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GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Laois
« on: June 20, 2018, 11:00:32 PM »
Laois keeper will be told to stay put sunday id say ...he will be needed to stop shots not go on solo runs

Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 2
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:45:22 PM »
Are plaois automatically relegated after not entering league this year,anyway i think league structures are going to be changed for next year

They should be!

The talk is good all around the county its great to be talking about football again not just to the hardcore fans but to everyone.

Seems to be a good buzz and a nice Laois crowd travelling .

Look we travel in hope more than expectation but these lads deserve a big turn out Sunday for the year they have given us especially after last year and how eveyone just wrote off Laois football.

We know the size of the task ahead Sunday but bar maybe 3 teams in the country the task would be the same for most counties facing this Dublin machine.

It could go horribly wrong Sunday and the Dubs could run riot but even if they do it won't be a massive surprise.

We are a small county split down the middle and have very little resources compared to Dublin.

Beating Wexford some people thought might not even be possible and at one stage it looked like we were out but the players have shown grit and drive this year and I hope even if things are going wrong they can still did in and show pride in the jersey.

The general consensus is that Damien O'Connor will go corner back with Evan O'Carroll coming into the line up.

I'm not so sure I think Tom likes two work horses in the half forward line and might eith leave O'Connor there or bring in Strong as a half forward who can deliver a long ball into Donie.

In a perfect world we would have Attride our captain available and also Dicey O'Reilly but its not to be.

I'd also Say Benny Carroll is pushing the likes of Paul Kingston and Ross Munnelly hard for a position .

The rest of the team picks itself with Donoher showing enough the last day to warrant a start and Crowley doing well at half back.

Its a big test for Crowley and Collins and I hope they can deal with the occasion and the Dublin factor in Croker after not being there before.

The two games in HQ should stand to the players as well in getting the little things right like preparation with gear (length of studs, feel of the grass,the way the wind caches the ball,the illusion of the posts and sidelines)all these things play a part and hopefully everything can go our way.

I'm really looking forward to the day no matter what it brings !!!



GAA Discussion / Dublin v Laois
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:57:12 AM »
I see the Handicap keeps going down it was 20 points after Dublin beat Longford but now is as low as 14 ...

Is Cluxton worth 6 points to the Dubs?

Attride is a bigger loss he is Laois's best defender!

Should be a good open game but Dublin will probably have far too much from about 30 mins on!

Hopefully Laois can do what they did in Nolan park two years ago and make a fight of it!

GAA Discussion / Re: Carlow v Tyrone
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:40:03 AM »
The original anti football county against a team thats taken it to a new level....Should be a cracker!! :P

All joking aside I think Carlow might trouble Tyrone and +7 looks decent !

Wouldn't mind having them four lads in the poster available to pick from Sunday...

Didn't see Murphy but by God the other three could play!

Tickets sales are very slowin Dublin seems as if they are waiting for the Super eights so saving money .

Good buzz about Laois here tho!

Laois / Re: The future of laois hurling
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:47:43 PM »
Laois GAA Executive has tonight put in place a selection committee who are tasked with recommending a new Laois Senior Hurling Manager . The committee comprises of 1. Eamon Jackman Ballinakill 2. Nial Rigney Portlaoise 3.Declan Conroy Rosenalis. We wish them the best of Luck

How did Gary Walsh go from being our top scorer to barely making it onto the field for five minutes these days. I know that infamous tweet didn't do him any favours but he's hardly still paying for it.
Anyone know if Cahalaine is still with the squad??
Paul is in America

Gary and Donie simply donít work together

Worked well in first half in dr cullen park this year

Looks like O Connor but Holland is not a bad shout

Attride probably a bigger loss than Cluxton in saying that it might disrupt Dublins machine a little .

Great buzz around the county and i hear ticket sales are going well .

Good to see so many Laois tops on youngsters again ...

Too be fair current Laois shirt is a cracker

Laois / Re: 2018 Joe McDonagh Cup
« on: June 12, 2018, 10:14:33 AM »
Poor season comes to an end with giving Meath and awful hammering why this form couldn't be repeated in them other games is just minding blowing...

The Carlow and Westmeath defeats were as bad as I seen in O'Moore park.

We should be in a final playing before Killkenny and Galway what a great occasion that would have been for Laois hurling! >:(

Here's my rating from the weekend

A usual its only an opinion -im not always right :-) ..I respect every one of the Laois lads and the commitment they make to the jersey!

Brody 8 - Took a great early high ball and started great attacks with his bursts from goal.His kickout long and short were good.St Ledger should have seen red for his tackle on him.

Attride 7-Not on as much ball as he usually gets coming out of defence but his brave block at the end probably won the game fro Laois but could cost him his season.

Timmons 7-Solid under the hig ball and made a few great tackles with one great shoulder on Murphy was caught for pace a few times but he is a great leader back there

Dillion 8 -Another great performance by the corner back his block on Brodrick was superb and he was available for so  many kickouts taking off a mark for messing up one by taking it inside the line.

Collins 6-Quite enough but did a solid job I thought he could have made more of his runs forward on the right side in the first half but he has a great engine.

Begley 8-Had to be close to man of the match so composed on the ball and kicked a great point showing real leadership this year and looks very fit.

Crowley 8- Did a great job on Murphy and took the sting out of the Chu Chu ..Kicked a great point and picked up a lot of vital breaks in midfield.

O'Loughlin 8-Caught a few great kickouts a big easier in the middle for him due to Carlows also small midfield.A power house who put in some great tackles.Scored a nice point after a great Laois move.

Lillis 6- Was decent in spells but coughed up possession to many times not like him and he will have to improve that in the final grew into the game and has been a real plus this year.

Farrell -6 Not his best game but a willing worker kicked a great score in the first half.He has come on so much but needs to keep that level of improvement to keep his place.

Donoher -9 My man of the match superb in the first half winning two vital frees and setting up Kingston and Crowley for their scores.Kept it simple but was always looking to make things happen.Superb point in the second half.He always plays well in Croker

O'Connor 6-Alot of dirty work off the ball which was vital to the teams shape etc but he coughed up possession and his lack of scoring abilty in zones where he should be kicking is noticeable.

Munnelly 7- Did well winning a lot of ball and a few frees was dispossed a few times and missed and easy free which will disappoint him still having a great year and is a credit to his county.

D Kingston 7-Not his best game but was frustrated inside with the ball not coming in and two carlow lads hanging off his tail he did kick a great point and few nice frees in the second half.

P Kingston 6-Not the same impact as the last day and was kept very quiet by a tight marker still a player with so much skill and he worked hard for the team.

Carroll 7-I thought he showed quick hands a few times creating two Laois points and was busy when he came in.

Glynn 7-Deadly point and never lost the ball can be happy with his contribution .

O'Carroll 8- Looked dangerous in the 20 minutes he was on making two great runs and kicking a fine score on such a tough week for him his father would have been proud!

Strong 7- Caught one superb Carlow kickout and was good on the ball

Conway Walsh and Nerney weren't on long enough to really rate although Conway did get a few possessions .

As you can see by the subs ratings it certainly was a squad effort.

I'm proud of everyone of them there is no pressure on them now for the Dublin game and nothing but a heavy defeat is expected .

The players and staff should be proud of themselves winning every game we have played in 2018.

I cannot wait for the final and I hope the same Laois support travels up

Finally best wishes to Stephen I hope he makes a full recovery if you wanted to know why he was picked as captain then that tackle showed why.
He is a great player  and has been even in th bad years I hope his family and friends rally round him to make sure he recovers well physically and mentally which could be hard when something you love doing is taken away from you for what could be a considerable amount of time.


Laois / Re: 2018 Joe McDonagh Cup
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:58:23 PM »
I'm curious--has anyone heard from any of the hurlers, themselves, as to what they think went wrong this year?

Eamon Kelly thats what went wrong

A spoofer

Michael Carroll passed away this weekend, Brother of the late Lulu, Son of Michael and Angela and Father of Evan May he rest in peace. I hope Evan will go out and do him proud this weekend given the chance if he is up to it.

That's sad he must have been young

Let Murphy run, shadow him, and make him kick it. It would be interesting to see him kick football for the first time, and in Croke Park and all. What a day that would be.

Ha ha laugh out loud moment

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