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Re: New Car Advice
« Reply #75 on: March 09, 2018, 11:19:35 PM »
My Golf auto also has adaptive cruise control and in combination it can almost drive itself, braking, accelerating, changing up and down itself. It is great when on some of our crowded roads where speeds are usually well below the limited and the traffic speeds up and slows down.  The ACC keeps the car a safe distance from the vehicle in front and is a great safety device.
Christ, thatd take a bit of getting used to. Id be hovering the foot over the brake.
The roads will be full of autonomous vehicles in our lifetime.

You can get very used to it. I head out the road, set the max speed to 60 and keep in the line of traffic I can accelerate away if I wish but no point unless vehicle in front is on its own. When I get to dual or motorway raise speed setting to 70 and use ACC to keep distance or accelerate to pass slower vehicles.

Usually turn it off when heavy rain or slippery as it keeps the brake primed and a slight touch is only needed with the usual push length removed.

Often lose the nerve to allow it to stop suddenly when you come up behind a slow mover.

Overall a great addition I would always want as a safety device in a car.