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Hurling managerial merry-go-round

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--- Quote from: Kidder81 on August 22, 2022, 12:56:11 PM ---Donoghue in as Dublin manager, good appointment you would think

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Won the All Ireland for Galway but it was Waterford instead Kilkenny, Limerick they played in the final and the ground work for that Galway team was done by Anthony Cunningham

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AC couldn't win the all Ireland despite 2 attempts. Donoghue added the necessary elements to his team eg Daithi Burke  and got over the line.

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Hanbury at #3 was one of the reasons the 2015 AIF was lost

Sorting out No3 and No6 was definitely key to Galway getting over the line.

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Hanbury was left out to dry by being left one on one with Callanan in the semi-final, Galway scraped past. Kilkenny didn't make the same mistake but Hanbury had a better final than semi-final if the truth was told.
Tannian at centre back had a poor second half as well didn't help.

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With a bit of luck/more cuteness either the 12 or 15 team could have broken the hoodoo. It took an exceptional team to win in 2017 and that was the end of the cycle because Limerick appeared next. I think the next decent Galway team will win more. On the shoulders of giants etc.

Johnny Kelly in the Offaly job.

Is that everyone sorted?

Ash Smoker:
Joe Fortune stays on in Westmeath. I'd say he will be in contention for the Wexford job next time.


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