what type of gambler are you

not very often (grand National)
40 (44.4%)
Weekly football bet
19 (21.1%)
weekly horse bet
3 (3.3%)
football and horses frequently
21 (23.3%)
anything that moves whenever, wherever
7 (7.8%)

Total Members Voted: 90

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Re: Gambling
« Reply #135 on: May 17, 2018, 11:28:03 PM »
I've worked in the gaming industry most of my adult life and know for a fact that many bookies shops exist solely for those FOBTs. This article explains it better than I could and bear in mind its from a few years back and the yield from FOBTs is probably higher now.


Closing the shops won't stop gamblers they're like druggies/alcoholics they will just find their fix somewhere else unfortunately.

That may be the case and possibly for 2/3 of the people who go to the bookie shop they wont touch the machines.. They wont be missed, and if that forces someone to go online and do it then that needs regulated stronger also..

 I would have a bet most weekends, and if I have anything left in my online account I'll snipe away during the week, but we are talking a couple pound here and there, but to watch (I'm only in briefly) on a Sat afternoon these fellas (and the odd woman) throw their dosh into those machine is unreal! Seen a lad throw 50 on 29 on roulette! nut job

But as you say, they will find other places to do it, might as well start somewhere though

Lad at worked was telling me this morning he spunked 3500 on those machines in a day, "addictive as fu*k" was his take on them.  25 a go he was doing.

That's mad Ted.

That is crazy. Could he "afford" to loose it? What I mean is that there is probably a relatively small proportion of the population who would actually be able to access 3500 cash off the cuff. Even if I had it in my account I am limited to 500 per day from an ATM. I physically would not be able to go through that much cash without calling in at a bank.

A mixture of months salary and whatever savings he had.

His ma still gets his pay and gives him it to him in weekly installments as he can't trust himself. This is a mid thirties lad with three kids....