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GAA Discussion / Things I leaned today (Gaelic Games Edition)...
« on: November 29, 2021, 03:47:57 PM »

GAA Discussion / Admission costs to club games
« on: November 15, 2021, 07:02:14 PM »
There's a bit of debate in the Tyrone club thread concerning the cost of admittance to the county SFC final yesterday (Sunday) - the charge was £15 for adults and £3 for children, which is the most expensive admission fee I can recall for a club championship final in Tyrone. At the current exchange rate, £15 is just a shade under €18 so I'm curious to know what other counties charge in for their flagship club football or hurling finals? Are we being fleeced in Tyrone or is it a fair comparison to many other counties across Ireland?

General discussion / Who's worse than thrush?
« on: March 17, 2021, 06:17:12 PM »
By popular demand; I'll keep the poll open for three days.

GAA Discussion / GAA Websites in 2020
« on: September 14, 2020, 08:52:41 PM »
In the days of social media dominance, club units (in particular) don't tend to have websites compared to say a decade ago - or at least in Tyrone they don't, with few now keeping up such a site and even fewer keeping the site up to modern standards to allow easy viewing on mobiles & tablets from what I've been looking at. Overall they seem to be a dying breed.

So any good examples of GAA club websites out there still in existence? Quite a lot seem to be based on the "Club & County" Wordpress template (including the current McNamee Award winner) or the SportLoMo based design that is mainly used by a few counties.

General discussion / Top 20 Tw*ts of 2020 Results
« on: September 03, 2020, 07:01:29 PM »
Maybe it's too much Coke Zero going through me right now, but I just feel so pissed off with many things that I've decided  I'm just going to publish the Top 20 Tw*ts of 2020 list as a straight list without any comment like I'd done the last time since the nominations thread, along with the general social and political mood of the world both online and offline just isn't capable of taking a joke, the slightest bit of critique or just get offended for the sake of being offended. I'm immediately locking the thread so it is simply an end to the poll. Wherever they'll be a third presentation of the Anthony Fearon award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence in the future is unknown right now. Number in brackets is the amount of tw*t points each nominee received.

20. Steve McManaman (5)
19. Joe Brolly (5, ahead on tie-break)
18. Rachel Riley (7)
17. Phil Hogan (10)
16. Katie Hopkins (10, ahead on casting vote)
15. Stephen Nolan (12)
14. Mary Lou McDonald (12)
13. Gregory Campbell (12)
12. Michael Martin (12, sorted by tie-break & number of high-ranking nominations)
11. John Waters (14)
10. Ruth Dudley-Edwards (15)
9. Vladimir Putin (16)
8. Jim Allister (18)
7. Jim Corr (21)
6. Jacob Rees-Mogg (21, ahead on tie-break)
5. Dominic Cummings (22)
4. Pritti Patel (28)
3. Gemma O'Doherty (30)
2. Boris Johnson (40)
1. Donald Trump (55)

I did this as a top 30 countdown back nearly nine years ago, and I think the zeitgeist has passed long enough that a new list of tw*ts can be drawn up especially for the eventful year it has been so far. The last list was actually a bit of a struggle to fill up so this time I'm restricting it to a Top 20 list for 2020 (gettit? ;) ) and I've tweaked the previous rules a little bit to help give the list a bit more "bite" and broad popularity - but there can be no list without your input! So...

Someone get completely on your tits? Can you not stand them? Do you wonder why so many people like a certain person that you see has no redeeming qualities whatsoever?

Here's a chance to let off steam in some, er, sort of constructive way.

Here's the rules...

- Near enough anyone is fair game to be nominated unless they are covered in the exclusions listed below - this goes from Triple A celebs to the obscure, within reason (for example, "that tw*t who works in Louis Boyd in Newry" won't count).

- the following are immune/excluded from being nominated...
    - Anyone whom was not alive on the 1st January 2020. If they died after this date, then they are eligible as long as they aren't immune for something else.
    - Anyone whom was a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, on the 1st January 2020. Even if they turned 18 after this date they are still immune from nomination. Adults only please.
    - All members of this forum, in at least their usernames, including mods and admins are immune from nomination. This is to ensure a few certain posters don't get flamed simply because they hold unpopular views or opinions.

- The only collective nomination that will be accepted for will be for a music band or group. If members of this band are individually nominated where others name the band/group, their points may end up being collected together at my discretion and I'll indicate doing so before publishing the final list. Other than that, only individuals can be nominated.

- (new for the 2020 list) Finally, to make the Top 20 for 2020 list there must be a points-scoring nomination from at least two different entries. This is to stop a single No.1 nominated tw*t from making the list that no one else can be arsed with.

- Your choice of nominations must contain at least some sort of variety, which is explained below.

How nominations work...

- The last tw*tlist ended up allowing single and double only nominations to count when at least five was asked, otherwise the list would have looked bare. This time I'm going to have to insist that you nominate at least three tw*ts for the list otherwise your nomination list will be excluded from the Top 20 chart countdown.

- All nominations are weighted i.e. the first ones you list will score more tw*t points than those lower down the list. They shall be scored as follows for the Top 20 of 2020 tw*tlist...
    - 1st pick: 8pts
    - 2nd pick: 6pts
    - 3rd pick: 4pts
    - 4th pick: 3pts
    - 5th pick: 2pts
    - 6th to 10th pick: 1pt each

- Only your first ten picks will score points. However any subsequent picks can be used to resolve tie breakers.

- Please ensure than when you send your list, it is final. Having to check for changes is going to be time consuming. If it is indicated that you changed your nominations after the deadline then I may have no choice but to exclude it.

- Please, please, PLEASE include reasons for each of your picks. It'll help with the write up, and myself and others would love to know why you think your pick is a tw*t. Also please keep it free from even the smallest bit of libel or it won't be used. If you don't want your username mentioned in the round up if you've sent a private nomination, say so before you PM me. (See below)

- To avoid lists being filled up with the starting 11 of a rival English soccer team, politicians etc. as it's clear to see some posters would easily & lazily do this, you're restricted to making a maximum of three picks coming from the same "field" or profession for what they're best known for, with a maximum of two of these in your top three. In the case of someone who is works in multiple professions in the public eye, it's their most prominent one they're known for today e.g. comedian. I want to see a wide ranging list of tw*ts picked! If you make more than three in your top ten (or two in your top three), your list will be deemed invalid until you change your nominations before the deadline.

- For the final chart countdown list, should two or more entries end up with the same amount of tw*t points, the following order will be used for a tie-break...
    - those with additional non-scoring picks (i.e. beyond 10 picks)
    - those whom get a higher amount of first tw*t picks
    - those whom get a higher amount of second tw*t picks
    - those whom get a higher amount of third tw*t picks
    - if there is still at least a two-way tie at this point, I am permitted to make a judgement call as to their order in the list.

How to nominate

- Nominations are open to all forum members except for the organiser of this poll, namely myself! The only vote I'm allowed to cast is if there is an unresolved tie-breaker as mentioned above.

- There are two ways to nominate, either a public vote or a private vote...
    - Public vote is by simply replying to this thread with one post containing your nominees before the deadline for entries close. Remember you must make at least three nominations or it won't count.
    - If you would rather not make your vote public, you may make a private vote by PM'ing me your nominations in a single post before the deadline. I normally keep my PM inbox private but I'll open it up for a few days to allow for this. If you do this, I'll send you back a message to confirm your entry and if you would rather the reasons you gave for your nominations were kept anonymous, say so in your PM.

- You are also free to canvas for nominations!

So to recap...

- nominate at least three tw*ts for the list, and if you can give an explanation all the better!

- you can nominate up to 10 tw*ts for points scoring

- you can nominate either in public or private

- make sure that your nominations were (a) alive on the 1st January this year, (b) also 18 years or over on the same date, and (c) at least someone on here can recognise. Don't be an awkward, condescending hipster!

- make sure you nominate before the deadline mentioned below

Deadline for nominations...

- The deadline for nominations shall be 4.00pm IST/BST this coming Friday, 28th August 2020 - this is 11.00am in New York, 5.00pm in Paris & Berlin, and 1.00am on the Saturday morning in Sydney & Melbourne. No nominations will be accepted after this time, and please do not make changes to your nominations after this time or it may not count.

The list will be published sometime in September, as it'll take a little while to write it up, and I also plan to publish it over several days as the top tw*t of 2020 on GAAboard will be revealed.

Whoever becomes the top tw*t will take possession of the Anthony Fearon award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, currently held by the town of Kilkeel from 2018.

That just leaves me to say sorry for the long-ish post, and GET NOMINATING!

Tyrone / Tyrone GAA Website & Social Media Directory
« on: July 22, 2020, 09:28:15 PM »
Below is a list of links to various websites and social media accounts associated to either the County Board in Tyrone, its club units or "sister" organisations. If you see a link that's missing, reply in this thread and I'll add it on in this directory. P.S. No "fan pages", commercial operations etc. only "official" links.

All external links to websites & social media accounts are attempted to be as accurate as possible at the last time of this post or edit, but neither I, the admins/moderators or anyone else will be responsible for incorrect or dead links which hasn't been brought to attention.

Present - Websites, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
To Be Added Later - maybe some other SM platforms & YouTube if there's demand?

1. Websites

Tyrone GAA -
Tyrone Cumman na mBunscol -



Ardboe -
Beragh -
Carrickmore (F) -
Donaghmore -
Dromore -
Drumragh -
Galbally -
Glenelly -
Kildress -
Killyclogher -
Loughmacrory -
Omagh -

Dormant (Live site but no updates for at least three months since last directory update excluding social media & lotto updates)

Clonoe -
Dungannon (F) -
Edendork -
Eglish -
Errigal Ciaran -
Gortin -
Owen Roes -
Rock -
Stewartstown -

"Under Construction" or non-operational

Augher -
Clann na nGael -
Pomeroy -

General discussion / Fionn's Friday Night 90's Indie Disco
« on: June 19, 2020, 06:51:12 PM »
Due to popular demand (possibly astroturfed), the offshoot of the "Banging 90's choons!" thread, the 90's indie disco thread is now here from "Fionn the Spin Doctor". Mostly guitar based, not hugely commercial though this doesn't exclude top ten smash hits or even number ones & we may slip in the odd big rock anthem if it doesn't feel completely out of place. Alternative rock, shoegazing, psychedelia, dreampop, art rock and some occasional doses of Britpop, grunge & Alternative dance from the decade all wanted for the playlist. No posers, no under 18's, ID checked at the door.

Pulp - Common People (1996) -

Dubstar - Not So Manic Now (1995) -

The Dandy Warhols - Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth (1998) -

Bush - Swallowed (1996) -

House of Love - Shine On (1990) -

Oasis - Slide Away (1994) -

EDIT: And once again, no c**k teasers! Label your links.

General discussion / Banging 90's choons!
« on: June 12, 2020, 09:48:38 PM »
Going on a bit of a nostalgia trip at the moment. Can't embed YouTube clips here when nearly every other internet forum now does (Biffo mafia, sort it out!) So some links to a few bass speaker testers will have to do. Bring your own glo sticks...

Beastie Boys - Intergalatic (1998) -

The Source & Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Now Voyager Mix) (1996) -

Touch & Go - Would You? (1998) -

Sash! - Encore Une Fois (1996) -

The Prodigy - Out of Space (1992) -

KLF - What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) (1990) -


To the member know as "Muppet", if you're still around, please just at least let us know you're alive. The board is a worse place without you IMO.

General discussion / Wrong Screenshots...
« on: May 07, 2020, 04:04:29 AM »

Baby Driver (2017)

Deadpool (2016)

Predator (1987)

Les Misèrables (2012)

Hellraiser (1987)

There's a bit of discussion in the Tyrone club thread presently concerning the state of "reserve" football in the county, and I thought it might be useful to hear about similar experiences from other counties about similar competitions.

Since it was introduced nearly 45 years ago, reserve football in Tyrone has followed a system that has fundamentally changed little since it was first organised - reserve teams are a club's second string side, which in some other counties might be called a B team, Junior B or C etc. However reserve teams in Tyrone do not play in the same league & championship system that first teams do - instead they are played in a parallel league. There is no direct promotion or relegation in the reserve league, your division depends on what your corresponding first team plays in. Fixtures for first and reserve teams are normally fixed as a "double header" with the reserve game first then the "senior" or first teams game afterwards - on a Sunday fixture the throw in for the reserve game is usually 2.15pm while the senior game is at 3.45pm. To help prevent clubs flooding their reserve teams with strong senior players, a list of players must be submitted before the league commences. This used to be 12 players but in recent years this has been reduced to 10 for Division 2 teams, and 9 for Division 3 teams while at the same time reserve league games in Divisions 2 & 3 are played 13-a-side, though 15-a-side is allowed if both teams agree. The championship is a straight knockout in each division where the first round opponents are the same as the corresponding draw in the senior, intermediate or junior championship. In theory it is perfectly possible to have a strong reserve side but a weak senior side and vice versa, so for example a club might have their senior team relegated from Division 2 to 3, but their reserve team win the corresponding Division 2 reserve league that same season - nevertheless that reserve team must compete in Division 3 the following year and likely hockey most teams out of sight. Or a senior team gets promoted to Division 1, but the corresponding reserve team is already struggling in games in Division 2, and so is likely on a hiding to nothing the following season in Division 1.

Particularly over the last few seasons, but especially in 2019, there has been an increase in clubs conceding the corresponding reserve league game as they don't have enough players to field. Part of this is down to potential mismatches due to the parallel system (a club that was heavily defeated in their first two or three games may struggle to keep player's interest going for the remainder of the league as it is a straight league, whoever finishes top of the table wins - no play-offs unless there is a tie on points) but a lot of it is down to the unpredictability of when games are fixed. Most certainly, Tyrone is not the only county with issues of arranging competitive club games in the midst of the provincial & All-Ireland championships, but the tying of reserve fixtures to the corresponding senior game present a big problem - for the mainstay senior panelists they might be willing to keep training in between the 4 to 6 weeks between a league game in the height of summer, but those on its fringes or just looking to play reserve football are less likely to - especially if they have families or other commitments and even more so if there is nothing to play for in those reserve games other than pride & a run out.

So to help try and stem the tide of a growing list of reserve fixtures not being played, a proposal was drawn up (headed by every Louth person's favourite Tyrone man, Martin Sludden) for the reserve football leagues and championships to be played independently from the corresponding senior leagues in 2020, consisting of 14 league rounds played on consecutive weeks with each division split into two sections based on geography, with promotion & relegation in this league occurring independently of the club's senior team status. The general feedback on the T'hrone club thread to the suggestion was mainly positive though some concern was given about the proposed Monday night fixtures for reserve league games, with another day like Friday or Saturday being better favoured. But as it were, the proposal was met with some poor feedback at the last County Board meeting and so for 2020 at least the reserve football structure will remain the same in Tyrone with a proviso of attempting to schedule standalone reserve fixtures during the summer months should the senior leagues be held up for county team reasons - how that might work in practice remains to be seen.

So after that "TL:DR" spiel, I was just wanting to pick up what happens elsewhere regarding second or even third string adult club teams in football & hurling in different counties. I know that in Ulster they either run it like its done in Tyrone (Antrim, Donegal, Derry) or run it as a separate league (Monaghan, Fermanagh, Down), while in some cases some stronger second teams are fielded in the same senior league structure (Armagh) whilst in Tyrone, Errigal Ciaran have an additional team in Division 3 of the senior league that is referred to as their "Thirds" as their seconds/reserve team plays in the Division 1 reserve league.

* Do many clubs in your county field more than one adult team (excluding U20 or U21 sides)?

* Do all teams play within one league structure, or do second and third club teams play within their own league & championship competitions?

* How successful is this format in helping bring and retain active players in the clubs that field these teams? Is there some way that you think it could be detrimental?

* Is there anything you can think of that would improve the format for second & third teams in your county?

* And any other suggestions!

Thanks in advance. Oh, and if reading all of the above has helped you fall asleep, don't mention it! ;)

GAA Discussion / Ulster Schools Football & Hurling 2019/20
« on: September 25, 2019, 02:13:00 PM »
New school year, new rounds of school competitions. The new schools GAA body in Ulster has now had time to bed itself in, and it seems like the format of up to six grades in football and four grades in hurling is working well. There are a few changes and things worth noting...

* Some of the cups/trophies have changed age level & grades. The most notable being the Under 15.5 football A grade will now play for the Oisin McGrath Cup (used to be the Brock Cup).

* The Under 13.5 football competitions are to be played under a special format at A, B & C grades...

The aim is to increase participation, and give every member of each school’s panel the opportunity to play in every game. We want to eliminate the dispiriting spectacle of 10/12 subs (and sometimes more) sitting unused throughout games.

The arrangements are as follows:

15-a-side as usual.
Each game will last 70 minutes, and will be divided into 3 segments: 25 mins – 20 mins – 25 mins
The scores in segments 1 + 3 will count towards the final score.
The middle 20 minutes will NOT count towards the final score, and all the subs will play in this segment.
Each player fouled takes his own free.
2 touch rule applies i.e. a player can take 1 solo + 1 bounce or 2 solos, and must then release the ball. N.B. If a player deliberately drops the ball or loses control after he has taken 2 touches, then another player must touch the ball before the original player can touch the ball again.

* Notably in the Mageean Cup (Under 19 A hurling) will not be defended by the An Dún amalgamation that won the tournament last year - apparently no entry was made for such a team to play this year when it came to the deadline.

Also, because this does crop up on the odd occasion, by my count there are eight schools that have entered teams for at least one competition (all football) for 2019/20 that are from the Integrated sector.

Relevant links...

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