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Re: Running
« Reply #5835 on: June 21, 2018, 01:08:51 PM »
Seanie hill repeats a great workout - key thing about them is not to worry too much about speed. Maintaining form throughout them more important - i.e. keep your posture and keep the knees driving etc. You'll get most benefit out of them when you focus on that.

Well done Don. Was that lisburn?(Not sure where you're from so might be far from the mark!)

Cheers. Might have gone a bit quick at them the first night.....was a bit sore yesterday but a nice relaxed run last night has eased me out a bit. I've never done hill repeats since I took up running (despite meaning to several times)....interesting to see the impact they may have. Must say I'm going through a phase of really enjoying my running again which I thought had left me for good in the last couple of years.