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Need someone to set the spread for the hurling league


GAA Spreads.

Sorry to ask again. But usually someone would have come forward at this stage.

All I need is a mail with the spread for each match at the start of the week. I would but my knowledge of hurling teams is for the most part non existant.
Even if you can't do it every week can we get a number of people and share the load.

If I can't get someone I'll have to remove the hurling competition



hey dicky i would be up for doing some of it. if you drop me an email or pm i would do it in ten minutes, as i would have a fair knowledge of most counties.

Cheers youbetterbelieveit. I've sent you a PM

--- Quote ---I think your best bet would be to ask LaoisGAA, though I hadn't seen him logged in here in a while.
--- End quote ---

Aye, I dropped him a mail ( and barney) but no replies. He seems to have disappeared.


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