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Have it but keep got sacked in preseason even after winning my challenge matches, didnt thinkt he DCB were that demanding ... havent had a chance to give it the tim eit obviously needs ...

Star Spangler:
If I keep at it I think I might just get Tyrone to win Ulster in 2012.  ;D

The Real Laoislad:

--- Quote from: longball on October 04, 2007, 08:53:31 AM ---Seen in the Smyths Toy Catalogue that Gaelic Games  Football 2 and Gaelic Games Hurling is coming out for hte pS2 in November. Football bound to be better than the last one!!!! Tried searching the net but no real news about it. anybody know anything?

Bought Bainisteoir Hurling arrive yday had quick go last night played one friendly so far> Cork (me) 3-16 Kerry 1-4.  I enjoyed it, More of a football man thou and would like to see a similar game with the footballers!

Is there anyway u can chose to play a third midfielder or an extra defender? played SOh corner forward in the hope of brining him back but never managed it.

Also can u edit players names, attributes etc before the season starts say if i wanted to create Colm Cooper for Kerry but wanted to make him to be a top player not some dungbag!

--- End quote ---

I don't think these Playstation games will be any good unless a company like EA Sports take over the programming of them..I have played all the Aussie rule type games that IRGurus bring out and they never get any better.
I can't find anything about the Gaelic Football game on the net

Anybody still have this game ?


--- Quote from: Brandon on May 13, 2021, 05:11:36 PM ---Anybody still have this game ?

In the attic with PS2
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