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GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:54:02 PM »
Croke Park ground staff receive a plan from Tyrone for pitch layout on AI Final day:

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Tyrone 2018 All Ireland Final
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:48:01 PM »
If I don't see photos in the paper of sheep painted white and red in going to be very disappointed. Any word yet of a song?


The referee was so bad he made yesterday's display look good.

Just a comment on the Super 8 setup:

We took 80 kids from our club to the match yesterday for a day out.
We couldn't believe we would get to see a Dublin match, but got the tickets and had a fantastic day.

There is no way we would have got these number of tickets for an AISF last year.
Maybe a positive point on the Super 8s is that it makes big matches more accessible for the neutral?

I would say there would be plenty of GAA folk who would have went to the match yesterday if they had known tickets were available.
It may take a couple of years for this to filter through, but I could see this actually energising the championship.
If your own team is muck, head to Croker for the day when the big matches are on!

Whatever the style and brand of football, nothing beats going there for a big game.

Your enthusiasm is admirable but is put in the shade by your efforts in giving 80 kids a brilliant day out in a great stadium with the Dubs in their pomp and their supporters in full voice (even if it was about the referee at times). Just a pity the Galway players and supporters didn’t turn up to compete.

GAA Discussion / Re: Attendances
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:35:46 AM »
I was surprised at the capacity of Healy Park (16.5K). Obviously it has been capped but it could easily have fitted in another 2-3k. There was a good bit of space where we were stood. I thought I remembered it holding 20k. Maybe not.

Safety is not just about space but how quickly you can evacuate the crowd in an emergency and an old style ground like Healy Park fails on that point due to its immediate congestion and difficulty for emergency services to reach all parts while people filter out.

GAA Discussion / Re: Managerial Abuse
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:58:50 PM »
Sport brings out the best in many and the worst in a small number of people.

In a previous life I used to get anonymous letters from parents of boys not picked for the school teams. I always knew who they were despite their attempted anonymity.   ;) I sometimes wonder if they would now on reflection be embarrassed by their actions, not too sure that they would given the characters involved.

Others would make appointments to meet with me and make all sorts of allegations against those who ran the teams because they didn't pick their sons. I have never forgotten one stand out phrase from a parent who told me with impassioned conviction that 'football is our life in our house' and explained the devastating effect that his son not being picked for the squad would have on his son's future.

Being able to keep things in context is an issue for a vocal minority.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:12:46 PM »
Huge performance from McQuillan, they couldn't have done it without him ignoring fouls that would have led to players being sent off.

General discussion / Re: Irish Hockey
« on: August 05, 2018, 12:47:56 PM »
From N.I.

Ayeisha McFerran
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: University of Louisville
Age: 22 Caps: 76
Occupation: Student
First-choice net minder. Started all three games so far. From Larne she became the youngest goalkeeper to play for Ireland against Spain in 2014, a day after her 18th birthday. A great shot-stopper, particularly in shootouts. Playing since she was nine-years-old.

Shirley McCay - Most capped Irish sportsperson!
Position: Defence/Midfield
Club: Pegasus
Age: 30 Caps: 270
Occupation: Ulster Hockey Development Officer
The most capped female in Irish sport and in her 11th year as an international player. Part of the team that narrowly missed out on Olympic qualification for 2012 and Rio 2016, the Omagh player will retire after London. Watch for the long pass from defence.

Katie Mullan
Position: Forward/midfield
Club: UCD
Age: 24 Caps: 154
Occupation: Postgraduate Student
She successfully took over the captaincy after Frazer’s injuries kept her out of the team. Natural aggression and a strong competitive streak, the former camogie player with Coleraine’s Eoghan Rua is now studying for a Masters in biomechanical engineering in UCD.

Zoe Wilson
Position: Defence
Club: Belfast Harlequins
Age: 21 Caps: 76
Occupation: Student
Came from the Syracuse University in New York and played for Harvestehuder in Germany for a year. A captain of the Irish Under-18s, she cemented her current position in 2016. Scored the winner in the Ulster Schools Senior Cup for Ballyclare HS at 14-years-old.

Megan Frazer
Position: Midfield/Defence
Club: Mannheimer, Germany
Age: 27 Caps: 131
Occupation: Hockey Player/Student
The former captain came through a complicated cruciate knee injury to make the squad. A key player for Shaw and one of the most talented players Ireland has produced. Played for Ireland while still as school in Derry and was voted best player at University of Maryland.

Chloe Watkins
Position: Midfield
Club: Bloemendaal, Netherlands
Age: 26 Caps: 197
Occupation: Hockey player/student
If Ireland do the unthinkable and reach the final, she will earn her 200th Irish cap. Brother Gareth and father Gordon were both capped. Monkstown born and now with Dutch side Bloemendaal, where she is coached by twice Olympic champion Teun de Nooijer.

Lizzie Colvin
Position: Midfield
Club: Belfast Harlequins
Age: 28 Caps: 163
Occupation: Lawyer
A corporate lawyer in Belfast, she has come back from 18 months out with a cruciate knee injury in 2013. A tough, robust midfielder, she regained her spot in 2015. Her goal against India last summer earned Ireland their World Cup place. Another capped as a schoolgirl.

Hannah Matthews   
Position: Defence
Club: Loreto
Age: 27 Caps: 111
Occupation: Teacher
A primary school teacher with an international bloodline from father Philip, a former Irish rugby captain. Handles pressure well, which is a huge asset for today’s World Cup quarter-final. She earned her 100th cap in June against Canada at Serpentine Avenue.

From RoI

Grace O’Flanagan
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Railway Union
Age: 29 Caps: 34
Occupation: Doctor
The Royal College of Surgeons graduate was pivotal in South Africa during Ireland’s qualification for this World Cup. With McFerran in the sin-bin in the World League semi-finals, O’Flanagan saved a penalty with her first touch against India. Schooled in Loreto Foxrock.

Róisín Upton
Position: Defence/Midfield
Club: Cork Harlequins
Age: 24 Caps: 43
Occupation: Postgraduate Student
A relative newcomer, the Limerick player made her debut in 2016 after a hip injury and stress fracture delayed progress. She then nailed down roles in midfield and defence. Another who went through the US college system, winning two NCAA titles with UConn Huskies.

Elena Tice
Position: Defence
Club: UCD
Age: 20 Caps: 71
Occupation: Student
The dual international made her debut in cricket at 13-years-old and won 40 caps in T20 and ODIs before focusing on hockey. She was precocious there too, debuting for Ireland two weeks before her 18th birthday in 2016. An ever-present on the team since.

Yvonne O’Byrne
Position: Defence
Club: Cork Harlequins
Age: 26 Caps: 116
Occupation: Postgraduate Student
Hugely consistent performer, she has played over 30 consecutive internationals matches since June of last year. The Cork player made her debut in 2016 having played on the Mount Mercy senior schools team as a 14-year-old. Hobbies include tag rugby and soccer.

Gillian Pinder
Position: Midfield
Club: Pembroke
Age: 26 Caps: 140
Occupation: Business and law graduate/coach
A deceptively quick player who has the ability and confidence to breeze past opponents. A veteran of the Rio Olympic campaign, she along with Chloe Watkins were central to St Andrew’s College winning the All-Ireland title in 2010. A graduate of UCD and Syracuse.

Ali Meeke
Position: Midfield
Club: Loreto
Age: 27 Caps: 117
Occupation: Coaching/S&C
An intelligent, tidy operator, who came from Dublin’s Corinthians HC, she can float between midfield and defence. Made her debut at 22 against India and was part of the group from the Rio qualifying campaign group who have clearly bounced back this year.

Nicci Daly
Position: Midfield
Club: Loreto
Age: 30 Caps: 166
Occupation: Motor racing engineer
Great pace around the pitch and delightful stick work to match. A natural athlete, who never stops running, she previously played for the Dublin football team and is a niece to former F1 racing driver Derek Daly. Overcame a foot injury to make the squad.

Nikki Evans
Position: Forward
Club: UHC Hamburg
Age: 28 Caps: 166
Occupation: Lawyer
The lawyer has taken a year out to play with UHC Hamburg in Germany, where she will return to work and play after London. A great athlete and high work rate makes her an always busy player in the forward line and leading the press. Has 36 goals.

Anna O’Flanagan
Position: Forward
Club: Pinoké, Netherlands
Age: 28 Caps: 171
Occupation: Lawyer
After her winning deflection against India she is on 64 goals and one of Ireland’s most prolific scorers with almost a goal every three games. Running out on defensive corners, where she takes the ‘body line’ on the drag flick has been as brave as it is effective in Ireland’s progress.

Deirdre Duke
Position: Forward
Club: UCD
Age: 26 Caps: 106
Occupation: Lawyer
The UCD captain was out with a shoulder injury in 2017. Prior to that she played with the Huskies in Boston before leading UCD to Irish Cup and league success in recent seasons. A quality athlete, she also played with the Irish soccer and Dublin underage teams.

Graham Shaw (Coach)
The Irish coach grew up on hockey, GAA and soccer. He played alongside childhood friend Damien Duff at Lourdes Celtic and Dublin’s Collie Moran before concentrating on hockey. In 2010 he famously coached Loreto to the Irish Senior Cup title and won the men’s title playing with Glenanne the same day. Has 151 Irish caps.

General discussion / Re: Parking Ticket Question
« on: August 04, 2018, 10:37:13 AM »
I would ignore them. As far as i am aware they arent enforceable.

Oh yes it is. Here is the history of how it became so:

The Beavis case (Barry Beavis v/s Parking Eye) went to appeal at the Supreme Court where the case was heard on 21st-23rd July 2015. The Law Lords were asked to consider the ruling of the Appeal Court on 23rd April 2015. The Judgement was made on 4th November 2015.

The seven Law Lords were being asked to rule on:

Whether a charge of £85 for exceeding a maximum car parking period is an unenforceable penalty?
Whether a charge of £85 for exceeding a maximum car parking period is unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999/2003?

The Beavis case and its implications are very well described here:

It is unfortunate that Beavis clearly ignored well-posted warnings that parking was for 2 hours only and exceeding that carried a penalty of £85.

On 4th November 2015, The Supreme Court dismissed the Beavis appeal by a majority of six to one, and declared that the charge of £85 does not contravene the penalty rule, or the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

Mr Beavis had a contractual licence to park in the car park on the terms of the notice posted at the entrance, including the two hour limit. The £85 was a charge for contravening the terms of the contractual licence. This is a common scheme, subject to indirect regulation by statute and the British Parking Association’s Code of Practice. The charge had two main objects: (i) the management of the efficient use of parking space in the interests of the retail outlets and their users by deterring long-stay or commuter traffic, and (ii) the generation of income in order to run the scheme.

So, this judgement of the Supreme Court has set the law on both parking on private land and the use of cameras for ticketing in place of or as well as placing a ticket on the car.

Anyway what were you doing in the Showgrounds for over 3 hours?

GAA Discussion / Re: Restricting the number of subs to 3
« on: July 28, 2018, 09:09:08 PM »
It’s an idea Sid floated on the “RIP” thread. It’s a runner.

We see today the hammerings big team can give smaller teams with the depth of their panel often a key factor.

Separately the very negative tactics that many mangers deploy involve packed defenses and asking the forwards to undertake a huge workload in terms of foraging up front or tracking back. This is in the full knowledge that the forwards will be subbed when spent.

There is also at times a flippant attitude in taking a black card for the team.

Restricting the number of subs to 3 could and probably would make inroads into this

Id agree with it up until the point where a ref disses out 3 black cards for f**k all and your left with no subs. We’d 2 bullshit black cards in the first half v Donegal in the Ulster final 2 years ago, only 3 subs would have ruined us. Likewise most teams would probably have there 3 subs used by about 60 mins and an unfortunate injury could see them play the last 10 with 14 men.

If there were 3 subs there would be few or no black cards.

General discussion / Re: Death Notices
« on: July 28, 2018, 08:40:14 AM »
Very sorry to hear about Barry Eccles. Taught him at secondary school. A lovely young fella, full of life and fun.

GAA Discussion / Re: McKenna takes a major swipe at Galway
« on: July 27, 2018, 08:11:01 PM »
MDM might not be the most popular but this shows how far Galway have come in a short time from the days of Padriac Joyce.    

General discussion / Re: Holidays
« on: July 27, 2018, 07:58:08 PM »
Sounds like a great trip. Did the trek through the fjords involve any hiking? My OH would be really interested in that.

No.  The fjords are very steep and are best experienced by travelling through them by boat. While large boats are used there are plenty on kayak safaris along the fjords.

Plenty of hiking available along the tops of the fjords. Around Bergen you can hike up the mountains and then in a circuit around the peaks above the town for about 15Km. The tops of the mountains which form the fjords are dotted with lakes.  Our son was with us in Bergen and like your OH is keen on hiking, he hiked up the mountains while we took the cable car to one peak and the funicular to another.

General discussion / Re: Holidays
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:02:27 PM »
Just returned from 12 days in Norway and Sweden. Had chosen these countries to get away from the heat of travelling through central Europe. By the time we got to Stockholm the daily high was 29 degrees!

Bergen is a great place to experience the fjords. Went on a 12hr trek - out on the main Oslo train line for an hour, then an hour and a half descending by train to sea level at Flam, a drop of around 2,800ft over 20km - great scenery and phenomenal engineering from 1930s. Then travel by electrically powered catamaran through three fjords to Gudvangen where a bus journey for over an hour brought us back to the main train line at Voss and back to Bergen. Unbelievable scenery. If you are interested in history, Bergen has it.

Went to Oslo by train, six and a half hour journey across the width of Norway.  Track starts and finishes at sea level but rises to almost 4000ft at Fince, above the tree level and with snow not far from the tracks, a strange landscape used in filming one of the Star Wars films. Great way to see the variation in the landscape across Norway.

Oslo is a compact city with some great attractions. Particularly recommend the Viking Ships museum, Kontiki museum and the Fram museum.  All three are great examples of Norwegian explorers and their ships are displayed in special buildings.  Everywhere is very clean, great public transport and didn't see a policeman anywhere. The Brevik atrocities weigh heavily on Oslo and many government buildings have bomb protection that we have thankfully dispensed with. Prices in Norway are truly eye watering except for hotels that are cheaper than in Dublin. Serious number of tourists at most attractions, e.g. went to National Gallery to see The Scream and could hardly get near it for Chinese tourists having their photos taken imitating the picture in front of the original!

Stockholm is a large city.  Slightly less expensive than Norway but not much.  Much more metropolitan but police were much more evident particularly where young people gathered in numbers in the evenings.  The central areas were quite grubby and city construction is happening on a very large scale. Great investment in public transport, travelled to the airport on the express train which travelled at 188 km/h.  Great visitor attractions include the Vasa Museum where a 17th century warship is displayed in a fully restored condition. Hop on Hop off bus and boat were great for travelling around the city and the large harbour area as Stockholm is spread over many islands.

Overall, a great holiday to sample Norway and Sweden via the three main cities.

GAA Discussion / Re: McKenna takes a major swipe at Galway
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:42:46 PM »
Yes BennyHarp, another thread on the ruination of the game!

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