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Best of luck to Mayo against the dheras.  I would love to see Rochford go into the Kerry dressing room afterwards, commiserate and tell them that Mayo needed it more.

Yeah, and he should go in bare-chested like Sir John in '96. Although in his case it would be more bare-bellied - so maybe not!
Best wishes to our Western neighbours tomorra.
Be great for the people of Co Mayo if ye do it.
I would love to see Mayo win this, a Mayo Dublin final would ensure an open football game and that would be great for all of us neutrals.

I fancied Kerry from the get go and feel they have a big gam in them yet this year, Mayo might just get tanked, we will see soon enough.
Spent all week in Westport and had a great time, so would be  quite happy for a Mayo win. A lot of the ones I spoke to weren't that confident about tomorrow though.  Honestly think Mayo have a decent chance as Kerry aren't that great.
GAA Discussion / NSPCA
« Last post by Orior on Today at 10:57:09 PM »
Surely someone needs to report events in Thurles to the NSPCA? In fact, there should be 15 separate reports.
General discussion / Re: Death Notices
« Last post by BennyCake on Today at 10:56:23 PM »
Wasn't his first wife from the six counties?


Nah, she was quite a looker actually ;)
General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by Milltown Row2 on Today at 10:53:29 PM »
Hope so.It makes sense to give the bigger names a rest and also give young players a chance.

How did Lennon do today? They've been flying, cupping of ears today?
GAA Discussion / Re: Cork fans flying the confederate flag
« Last post by sid waddell on Today at 10:52:27 PM »
From today's Irish Times letters page:

Sir, – If Cork fans want to fly the Confederate battle flag, that is their choice. If, as some may claim, it is a harmless flag, in the context, and is only used for its colours, well, there is another flag to hand that they may use that contains the same red, white and blue, ie the British flag.

No takers? I didn’t think so, given the reputation of the Tans in Cork. Well, now they know what “offensive” means. – Yours, etc,


I'd say the Confederate flag being used by Cork fans is a symbol of secession from the Union.
It's probably more about 'the people's republic of Cork' than anything else.
To suggest it could be replaced with the Union Jack is a silly cheap shot.
The Union Jack would be less offensive.

Less offensive to who
Less offensive to anybody who recognises international law as it's an internationally recognised flag of an internationally recognised nation state which doesn't impose slavery.

I'd find it about as offensive as I would hearing God Save the Queen played at Croke Park, and I didn't find that offensive.

The British empire imposed slavery for many many years. That flag would have been seen by many as a flag of slavery. It is every bit as offensive as the 'confederate' flag. It being the flag of an internationally recognised state doesn't change that
It's very simple.

The Union Jack does not represent slavery. It's the current flag of an internationally recognised nation state which does not impose slavery.

That you find it offensive is a personal matter for you.

Loads of countries had colonial empires, such as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. All are internationally recognised nation states which may have imposed slavery in the past, but do not currently impose slavery.

The confederate flag is completely indivisible from racism and slavery and completely indivisible from current day racism and white supremacism because it was the symbol of an entity which was set up specifically to uphold those things.

It has no other meaning except that of racism and white supremacism.

That is quite obviously not the case with the flag of the UK.

So the modern day economy of Britain no longer benefits from the centuries of slave trade?
There are a load of countries who benefit from the long-term effects of the centuries of slave trade.

The United States chief among them.

Are you asking for the stars and stripes to be done away with?
General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« Last post by sid waddell on Today at 10:44:59 PM »
Wish there were a buy-one-get-two-free option.  Let's get rid of two other fascists, Miller and Gorka, as a precursor to the glorious ultimate exodus.
apparently Miller is Jewish. WTF
The alt-reality crowd are very big on the concept of branding any white person who doesn't conform to their batshit crazy worldview as a "self-hating white person".

They also like to trot out the "self-hating Jew" line about liberal Jews in Israel who oppose the illegal colonial expansion into Palestinian territory.

Yet here is a genuine example of a self-hating Jew. One can come to no other conclusion about a man who not only stands idly by while Trump incites the alt-reality anti-semites and Nazis, but is at the very heart of the strategy of turning such anti-semites and Nazis into "the base" of Trump's support.

Don't expect to see him called out as such by alt-reality Trumpists.
General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« Last post by StGallsGAA on Today at 10:44:35 PM »
Some f**king performance from Chicarito to pull the Hammers back from the dead at 2-0 down and playing with 10 men.  What a failure by Van Gaal selling that little wizard!
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