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Saoirse Ronan's accent wtf!

She's sounds ok considering she's been on the road from a very early age!

Mayo's post-2012 record against them –  P12 W0 D3 L9!

When you look at who is out for Mayo, you realise this will be nothing more than a formality for Dublin to win.

The league this year is proving to be a damn nuisance.  The Zip is not in us!

Glad I did not renew my season ticket!

GAA Discussion / Re: Sigerson Cup 2018
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:39:43 PM »
Comer needs to wrapped in cotton wool for a couple of weeks! All these games in such a short period will see him pick up an injury or he'll run out of steam when the real stuff starts!

GAA Discussion / Re: Jim Gavin joins up with Mickey Harte
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:41:46 PM »
Well done Jim Gavin.

Yes well done Jim! How dare a Television Company located in Dublin deny the Dublin team their exclusive rights to Dublin Game DVD's! Any way Jim is a busy man. I'm sure he does not have time for interviews after games, sure there are all those e-mails to be checked for work.

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GAA Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Division 1
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:42:54 AM »
Tyrone closed out that game with the points that made the difference, that's where they deservedly nailed this close encounter.
Tough on Kildare though but so many good chances wasted were their undoing, not just a ref who should have allowed them the  advantage at the death.
  On the ref, it annoyed me that twice he penalised the player bending over to gather the loose ball up, rather than the player who clearly bumped him to the ground from behind.
A memorable moment of the game was the ball from a Tyrone player in 2nd half last quarter which hit the top of the post.

Though my gaelic is well rustified but why was the TG4  commentator saying Kee all Daire and not Cill Dara?

This is one foul that seems to happen all the time! Especially to ''smaller'' players! And never seems to be penalised!

Day's like today Mayo are tough going to watch. Always talk about unearthing new players but very difficult for young players to survive, let alone thrive, when we are so dysfunctional in the league. New players in Dublin set-up come into a team that is always well organised and the 'process' is always intact. Last week we started with Douglas and Regan inside. Neither featured last year and yet they were expected to spearhead an attack against a top team. Both are also players that are probably more suited to playing off a bigger target player inside.
 Also I think that it should be obvious at this stage to Mayo management that a couple of the younger players are projects that need to be seriously looked at.
 Galway are going to be a tough nut to crack come championship. This new system suits them.
The Galway Shawl has been replaced by a blanket.

Good post Moy.A friend watching the game said to me we could have Mc Manus Geaney and Mc Brearty as our ff line and we would still struggle.The ball going in is painfully slow and usually shite.The backwards and sideways handpassing is very frustrating to watch.Without Andy as the target man we look very short on ideas going forward.No need to panic just yet but 1 or 2 have shown they are not good enough if we want to be challenging for sam.

Ah, we are in our usual place at this time of the year! We had a weak enough team out there today. Going into the final quarter, Roachford seemed more intent in giving lads game time than looking for inspirational players to come off the bench and save the game.  I've said this before, I don't really care about relegation. I'd rather if we did not. but if we did it would not be the end of the world. I'm more interested in us being ready for the summer, and that does not even mean the Connacht Championship!

Some disgraceful antics from both sides. But you'll have that in a derby where the Referee does not come down hard early on! Is the game becoming unreffable?

Most of Mayo's squad players failed to shine and in the process dragged the usual reliables into the mud with them. I'd be worried about today  - But we have seen this form in the League year on year.

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry All Ireland & League Champions 2018
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:20:35 PM »
They will if they have the Referee you sent up to Castlebar last night!

If you give it you got to be prepared to take it. Kerry went up there to play football. Mayo had other ideas and went out to bully a young kerry team and got a rude awakening when they got as good as they gave.

If you think this Mayo team were interested in playing Bully boy in early February. You are one naive Kerryman!

I need something cleared up- can anyone give me a medical reason as to why Cillian (and Diarmuid) o connor both go down holding their face when pushed in the back, chest, calf muscle, etc.

James horan called Johnny cooper a cheat during the week so I can’t wait to hear his comments on the Mayo diving divas

Mayos tactic has always been to try to antagonise and intimidate off the ball- and then to hit the deck at the slightest hint of a reaction.

Last saturday was no different and there’s actually a good video on YouTube by someone called mayomick that shows it happening

The reaction of their players to the penalty miss- whereby 3/4 went in to shout in Sean o se’s face was ludicrous and pathetic.

If they could get Cillian o connor to spend more time on his basic kicking and less on trying to get players sent off then they might actually bring their annual pity parade to an end

You clearly seen the game on the TV. 

If they could get Tipperary to spend more time on trying to get players sent off  then they might actually bring their annual pity parade to an end also!

It's turned into a desperate echo chamber, there is very valid criticism to be made about Kerry cynicism (I'm thoroughly sick of the false narrative constantly pushed in the media by the ex Kerry players about their "pure football")  but Mayo are well fit for it themselves, they could do with dropping the victim complex.

Yes, I agree Mayo are no Angels (far from it)! But a player getting a broken Jaw in a League Game deserves the Victim treatment!

Comer will play against Mayo! If Galway win, I can see Galway using him more sparingly after that as the pressure to stay in the Division will be off. The fixtures so far have suited Galway and I think this fixture is coming at a good time for them.

Care to explain how you think the fixtures suited them? Tyrone is not a fixture you would hand pick to start your league campaign and trying to beat Donegal away in round 2 is tough or be it they have a very poor record in Letterkenny. Mayo hard to know where they are at yet but could beat Monaghan away so should be capable of beating Galway.

You avoided Kerry and Dublin. You played Donegal in Letterkenny, a place they never do well in! You meet a Mayo team who never start well in the League. Tyrone at the moment look to be still shook from last years semi-final.  If Galway were playing Mayo in Castlebar, I'd be less confident.

Comer will play against Mayo! If Galway win, I can see Galway using him more sparingly after that as the pressure to stay in the Division will be off. The fixtures so far have suited Galway and I think this fixture is coming at a good time for them. 

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:26:41 PM »
f**k here we go again. RTE are shitbags because they won’t sent OB units to all 30-odd national league matches. Even when they do, they’re still shitbags as they didn’t send the 3 camera men, sound man and editor needed to do the game justice. And even when they do that they’re still shitbags as their 90 minute show focuses only on scores, and should be a 5 hour show with detailed analysis from properly interesting GAA pundits who have no bias. Oh and don’t forget that we, the taxpayer should be able to press a button to swap hurling in front of football and vice versa.

Sky TV charge £35pm for such a service and even at that only make their money out of the English football game’s international profile. But let’s lose these facts in favour of giving off.

no harm to you but yis are all as f**king mad as batshit upstairs.

Yeah, a graphic with results and tables of lower divisions cost a fortune! We are not asking them to use CGI. We are not asking them to show all Lower division game either. Just a few here and there. Acknowledge it exists. The national League is only 8 weekends!

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