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Hurling Needs a heavier sliotar

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Galway’s ability, two years ago, to win an All-Ireland title without finding the net in their last four matches was a peak season for point-scoring but then it was a sign of the times. On average, All-Ireland winning teams are scoring six points more now than they were in the 1980s or 1990s. After beating Cork and Waterford this month, Tipperary are now averaging an aggregate of 29 points per game.

Completely agree.
Though I think a bigger rim on the ball would also do the job?

Milltown Row2:
Is it not the same weight for both teams? Whether hitting the ball extra distance or not both teams are playing with the same ball and have to get the ball on target. Anyone can hit a ball, hitting it with the wind or against you still have to find the target.

Teams/players evolve as do the equipment thats used in playing the sport, are golfers hitting the ball further than 30 years ago?

Denis Taylor was talking about his playing career and how when starting out if he hit a break of 65 then he was hitting hi average highest break, again the game/players/equipment changes

I didnt see anything negetive in Sundays games to say we need a heavier ball

Antrim Coaster:
Was there not an issue around 10-15 years ago regarding sliotars that were much lighter than normal?

I recall a few of the top players, including DJ Carey, giving off about the fact that the keeper could puck the ball as far as the opposition 21/20 yard/metre line.

I thought the powers that be were going to correct that.

In fact when you have Enda Rowland of Laois and Martin Stackpoole from Kerry launching missiles to land on the 21 yard line it would seem that the GAA never implemented the original heavier sliotar.

all of the rules seem to be in advantage of the attacking team now

players being let carry the ball for 5-9 steps
throwing of the ball - I thought there has to be a clear striking motion of the hand?
if a forward runs into a defender they are never pulled for charging


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