They are an incredibly talented, well rounded, immensely athletic side.

Who says Dublin don't play defensively? We get the 13/14 behind ball and 15 in some cases yesterday when don't have possession like every team in the country.

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Dublin - The return of the Jedi
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:19:32 PM »
Can't wait for this tomorrow - I was more confident a week ago of an upset but still believe it can be done.

So the Dublin team doesn't contain Connolly however think its interest the switch of McCaffrey to wing back and Lowndes to wing forward. I have suspicion Lowndes will drop out and the long range kicking psycho will start!!!!

1. Stephen Cluxton (Parnells)
2. Philly McMahon (Ballymun Kickhams)
3. Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes)
4. Michael Fitzsimons (Cuala)
5. Jonny Cooper (Na Fianna)
6. John Small (Ballymun Kickhams)
7. Jack McCaffrey (Clontarf)
8. Brian Fenton (Raheny)
9. James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams)
10. Ciarán Kilkenny (Castleknock)
11. Con O’Callaghan (Cuala)
12. Eric Lowndes (St Peregrine’s)
13. Paul Mannion (Kilmacud Crokes)
14. Paddy Andrews (St Brigid’s)
15. Dean Rock (Ballymun Kickhams)

McCaffrey/Lowndes played in them roles in last game. Lowndes plays half forward for club and there for Dublin at u21. Can't see DC  starting. He has only played one full game for Dublin all year

They say teams that win replays are ones that learned more from first day. one Example from last week Stephen Coen running through took a ridiculous shot and blocked. In near enough same situation running today, took the simple option and laid easy ball of to Loftus? who slotted over the bar. Special mention to David Clarke who was exceptional. Best shot stopper in the country

GAA Discussion / Re: David Clifford
« on: August 25, 2017, 09:49:00 AM »
Beano McDonald,Donie Brennan and Donie Kingston(all first cousins) played senior and minor in the one year for Laois though not on same team

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Dublin - The return of the Jedi
« on: August 22, 2017, 09:39:36 AM »
Quick question about connolly and suspension. I cant get my head around at all, I read an article before the championship started ,it was about how the lovely diarmuid would be well advised to take a black card early rounds as he was a card away from.suspension, now im told this accumulated black cards rule has changed , has it really changed or is connolly still one black away from a game suspension.

The accumulated black card doesn't include suspension for a All Ireland final which is a farce. If he gets another black card I think he would have appealed the one in Monaghan as wasn't black card offence.

Who for the final so?

Think you can rule Deegan, Coldrick and Going out given they have taken charge of the semis. McQuillan? Lane?

Lane is the worst ref on the circuit right now and it would be a disgrace if he gets it.

Marty Duffy?  ;D

Lane is poor. He refereed the first Dublin and Mayo game last year and very poor. Surely they could have given replay to McQuillian and keep Gough for the final. Anthony Nolan from Wicklow could be a decent ref

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo players influencing referees
« on: August 21, 2017, 12:50:02 PM »
couple of incident yesterday , kerry had a free , Savage i think came in and flattened the mayo player, he  got booked for it, but kerry kept the free???
keegan running through off the ball to create an overlap pulled down by a kerry player (buckley?) kerry player only gets a yellow . Keegan  has got 2 black card for identical offense in the last year . neither offense here is even questionable as the ref saw them and took action but seemed to be totally unaware if the appropriate punishment

Should have been throw ball if he carded Savage. DOC has form for getting frees overturned and reaction yesterday was embarrassing. Worse Mayo players surrounding Deegan to issue card. A kerry player was doing same in second half and O'Donogue to feck off away. Was it Stephen O'Brien that fouled Keegan that time and wasn't even booked? Vaughan should have get some card for foul at the end.

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo players influencing referees
« on: August 21, 2017, 11:15:52 AM »
Need to start booking for diving. Jonny Cooper got away with Conor McManus and rightly condemned for it. Diarmuid O'Connor has been involved in a couple incidents where he goes to ground quite easily when slight contact made.

Was it COC that the ref waved at to get up late on the second half today. good to see that - he takes a fall far too easily

Yes that happened around the Hoganstand side. COC dived and Deegan gestured to get up

Donnchadh Walsh was a big loss for Kerry today protects their defence wins a lot of dirty ball. Sometimes you don't see how much those type of players are missed until they aren't there

and a good man to foul out the pitch too  ;D. If fit I'd expect to start ahead of Mikey Geaney in replay.

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo players influencing referees
« on: August 20, 2017, 08:27:55 PM »
Need to start booking for diving. Jonny Cooper got away with Conor McManus and rightly condemned for it. Diarmuid O'Connor has been involved in a couple incidents where he goes to ground quite easily when slight contact made.

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