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Smith to Cardiff? Not so sure about that, UTD aren't exactly strong in the striking department after Rooney and Saha....If its only for a while and he gets plenty of games then I suppose its not too bad

only if he can be recalled and if Ole was fit.

We really need to go shopping in the winter window. Anyword on how the players out on loan are doing, will any of them really make the breakthrough??

In the striking department is where we need to see our loan stars excellingi.e rossi but seems to be very quirt at newcastle.
altho Newcastle are a doomed ship at the minute anyway.Think the most part of them are at royal antwerp

Thats what I was thinking, I though that Rossi would be getting more games at Newcastle. I hope they pull him back from them at Christmas.
The Carling cup has shown that some of the back up players are either not up to it (O Shea, Richardson) or else not playing well (Brown, Heinze, Smith) so I think that we still need a defensive midfielder, and a top class striker.

Will need a good left winger soon too, Giggsy although brilliant can't go on forever.


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