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Had a go at this this evening.  Seems quite good, I'm finding the training hard enough to handle though.  I done a good bit of stamina training early on but now I'm way behind in other areas and my overall for the Galway team has fallen from 100 to 75 and Ive only played three challange games.  I hammered Longford and Derry before losing to the Cats by four points despite leading by five at one point.  As my overall rating continues to fall this season may not be a good first season for me, as I struggle to figure out this training.

Hows everyone else finding the game?

The Real Laoislad:
I can't get it to install on my laptop,Have you XP or Vista Galwayboy? Keep getting a error message when i load it

I have XP and it installed ok for me.  Do you have XP, and what does the error message say?

Hoping to pick this up tommorow, I am a Football man but like the old management games, worth the buy? What would you rate it?

Ya so far I'd say its worth the buy.  I love the way the matches are done, commentry style just like Football/Champ Manager.  I'm struggling at the training part of the game, but I'm hoping to get the hang of that.  I cant rate the game properly though until I get a better chance to play the game though.


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