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The Real Laoislad:
I know this was talked about before but can't find the thread,according to this website it is to be released today


[ # ] New Hurling Computer Game 
June 13th, 2007

A new hurling managment computer game is about to be launched by a company called Tailteann Games. The game, called “Bainisteoir – Hurling©”, is due for release on June 28th.

One of the most impressive aspects of it is that they have the real life player names - according to their website they have ” the 32 Irish Inter-County, New York and London Senior Hurling panels, which comprise of over 1,000 real-life Hurling stars, including D.J Carey, Ken McGrath, Brian Lohan and Eugene Cloonan”. This is one aspect that seriously let down the other GAA offering out there, Gaelic Football on the Playstation, it didn’t have any real players.

The company is apparently based in Nenagh in Tipperary, it’s great to see a local Irish software company producing a quality GAA product. Their website seems to be still under development but they have background on themselves and the product on their “About” page.


I hope this is a good game, and fair play to them for trying. Hope it goes well for them.

Nice to see this as the featured player as well, and they Nenagh men and all :D Not sure about the socks though!

Anyone try it yet? Fair play for them making it hurling, you'd think football would have the bigger audience.

Hope to buy this tomorrow.  A mate of mine got it today, dont know what he thinks of it yet though.  Should be interesting to have a go at it though.

The Real Laoislad:
Bought it today haven't had chance to play but from reading the manual it looks very professional


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