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GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster JFC/IFC Club 2017
« Last post by Throw ball on Today at 01:51:20 AM »
Why is anything ever fixed for Omagh at this time of year.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« Last post by BennyHarp on Today at 01:49:57 AM »
i agree, it really is. very balanced unlike the county coverage which is my main gripe with them.

Yes and you are so balanced on your view of the county.
General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« Last post by armaghniac on Today at 01:49:13 AM »
Be some treason if the SFs and FFs fcuk the Country up for some short term irrelevant success in dumping some unimportant Minister. :o

Why didn’t she resign?

She asked Arlene for advice.
Any hope Mr. Keegan would have double lip surgery as well? ;D
I could see Mitchels winning this one, only because Corofin are definitely now on the downward slope and Mitchels still haven’t fulfilled their potential and won the AI. It’s pretty much a coin toss, though.
Any thoughts on how Sundays Connacht final will go? Micheal Lundy is out after an appendix operation a big blow to Corofin but even without him they remain favourites Corofin (8/15) Castlebar (9/4). Last year it took extra time to separate the two sides.

A win for Corofin would be a record breaking 8th Connacht Club SFC title & surpass Clann na nGael as the most successful senior club in Connacht.
There was a motion going before the floor last weekend that I was keeping an eye on.
It was calling on the party to stop meeting with Netanyahu's Likud party in Ireland and to keep
the word on supporting the BDS campaign.

It was a hard hitting motion, and was passionately defended by Reada Cronin from Maynooth.
However, an amendment was added which would allow them to continue meeting them as long as they
were talking about peace........ This was the leadership position and Martina Anderson and Pat Sheehan
spoke in defence of it, along with another delegate who added the amendment.

It was a tight vote and the amendment passed by 12 votes in the end.

Below is the original motion with the amendment in capitals. 

Motion 74
This Ard Fheis agrees that, in view of Sinn Féin's stated commitment to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, Sinn Féin will have no more meetings or dealings with the right-wing party Likud, or any Israeli political parties that gives succour or support, either covertly or overtly, to the increased expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands in violation of international law. FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN THE GENUINE ADVANCEMENT OF THE CAUSE OF SEEKING A JUST SETTLEMENT TO THE CONFLICT OR OTHERWISE REQUESTED TO DO SO BY PALESTINIAN POLITICAL LEADERS

As you can see they have given themselves permission to entertain any Israeli delegation right up to Netanyahu himself
as long as they are talking peace. Given that the Israelis are professional peace talkers as they expand their occupation, you can be
assured that they will continue to milk this new found relationship for nothing other than PR purposes. It's how they operate.

Apart from those who followed party lines and voted for an excuse to meet any rep from Israel, there is not only opposition to
these meetings, but outrage. How on the one hand can they ask people to boycott certain products at their local supermarket in
protest at Israeli crimes, while at the same time entertain those who are responsible for the crimes? And what is the point of holding
a solidarity rally on a Sunday evening for Palestine, and then stay silent as Likud are in for tea and biscuits on Tuesday?

There is only one winner in all of this, and it sure isn't the Palestinians......

Lee made his senior debut in 2011, featuring in all FBD  games, as a sub in NFL and again as sub in All Ireland Quarter and Semi Final. Since then he has been an automatic choice. He played county U21  in 2009 and 2010. He has played senior for his club since 2008 winning county Intermediate titles in 09 and 16. He has played in two Compromise Rules Series. Prior to committing to GAA in 2009 he was involved with Connacht Rugby and on the cusp of a pro-career. All in all he has been constantly on the go for over a decade. His cumulative game count is probably well ahead of average for someone who has played senior intercounty for a dozen years. How he has injured his hips is a matter of conjecture but hardly surprising given the number of games he has played and the mileage he has covers in each game.

Lee Keegan himself didn't think so in a interview last year.

I just wasn’t big enough for Rugby really, in the end-up. I was looking at the Irish under-20s the other night and I’m like a child compared to them. I would have been grand playing it away for fun but there was no chance really of me coming through the Connacht academy and making it as a professional. I wouldn’t have had the physique for it.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by hardstation on Today at 12:27:14 AM »

No disrespect of course.

Yeah Aghagallon. A few good minors and Un21s there. A system of play which suits all players and has been worked on over a few season.

Well, we finally won an U21 after many attempts.
Build...keep building...put roof on.
General discussion / Re: American Sports Thread
« Last post by Syferus on Today at 12:27:08 AM »
Florida have three good second tier U’s now with USF, UCF and Lane Kiffin on the cusp of bringing FAU to its best ever season and a Conference USA title to boot. If any of them - particularly the two that played tonight - can eventually find a way into a Power 5 conference they could really make a mark on college football.
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