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General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:02:18 PM »
Astana Goalkeeper really bad tonight.

It's gas that the main part of Celtics Season is defined in the Middle of August!

Celtic will have a couple of quid now!

Can't see Celtic changing how they do business still. The Transfer Market is a minefield.

General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« on: August 15, 2017, 01:47:32 PM »
There are many parallels between these Trump supporting fascists 'protecting' their 'culture' from 'annihilation'  and the union flag orange mob protestors in Belfast. Peas of same pod, if that's the saying.
A lot of KKK people originally were Ulster Scots. It is a very dysfunctional culture.
Scottish culture is grand. I wonder why there is a difference


You are getting worse than TF   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling Championship 2017
« on: August 14, 2017, 01:34:26 PM »
Well it's the underdog final!

Hope Galway do it. Will do a lot strangely for Mayo Hurling especially our own club. Many from our club (in Mayo) have gone to Galway League and Championship games. And there is a fair chance that Liam would visit the club if it crosses the Shannon. Numbers have been falling off and this could give it a boost!

Listen Cormac Reilly did not want to do us any favours that day! That he wanted to continuously wanted to do favours for Kerry made it all the worse. What ever happened to him that day, he sure made it look like he had a serious bias against us. Has there ever been a referee display like it? It happened, we suffered, move on! These things will always happen to us. There is nothing we can do about it. You either dwell on them and get no where or you move on!

Can we let this thread die? Let Mayo move onto the Kerry game and The Rossies to move onto the Under 17 AI Final!

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8s
« on: August 13, 2017, 02:10:22 PM »
ORourke getting it from RTE, The Sunday Indo and Paddy Power. Looks like he's just a token GAA contributor for each as he'd have surely got the road for his negativity . For the gambling crowd , he couldn't pick his nose so maybe they're happy enough with him. Class A hypocrite.

O'Rourke needs all these sources of Income along with being the Principal of a School to cover bad debts from investments during the boom!  :-\

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling Championship 2017
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:53:27 AM »
Regardless of the suspension I think Cork will do enough to get over the line tomorrow ... good break won't do them too hard in fairness as Waterford haven't played in a while also... be good to see a completely different final paring though... either way I'm hoping for a great match

Hard to see a game of last weeks excitement as Waterford aren't inclined to have enough forwards to expose the Cork fullback line.
Hoping for a deise win, but Cork are rightly favourites
cannot believe Waterford are being written off

finally beat Kilkenny in the championship
beat the Wexicans easily enough without playing too well
the first day v Cork Austin had a poor game.
they will stifle Cork forwards and stop all thos tippy tappy hurling and cut down space

The reason Waterford are being written off is Kilkenny and Wexford are shite this year!

GAA Discussion / Re: Would you be in favour of a second tier?
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:17:18 AM »
No team will have an interest in a second tier competition if it is a fall back after being beaten in the primary competition.
For a second tier to work it has to be the only show in town for those teams.

True! and the only way out is to win it!

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8s
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:15:19 AM »
Sick to the teeth of this acute analysis of the present.

Look back over provincial score lines right back the 70s or All Ireland semis or finals. Some real blitzing sessions, especially at AI semi final stage. It won't be like that this year. There have always been 2 or 3 teams far better than everyone else, bar a few years when there was an evening-out. Tyrone won't always be there. This Mayo team are on their last legs though they have been a fairly consistent county in my lifetime. Dublin and Kerry will nearly always be there. Galway, Meath and Cork will rise again...and so on.

The amount of football on TV now is only highlighting that fact to the general public.

Secondly, a lot of these 'club-first' men are lamenting the gap at the top of the county scene. Fcuk the county scene then.

Finally, football isn't a great product. Never was, unless the real class sides met. Again, TV saturation is only showing that now. It's a lot better, technically and physically,  than 20 years ago though.

Maybe I'm wrong but it's a bollocks to listen to. The county scene isn't the be-all and end-all.

Good post! What has confused everybody is that we had a era in the 90's where the Northern teams came good and the Connacht teams came good. The noughties was open to anybody having a go - Sligo, Westmeath, Wexford, Fermanagh, Laois to name a few. But now we are back to a domineering 4-6 with a real dominant Dublin!

There are people who follow their County team who don't really have a club! Just like there are People who follow the Rep. Of Ireland Soccer team but don't have a League of Ireland club. Those who do have a club in both codes usually put the club first!

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL FAI Thread.....Roll on France 2016
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:43:47 PM »
Stephen ward scored a belter too. Couldn't believe what i saw lol.

Long on their bench... That's not shane long is it?

No but he is an Irish international, Kevin Long.

Alan Browne Preston NE?

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8s
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:01:41 PM »
Interesting article from ToS, especially where he says he would have been of to the US if Kerry were not in the running for titles every year.

I wonder how Jamie Clarke and McManus feel this year?
I'd say some of the Donegal lads who went to the States are glad they did now.

I think the reason the gap is widening is simply because the top 4 are more or less professional athletes now and play the game at a different level to the rest.
Many are saying Ulster is poor this year because the standard has fallen but I think its because Tyrone have had to move their standards to the next level. As Brian McGuigan said last Sunday Peter Donnelly has had a huge impact on the physicality of this Tyrone team. He said Dublin and Kerry were leaving them behind and so they are much stronger and fitter now. Did ye watch that video where Tiernan McCann was away ahead of the others on fitness tests?
I think Tyrone have just raised the bar on Ulster to the level that Dublin have in Leinster and Kerry have in Munster.

That's why Brolly and Co are not happy with how the competition is no longer interesting. It took this Tyrone team three years to get to this level though and it is quite likely it will all end on 2 weeks time.

I think it's like whiskey. It takes time for whiskey to mature. Stuff that is 1 year old can never be as good as stuff that is 7 years old.
Before you needed skill, experience and team coherence . Now you need skill, experience, team coherence and to have enough work done on your physique.
In 96 Mayo came out of nowhere to beat Kerry but that wouldn't happen today.
The Dubs, Mayo and Kerry all have the experience and the physique. It is almost professional.  The barriers to entry are very high. Much higher than in the past. Colm O'Rourke was in the paper recently talking about the training they did in 91. Pretty relaxed compared to now.

Galway have been developing the current team for a few years. They got kicked around by Mayo a few times so they had to do the gym work. But that still wasn't enough. I can see why players might not be arsed.

In fairness Kerry (hard to believe) came from nowhere as well! Kerry had won one (yes one) of the previous nine Munster titles. That single title was won in 1991.

GAA Discussion / Re: U17 Football Championship
« on: August 12, 2017, 10:04:47 PM »
Well done the Rossies!  :)

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8s
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:15:27 AM »
Who was the last team who got to an AI final that came from nowhere?
Down 2010, Fuzz
OK OK besides them smart ass
Sligo beat Tyrone in 02. The previous year they were out in the QFs
Would that not count ?

Yes, if he did not ask Who was the last team who got to an AI final that came from nowhere?

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8s
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:32:57 AM »
Who was the last team who got to an AI final that came from nowhere?
Down 2010, Fuzz
OK OK besides them smart ass

Mayo 1996! Were in Division 3!

GAA Discussion / Re: 2017 GAA Season Ticket
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:16:15 AM »
Was reading that the tickets for the final aren't necessarily in the traditional season ticket seats. Where have you Mayo wans been placed for finals? Btw this is all theoretical and in no way a belief that we are already in the final of course! ::)
Just think it's a bit of a kick in the stones if for the final you get shafted.

The good news is that if ye beat the Dubs and Kerry beat Mayo there will be a plethora of Season tickets seats available that would be taken up by Dublin and Mayo who have the Largest amount. Last year I got 309 for the final and 301 for the replayed final right under the hill. Enjoyed the tirade of abuse that was dished down to us from the Boys in Blue up high. God did that bunch not like us and let us know rightly after the final whistle. They were more interested in abusing leaving Mayo fans than enjoying their moment of glory with the team or maybe that was what they considered their moment of glory?

I was on the hill and got no abuse whatsoever from the Dubs as we were leaving, a couple of "hard luck" handshakes was all

Ah, not trying to paint (although it probably sounds like it) all Dubs as described above. There just was a bunch spitting vitriolic abuse down on us as we left our seats. Was in the Nally stand in 2013 and I found the dubs there spot on! 

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