Author Topic: The Many Faces of US Politics...  (Read 791851 times)


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Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« Reply #12510 on: Today at 07:08:26 PM »
Never let on you hear him. He sits in the house all day watching Fox News. There's no other explanation.


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Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
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What I do find hilarious about all this is how all US media keeps saying that "this is not what America stands for". The constant need for Americans to proclaim themselves as a great country unique in its virtue.

It's the opposite. It's a country that was built on genocide, slavery, racism, bigotry and colonialism. It was built on an absolutely rotten past and has a rotten present. And yet it still keeps trying to fool itself that it wasn't and isn't.

The US should take a look at Germany, and learn to confront its past and admit to itself that the notion of "American exceptionalism", "unique American virtue", that it is a "shining city on the hill" is so much utter nonsense. It's national self-delusion on a grand scale.
have u ever been to the us ?


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Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
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No answer to my question, whitey?  I really would like to know from what specific sources you get your information.

Apologies, I've been on the road since 4:30 am and in back to back meetings all mornings.

It's very easy....if I hear something on CNN (or Patriot or Urban or MSNBC) while I'm driving in the car and I want to get the differing viewpoint I will then google the topic and WSJ/NY Times/The Hill/The Atlantic/Forbes/Bloomberg/WAPO etc.  Then I typically read about 4 articles-2 from each side of the argument and if I have the time I'll read the comments.

Oh....I also read books. So far this year I've read Bernies book, George H Bush's book of all his correspondence, Gamechange about Obamas election, Jimmy Carters autobiography

“Patriot” Radio.... :o

I can only imagine... ;D