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He has been a solid footballer and has given Sligo great service.  I still think the concept of a second tier for div 3 and 4 counties after they are knocked out of the championship (no back door) should be considered but ONLY if the winners and runners up rejoin at the qf stage.
Presuming Flynn and Cooke can't both play 70+ full minutes in every game going forward who exactly is going to cover midfield off the bench? I don't think there was another specialist midfielder on the bench against Kerry.

Cein Darcy is on the training panel I believe, Fiontan Ó Curraoin is back training too by the sound of things but you'd question what he'd offer at this stage of the competition after nearly a full year out of the game after his leg break. I still think the axing of Ronan Steede from the panel in April was a mistake. Not saying he'd be an option to start but he'd be good to have to throw in after 50 minutes when fresh legs are needed, he has plenty of experience of playing at a high level and he's an excellent kick passer.

Never been a huge FOC fan, he's never kicked on from his u21 days although neither had Flynn until the last few months but as you say he's been out injured for so long its hard to make a case for him making an impact. I'm a huge fan of D'Arcy from what I've seen him of him so far but given he's still u20 and that he's in a position is very physically demanding he may not be ready to play championship just yet.
GAA Discussion / Re: Ros V Donegal Hyde Park 21/7/18
« Last post by Cunny Funt on Today at 12:47:37 PM »
In effect Seànie and Brian Stack replace Niall Daly and Donie Smith.
Niall Daly played for Pearses in Leo Kenny cup final in Bekan last night
He's named on the Roscommon bench for this Saturday i see. A bit odd that we would be allowed to play for his club on a Wednesday night after starting for Roscommon last weekend.
General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« Last post by laoislad on Today at 12:41:04 PM »
Mignolet won't hang around to be back up. I'd say they'll keep Karius and sell Mignolet.
I see also Leicester are interested in taking Danny  Ward.
General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« Last post by trueblue1234 on Today at 12:38:37 PM »
Keep Karius but loan him out. Hold on to the Mig as backup.
General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« Last post by Captain Obvious on Today at 12:37:26 PM »
Bought by Roma for €7.5 m in 2016.
Sold for €75 m 2 years later. Monopoly money.

At least the fans will have a new song

Serious profit there in a short space of time i'd wonder what value a younger Buffon would be nowadays. Is the next step to sell Karius but what club will buy the concussion story?
GAA Discussion / Re: PuC and the Liam Miller Fundraiser
« Last post by mup on Today at 12:37:16 PM »
The organisers confirmed that an approach was made with a view to hosting the match at Pairc Ui Chaoimh, but that this would require a rule change at GAA congress which won’t be held until next spring.

Mr O’Flynn stressed, however, that Cork County Board were very receptive to their approaches and offered Pairc Ui Chaoimh’s conferencing facilities free of charge.

Think the CCB did all they could in fairness. Nothing to see here.

You can't use the pitch, but you can use our office and we won't even charge you!!! If that's not an insult to the family I don't know what is.

The sad thing is if cork co. board had shown any common sense, empathy or simple decency they could have allowed it, but unfortunately somone somewhere would complain about the rules and regulations and the game would have had to have been called off.

Cork co board clearly still have serious power. Only explanation for ridiculous decision to play wexford v clare qtr final in PuC last week.

It was all going so well until your last paragraph. Which county board wields the power to play matches in Croke Park?
General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« Last post by trueblue1234 on Today at 12:36:16 PM »
If the 2.5m (as it will be then) working taxpayers in the 26 Cos are told they'll be funding a "Reconstruction" or "Equalisation" tax of €10bn per annum = i.e €4k each or €80 extra per week........
To misquote Clinton. "It's me pocket stoopid"
A no of 6Cos people already said on this Board that if a UI cost them money they wouldn't vote for it.
But we're expected to pay for it so that people,many of whom spend their time running down the "Free State" and "Free Staters" can continue to live in a subsidised basket case free gratis.

Where are you getting those figures from? If the UK were to withdraw there would be financial support (parachute payments if you like). They wouldn't walk away without committing to support for a number of years afterwards in which case the people in NI will have to look at reducing down the Public sector spending.
But yes I'd expect you and each of the tax payers in the south to contribute to the short term costs of a UI. Much the same as the people in the North would have to as well.

Your last point about people running down the "free state" etc is a weak argument. Course there'll be people who'll take that viewpoint but if your basing a decision on the future of the country on what some posters post on a message board to get a rise then I'll not follow down that rabbit hole.

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Dublin for a place in the aisf. Omagh
« Last post by Hound on Today at 12:31:12 PM »
Connolly was absolutely key to winning the All Ireland last year. Gavin didn't want to bring him on but was big enough to realise we weren't going to win without him (and we wouldn't have). The question is whether there is anyone this year as good as Mayo were last year in that final.

While Howard and Scully deservedly got a lot of praise for their performances last week, what has been lost among all the nonsense about the 10 last minutes of the Donegal game, is how below par Dublin were overall. Con's worst game in a Dublin jersey. Probably Kilkenny's worst game too (scored 1 point from 6 shots). Mannion didnt get a kick. They were the 3 guys supposed to get all our scores from play, but got one between them.

Fenton was very good in the second half, but he had a poor first half. O'Sullivan played like someone who hadnt started a game in a long time. We lost a heap of ball cheaply. We weren't good. But Donegal were worse. Unable to capitalise on our performance. I'd say partly due to no McBrearty, partly due to us not allowing McHugh free reign, and partly due to them not having a positive enough approach. 

So for Dublin, it'll be whether that will be a kick up the backside we need, or whether there is the start of a slow downward spiral. We do have Costello to come in for one of the 3 misfiring lads and he seems to be hot. Kev Mac dependable to make an impact too. Please jaysus we won't see O'Gara, but Gavin sometimes seems to think he's suited to Tyrone.

Playing without an orthodox full back since O'Carroll left has never caught us out. But if other teams can get us 2-on-2 the way Donegal did (thankfully Murphy was never one of those 2), we will eventually pay as we've no defender particularly good under a high ball.

Connolly's influence in last years final is overrated and is growing legs. Dublin haven't performed to the best of their ability in any of the All Ireland finals under Jim Gavin. Last weekend was a similar type of performance, plenty of good individuals not playing well but the team getting the job done without impressing. I think this could be the year that Dublin finally click in All Ireland final and win by a bit to spare which hasn't happened since the 70s.
Well, having been there and watched it in full twice in the following few days, it was my opinion that his contribution was crucial, but it's all about opinions and I could be biased towards Diarmo.

I did think at one stage this year that this could be a handy All Ireland, in that we could win every game handily enough. I don't think that now. But if it does work out that way, I don't think it'll be because we've improved on previous years.
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