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GAA Discussion / Re: Galway v donegal
« Last post by seafoid on Today at 09:56:09 AM »
Time for the Fancy Dans to see that there is more to Championship football than beating Mayo!
Beating Mayo seems to reach the parts that other matches don't. 
Or maybe it''s like the end of Gladiator. The effort required is just too much
on my way now and my optimism usually starts to up now but not today im afraid . Will of course roar them on but my head is saying a Cork victory .
Colm Cavanagh has to be there
This era started with a win over Cork for Mayo, will it finish with a defeat to the same side....I extremely doubt it.
GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kildare 29.07.2017
« Last post by smelmoth on Today at 09:21:03 AM »
The GAA are a joke in their rules, is there anything that actually sticks. This is not having a go at Feely or any Kildare player just over the years the amount of players who have got off with their suspensions or bans is a joke. In fact any player who actually takes their ban is silly as it will almost certainly be over turned...Why is this?

Look at the soccer...try getting a suspension over turned by UEFA for example, not a chance. There is not even a process for an appeal, so why can the GAA be simply make a moclery of their rules. Surely the Refs are thinking what's the point?

I wonder why KmcG didn't appeal his touch line ban earlier?

They hired Mickey Harte as a consultant and he threatened to sue, the gaa shat themselves collectively and caved, that's how it works.

Disgraceful decision but true to form for the GAA, I expect nothing less and to be honest, it hardly matters, it means than instead of being beaten by 7-10 points, we get beaten by 12, no big deal just another bending over by the GAA brass.

It's only a disgraceful decision if the black card was merited and should have stood.

The general ability of the gaa to implement their rules during the game and enforce them afterwards is genuinely laughable though
Happy enough with that Mayo team. If they play from the start then a win is likely. However our form to date this year doesn't suggest that it will happen. Might eke out a 1 point win. Then again Cork will be hurting badly and will want to put in a performance too to shut their ridiculers up. I wouldn't be surprised if they got a run at us and won either. If Mayo do win, they will probably lose the quarter final, or semi if they get that far. Up Mayo.

Thanks for the usual optimism Farr! I hope you are not involved in Career guidance in the School you work in! :P
GAA Discussion / Re: We need to talk about Stephen Cluxton
« Last post by From the Bunker on Today at 09:18:05 AM »
I have to say Cluxton seems to get most things correct both on and off the field.

Do you have to say it and is that an achievement?

Cluxton seems to get most things correct both on and off the field - Happy?
General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« Last post by CiKe on Today at 09:17:30 AM »
Who is "Pocohontas" and why are you calling her that?

I believe he is referring to Elizabeth Warren. Senator from Massachusetts. She has a small piece of Native American Dna in her and it is what the right use to denigrate her. She is one of the few people who have taken on Wall Street and won. The right are scared "shitless" of her. Do not understand why Stew is so dismissive, she would be of a similar stripe to Bernie Sanders but smarter and Stew supported Bernie until recently. But I forgot Stew is a perfectly balanced Harps man. He has a chip on both shoulders.

Elizabeth Warren fraudently claimed to be a Native American and took a job at the expense of a "real" minority as a lecturer at Harvard.

I think she got paid close to $400K to teach ONE class at Harvard, yet rants and raves about college affordability and student debt

She had bough foreclosed properties and flipped them for a profit

She lives in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Boston and her house is worth anywhere from $1M to $5M

She is what one would refer to as a limousine liberal.  I actually like some of her ideas, but she would win a gold medal on the Olympics for hypocrisy if sucha competition existed

Can someone not earn a lot of money and live in an expensive house and not care about others? "Anywhere from $1mn to $5mn". That is a helluva range which only goes to show you haven't a clue (nor do I). To care about others should you take a vow of poverty?
GAA Discussion / Re: Galway v donegal
« Last post by From the Bunker on Today at 09:14:47 AM »
Time for the Fancy Dans to see that there is more to Championship football than beating Mayo!
To all the Dublin posters - you think you can hide all your unfair monetary advantages in a hidden away thread? So you can revel care free on other threads on your glory - you've another thing coming!

Money and Home advantage baby!
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