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GAA Discussion / D2 Laois V Derry
« on: March 11, 2016, 06:17:33 PM »
Here is the Derry team for this weekend:

1. Thomas Mallon (An Lúb)
 2. Oisín Duffy (Forghleann)
 3. Chrissy McKaigue (Sleacht Néill)
 4. Karl McKaigue (Sleacht Néill)
 5. Gareth McKinless (Baile an Doire)
 6. Brendan Rogers (Sleacht Néill)
 7. Daniel Heavron (Machaire Fíolta)
 8. Niall Holly (Eoghan Rua)
 9. Emmett Bradley (Gleann)
 10. Ciarán McFaul (Gleann)
 11. Christopher Bradley (Sleacht Néill)
 12. Benny Heron (Baile na Scrine)
 13. Shane Heavron (Machaire Fíolta)
 14. Emmett McGuckin (Machaire Fíolta)
 15. Sean Leo Goldrick (Eoghan Rua)

 16. Eoin McNicholl (Gleann an Iolair)
 17. Ryan Ferris (Machaire Fíolta)
 18. Ciarán Mullan (Eoghan Rua)
 19. Neil Forester (Baile Stíl)
 20. James Kielt (Cill Ria)
 21. Ryan Bell (Baile an Doire)
 22. Conor Murphy (Dún Geimhin)
 23. Conor McAtamney (Suaitreach)
 24. Cailean O’Boyle (Leamhaigh)
 25. Daniel McKinless (Baile an Doire)
 26. Mark Lynch (Beannchar)

Part of me doesn't expect much after the previous two results in the league and another part of me expects a big response as we were so poor. This one could go either way.

Anybody going this year?

I am and have a question. I haven't been before and I was reading online backpacks or waistpacks are not permitted in, I assume this would include your normal sized schoolbag too? I was thinking of bringing the wellies and a rain coat in case of bad weather, do I just throw them in a plastic bag?

General discussion / Martin O'Neill to Sunderland
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:31:23 AM »

O'Neill says Yes to Sunderland. Is this the right move for him?

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