Author Topic: Ronaldo accused of rape  (Read 3025 times)


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Re: Ronaldo accused of rape
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Mayorga, 34, who has worked as a model and school teacher in her hometown of Las Vegas, did not attend the news conference. Stovall said Mayorga considered suicide and abused alcohol after the alleged rape from which suffers PTSD and she is unavailable to the media because of her emotional state.

Stovall also said Mayorga suffers from a learning disability, but said he was unsure whether a recent psychiatric exam found the disability played a role in the alleged rape. Stovall noted that Mayorga had worked hard to overcome the learning disability and earned a degree in journalism from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

She's done well considering the learning difficulty she has

Lots of people with learning disabilities have a degree. Why wouldn't they?

Considering shes been suffering with PTSD on top also I think its been a huge accomplishment

What is her learning disability though?
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