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Hurling Needs a heavier sliotar

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The simple answer is to implement the rules. But the Gaa have ignored their own rules for so long now that going back to the rule book now will cause more trouble than its worth. There is no way todays players will accept playing with a 13cm bas and a ball with rims like 30 years ago. Not a chance and who could blame them. Typical reactive GAA. His point about the 'leave the game alone ' comments from present players and managers is very apt. The game is ours together and not belong to the present crop who with due respect only care about winning.

Milltown Row2:
A lot of the old crew are happy with how things are also.

Applying the rules will work, but only at inter county level and club championship level when youíve more officials at the game, a damp night away in the sticks during a club league game will be harder to enforce

From his perspective, the rims on any prospective approved ball are particularly important.

ďThe rims would be a big thing from my point of view as well because when we start training, whenever weíre back, itís going to be winter. Itís going to be freezing cold and the bigger the rim, the harder the sliotar is and youíre just breaking your good hurls and that pisses me off to be honest.

ďAs well, youíre catching a big rim in the freezing cold Ė youíre going around for six, eight weeks with bruising in the palm of your hand and across your knuckles from catching sliotars. Thatís the only thing. Once the rim is shaved off down to a reasonable enough level, I donít mind too much.Ē

Enforce the actual rules in relation to the bas of the Hurley

Which should be a maximum of 13cm at it widest


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