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Re: Lowest profile ever?
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Theres no confusion in the minds of the vast majority who came out in their thousands to celebrate the centenary by taking the Rising back from the murder gang who besmirched true Republicanism for the last 40 years by their sectarian campaign.
No one pays much heed to the revisionists.
One word. Kingsmill.
And do you know what precipitated Kingsmill?
The selection of men for execution on the basis of their religion is a sectarian act and cannot be defended or excused by any true Republican.
Not defending it, but I'm sock of people like you who view the troubles in the North through the lens of anti nationalist propaganda, whether that is because you are too young to remember the 50's, 60's and 70's or from the safe haven of the Irish Republic.

Theres always a but. I condemn Greysteel and Loughlinisland as well. I don't differentiate between sectarian slaughter.
I have no doubt there are Loyalists who are like you except they defend Greysteel and condemn Kingsmill.

Do you condemn Dunmanway or was the sectarian murder of protestants acceptable in order to remove British rule in the free state?

I condemn all sectarian killings. I am round long enough to know that the action of the old IRA wasn't always honourable or justifiable unlike those who think the ends justify the means

So did the old IRA besmirched true Republicanism as well?
If certain elements of the Old IRA executed anyone for the sole reason of that persons religion then they were not following the Republican ideals of Wolfe Tone and the 1916 Proclamation.  What is your difficulty in grasping that?
None what so ever. I just find it hard, given the fact the you admit that actions of the old IRA weren't always justifiable or honorable, that you felt it was OK for thousands to come out in support of them. I suppose it's similar to some of the most recent IRA supporters, they tend to take a rose-tinted view of things.
There hasn't been a conflict in the world where either side did not do acts which were contrary to the Geneva Convention.  What is wrong is to believe the side you support is completely right in all their actions and refuse to acknowledge their failings.
That's very true. I suppose some people tend to gloss over some of the atrocities by the old IRA to justify the end.
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