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General discussion / Re: Arlene's bigotry shines through
« Last post by AQMP on Today at 03:35:22 PM »
Some years ago Robinson was talking at a DUPUDA annual conference of making the Union more attractive to Catholics.
Then Belfast City Council stopped flying the Butcher's and he jumped back behind the tribal barricade.
The Dupes and Unionist majority Councils seem totally unwilling to take any cognisance of the fact there are 2 Nationalities in the 6 Cos.

I agree. But it will be to their detriment. A happy Nationalist isn't talking about a UI.

Hmmm, yes and no.  I'm the wrong side of 50 and there's been more serious talk about a UI in the last 18 months than in the previous 95 years!  I know a lot of soft and small "n" Nationalists who are very unhappy about Brexit.  They are persuadable, so are the Kellie Armstrong types in Alliance, a lot of Greens and there must be some unknowns who would vote for a UI.  This is going to sound a wee bit callous but if we persuade all those then we don't need that many Unionists to change their minds to make 50%+1 a possibility.  The issue might be, what do we do after that!?

I've said this before but what's needed is a grouping to come forward, along the lines of the business people who sent the letter to Leo recently, who are not directly affiliated to SF to lead a UI campaign.  We also need robust answers to all the questions that will be asked about what a UI will look like.  There's about 5 years work there alone.

Also, I must say I've often been critical of Colum Eastwood but I thought he was very good on The View last night in a "debate", of sorts, with Christopher Stalford and Kellie Armstrong.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by angermanagement on Today at 03:33:41 PM »
Where have they got all the players from? Is it ones playing for no other clubs or did they get a lot of tranfers in?
Very good performances in his debut season in 2010 v Sligo and Longford. A good game v Tyrone in 13 . Mostly negative contributions for the rest of his time , a tendency to shy away from 50/50 balls , a complete no no for inter county.   it was 2015 v Dubs I seen him with my two fooking eyes yellow out of a 60/40 in his favour when it was melting pot time . His fans never seem to see whats obvious to others.

Unfortunately accurate.
no point in slagging him off at this point.
he did his stint for mayo and should be thanked for it

A good footballer with plenty of talent but probably just lacking a bit of an edge to his game.

He's no worse than the likes of Evan Regan or Conor O'Shea. But I suppose you've more juice to stick on the panel when your big brothers are calling the shots and the manager doesn't want to offend them.

If Horan had some sense he'd have left him on for more than 15 minutes  in the 2013 AI final, a year where he was in All-Star form and had been MotM in the AISF. Probably cost Horan and Mayo an AI.
Come off it Syf, Alan hadn't been able to take a full part in training in the previous week because he had a bad dose of the flu. Horan took a gamble on his fitness and lost.  Alll that was reported in the local papers at the time.

The rumour about Freeman having the flu in the build up to the final is simply not true.It was a disastrous decision to take him off
Nah, he had flu or a heavy cold alright, according to the father of an Aghamore player, but I know there were other reasons as well that made relations between JH and the Freemans rather stretched. It may be that Alan's father wasn't too happy with Horan. But the fact is,  Alan was not having one of his better days . He had a couple of halfhearted scoring attempts blocked down and I felt he just wasn't getting stuck in.Dunno if taking him off although was a good idea.
There were others who weren't playing well either and given Freeman's display in the semi,  I'd have left him on a bit longer in the hope that he'd rediscover his form.

Well according to a man that played in the last A vs B game before the final Freeman didnt have any flu or cold leading into the final.In the A vs B game the B team hammered the A team by about 7 points with Freeman and Mikey Conroy doing most of the damage.Not your ideal preperation for an all ireland final.If Horan had started both Freeman and Conroy Andy and probably Cillian would have missed out.Horan opted for Freeman but was anxious to get Conroy in as soon as possible.The stories about colds flus and Richie Feeney busting both Horan and Dillon are all nonsense.

I thought Feeney hit Dillon and Horan sided with his his clubmate?Feeney didnt travel with team on bus and kept on bench.Freeman should have been kept on as OConnor wasnt a threat from play with his shoulder injury
General discussion / Re: Official Gooners Thread aka Déjà vu
« Last post by Syferus on Today at 03:13:59 PM »
A high class man in a sport filled with low class supporters and even owners and players. Legendary manager.

I would love him to get a few years at a superpower club and embellish his record before he retires.

Arsenal should just give the keys of the operation to Ancelotti if they want the best possible hire. Vieira is being touted be he probably needs a few more years experience at a level higher than the MLS to be a realistic option.
General discussion / Re: Official Gooners Thread aka Déjà vu
« Last post by Dinny Breen on Today at 03:09:02 PM »
I thought I would be happy but it makes me sad. Wenger will always remain one of my favourite men on the planet.
GAA Discussion / Re: Leinster Senior Football Championship 2018
« Last post by Dinny Breen on Today at 03:07:01 PM »
Never mind Dublin.
There are still 4 Qtr Final places through the Qualifiers.

+1 i think Dinny needs to get his hole rather than worrying about dublin all the time. Kildare should be qualifying for last 8 with all their resources. Poaching players from other counties over the last 30 years and trying to buy Declan Browne at it as well. They lads 4 lads who gave up professional sports to play with their county. Did the players get compensated for that?

Ah yes Dublin GAA, where no player ever leaves to play professionally, I wonder why?

Cause and effect! If Dublin were placed in Ulster, would Ulster get stronger or weaker? Personally I believe standards would rise short-term but soon the futility of it all would kick in and Ulster would return to where it came from...
General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« Last post by Gabriel_Hurl on Today at 02:59:35 PM »
he didn't last long  ;D
General discussion / Re: Holidays
« Last post by Don Johnson on Today at 02:53:03 PM »
We stayed in a lovely campsite with mobile homes etc in the Cote d'Azur near Frejus , about 1hr 15 from Nice. Really good facilities plus a kids club and the region is very interesting. We met a family from Cork who were also staying.

Smashing spot Frejus, La Baume, and the other one towards town we stayed at.. I’d go back tomorrow

We did La Baume last summer and loved it. Thinking about going back this year or next now that the child is a bit bigger and she could enjoy it more, she wasn't walking yet when we went.

Though I think I am black listed with Europcar at the minute after denting the car a few times in September on another trip  :-X
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« Last post by general_lee on Today at 02:41:34 PM »
Armagh split the reserves into north and south and play on a Wednesday night. About a dozen teams in each league. About another dozen clubs don’t field reserve teams and then there are a few that play division 3.
General discussion / Re: A United Ireland. Opening up the discussion.
« Last post by trailer on Today at 02:39:54 PM »
Cannot believe FF are still a force in the Republic after nearly sinking the country a few years back. Jaysus, people have short memories. I know the SDLP are in dire straits, but to hitch their wagon to that shower of corrupt clowns shows how bad things are for wee Colum. Saying that, McCrossan would fit right in with FF, the snivelling little shit

When it comes to politics, people have short memories. Thatcher and her Tory's wreck the place, then the Brits couldn't get them back quick enough.
People have short memories. The Provos plant bombs ,murder innocent men women and children, disappear so called informers on the instruction of the worst informer of all in a hierarchy riddled with informers and still people will vote for their political wing. It isn't only FF have a history.

<mic drop>
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