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General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« on: Today at 11:28:40 AM »
"Also in Allentown, a priest who had abused several boys, according to the grand jury, was given a recommendation to work at Disney World."

I didn't get to see any of Sunday's game....anything newish?

Likely ref?

+1 on the traffic yesterday. Absolute madness.

Where did yous park? Parked near O'Connell Street and left there around 5.30pm. it was very busy at the port tunnel and then on the M1. Took 3 hours overall to get home that way.

Parked about 5 - 10 mins from the port tunnel. Took nearly 1 hour to get back to it. Was well over 4 hours getting home. I couldn't live in a place with that sort of traffic, how people in Dublin do it I'll never know.

I was out of Clonliffe like a shot and home by 715.

The Monaghan supporters around me were brilliant before, during and after the game. They were so crushed though at the end. Their feelings must be a bit Mayo-lite.

Tyrone fans were a bit more reserved. The success of the 00s still has an impact.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:48:05 PM »
Given that none of the current side will be giving any pre-match interviews, could be a lucrative few weeks for ex-players.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:22:03 PM »
Revenge for 95.

Monaghan bring some noise. Nearly lifted the roof off during the minor game even.

The wemen wouldn't be deadly tho.

Ref gave Hughes a free late on for what? Couldn't see a foul.


The closeness of the game today meant that it was certainly more interesting than yesterdays game. Though the quality wasnít fantastic at all. Poor wides and bad decision making throughout. The amount of lads who lost/dropped/mis-controlled the ball while soloing under no real pressure was unreal.

McAlliskey hits a great free off the ground from 40 odd yards under the Hoganstand. Then fires two terrible wides immediately after. Some of the shooting from distance from Monaghan was awful.

Sitting with three other lads all hoping for a Tyrone defeat, and none mentioned the performance of the ref. Bar the Black Card decision for McNamee and Cavanaghís charge. (Barry Cassidy blew against James McCarthy for the same thing yesterday) which he got wrong, I didnít think that he favoured Tyrone. Might have to watch the game back.

I think that Tyrone were the better team. Monaghan struggled to get scores from play at the start of the second half. I think they had the first two opportunities and put them both wide.

Tyrone are in the final and anything can happen. Todayís performance will not be good enough to beat Dublin. And fingers crossed they play like that and Dublin beat them out the gate.  ;D

The quality of the game was awful Tyrone failed frequently in basic skills, had awful decision making and horrendous shot selection on so many occasions with 10 wide but also 7-8 short
If Tyrone play like that Dublin will beat them far worse than last year.  But things don't work that way.

Harte made a mistake not playing the team announced on Thursday night I wanted Lee Brennan to play a full game but he is clearly lazy in turns of Tyrone's system and better coming on as sub.

The early start seemed to leave Kieran McGeary a very slow starter. Let them both work themselves up on the bench then come on at about 40 min as per Donegal.

Into the final (10 drought over) more lessons learned and all to play for.

As a Tyrone supporter today was draining/exhausting from frustration at really bad Tyrone decision making from I believe a mixture of semi-final fear and over confidence about Monaghan
Still the determination in the defense especially Colm Cavanagh was great and Tyrone have got the bad stuff out now and I believe can only get better with Dublin getting arrogant no matter how much Gavin and Sherlock try to prevent it.

It ain't over til its over so on to the Final and a full house with hopefully a few thousand more Tyrone supporters there.

Don't really know how Tyrone won that. Wides, poor last balls, dropped shorts.....probably one of their worst collective performances this year....luckily Monaghan were as bad.

Exciting stuff though. Pete Harte grabbed the game by the balls after Monaghan hit the front and Colm secured his All Star.

Galway had a real purple 5 mins but missed 2-3 in that time. You just can't do that.

The cameras never really caught it but it looked like straight after the Comer goal Cluxton hit a stinker, leaving whoever it was one on one with him and the Galway player Just kicked it straight at his legs. Then the pen. Could have been 3-4 to 0-4.

Monaghan Hills

O Monaghan hills
You have made me the sort of man I am
A fellow who can never care a damn
For Everest thrills

The country of my mind
Has a hundred little heads
On none of which foot-room for genius.

Because of you I am a half-faithed ploughman
Shallow furrows at my heels
Because of you I am a beggar of song
And a coward in thunder.

If I had been born among the Mournes
Even in Forkhill
I might have had echo-corners in my soul
Repeating the dawn laughter.

I might have climbed to know the glory
Of toppling from the roof of seeing -
O Monaghan hills when is writ your story
A carbon-copy will unfold my being.


Interesting reading the old thread for the first game.

30 years ago Nudie broke our hearts.

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