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Laois / Re: Qualifiers.
« Last post by Tony on Today at 11:10:16 AM »
Calm down there Keyser, it's only a forum  :D. I think you might be getting a bit excited.

Yeah. I thought what we needed in 2016, post Lillis, was a new manager with brains, like a Jim McG but cheaper. My opinion in a year has changed. Opinions change, you know? Now I'm realistic and know we simply don't have the players to challenge any team in Div 1 and most teams in Div 2. That's just realistic.

As for Creedon, yeah he has been dissappointing. But some posters seem to just blame him without acknowledging everything else going wrong in Laois GAA. Blame Creedon all you want but there's more going on than that. I don't think my opinion is that unusual to be honest. Most posters with common sense realise this. All some posters seem to want is: Creedon out, Laois man in. As if that will change our fortunes overnight. I'd be open to a Laois man in too next year, or Creedon - it's not going to make much difference. The real change will have to come at a much deeper level.

My post about fitness wan't meant to defend Creedon. I'm pointing out that a lot of our players wont be at peak fitness because of injury earlier this season which is 100% true. It was meant to be taken at face value.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« Last post by redhandefender on Today at 11:08:56 AM »
They are wearing clothes supplied/sponsored by Cuba cos their training gear fund was cut last year and they looked alternative sponsorship.

Ballicks lol
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« Last post by Walter Cronc on Today at 11:08:09 AM »
He's a class player GI no doubt. Along with Sweetnam, Byrne and Stockdale all very exciting players coming through.
The Ulster finalists will meet again in the semi final if both teams win their subsequent games?

Well since the quarter finals take place before the semis Id only imagine your scenario is possible if Down win on Sunday.
What difference does it make to an AI semi final pairing between the ulster finalists (should both teams win subsequent games)
if Down beat Monaghan on Saturday?
Laois / Re: Qualifiers.
« Last post by Giovanni on Today at 11:04:46 AM »
This (ability to see the bigger picture) seems to be a skill only recently acquired.
Ah, that's Tyrone for ye!
Laois / Re: Qualifiers.
« Last post by Keyser Söze on Today at 10:58:09 AM »
I have no interest or connection to any particular manager but if you're a fan of Creedon it might be more convincing to point out the evidence of his successes rather than presenting excuses for his failure.

Ah, but you seem to have missed the point!
Tony is NOT a fan of Creedon, I repeat NOT a fan of Creedon. He is simply a realist amongst the dreamers. You see, he has the advantage of being able to see the bigger picture!
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« Last post by GaillimhIarthair on Today at 10:53:53 AM »
Team to face Japan. Still can't understand what T'OHalloran has to do to start. Is he not wise or something? Perhaps the Connacht men can shed some light. Surely rest Earls, Start Conway on the wing and O'Halloran at FB. Great to see Stockdale get another go. Superstar in the making!

Ireland: A Conway; K Earls, G Ringrose, L Marshall, J Stockdale; P Jackson, K Marmion; C Healy, J Tracy, John Ryan; K Treadwell, D Toner; R Ruddock, J van der Flier, J Conan.

Replacements: N Scannell, D Kilcoyne, A Porter, James Ryan, S Reidy, J Cooney, R Scannell, T O’Halloran.
TOH was behind Conway in the pecking order during the 6N and with him now getting a run a FB as well as wing, it seem that is still the case.  I see TOH week in and out during the season and he is a fine player and would love to see him get a proper run to show his worth but it doesn't seem to be happening for him under Joe - the selections for the Autumn internationals will tell a lot.
Laois / Re: Qualifiers.
« Last post by Keyser Söze on Today at 10:52:53 AM »
Have you ever trained, keyser? If so, what don't you accept about that? Clearly true. List what's false about it, in detail. the post is nothing to do with creedon.

Yes it is.
I'm not alone in finding this irritating.

Please refer to my post a few pages back.

I'll post it here for you.
You can add your latest post in too, if you like!

Creedon wil be great, I'm excited.
Creedon needs to be given time, he'll work out.
Creedon is hamstrung by injuries.
Creedon should be judged on the championship.
Creedon can't correct 3/4 years of poor fitness levels overnight.
Creedon doesn't have the players, maybe Div 4 is our level.
Creedon isn't to be blamed for this we are terrible from top to bottom.
Creedon looks a bit better now in light of the Kildare- Meath result.

Give it a break.
Jesus Bomber you wouldn't think Tyrone have only one more Sam than Ros.

And the Rossies did back to back titles the sign of a true GAA county!! ;D
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