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Just noticed Clare number 11 in hurling getting a yellow card for a similar tackle to the one Grimley got sent off for.

That's because his opponent didn't roll around in feigned agony, clutching his face and took it in a manly fashion without trying to get his man sent off.


From my own point of view, my intention to referencing the cynicism of Fermanagh was simply to present it as an observation on my part - not a complaint. Armagh last night have too many concerns of our own to worry about what others do.

Our great team of the noughties had a reputation for cynicism, but my feeling would be it was not for trash talking or feigning injury, or indeed disrupting the opposition kick-outs by pinging a second football onto the pitch. Maybe others will disagree and point to some specific incident from 2007 that totally undermines what I said. Ho hum.

The behaviour yesterday from Fermanagh was no surprise given that McMenamin is in the management team.  it would have been poor enough with Gallagher in charge but McMenamin bring things to another level, to that previously was the preserve of his Tyrone teams.

In general the squad from 1999 to 2008 played a hard game and while blocking off the running player was a tactic and not against any rule, the players with the possible exception of Marty O'Rourke didn't bother with the trash talk that was so evident yesterday from the Fermanagh team.  They have taken the feigning of injury to a level that Tyrone have set since 2003.  While Grimley was stupid in swinging his arm, Quigley, who has serious form for cheating, fell to the ground instantly holding his face. 

General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« on: May 20, 2018, 11:05:43 AM »
In order for the church to survive in Ireland and a lot of Europe I feel they need to allow women priests and for priests to marry. The 'rules' against this are man made.

All of the rules and regulations in the Catholic Church are 'man made'.

General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:14:21 AM »

While the Chile situation is particularly bad, the Irish Church is not far behind in its actions and inactions in relation to abuse.

When the Pope called the Irish bishops together in the last year for a similar meeting they did not have the same integrity to offer their resignations and he didn't ask for them.  What a waste of an opportunity to turn the Irish Church around.

Only an immediate root and branch reform can turn the Irish Church from oblivion in the next 15/20 years when the current batch of clergy in their 70s and 80s are no longer here.

Random point, early on the morning after.

Futility of the competition is now even more obvious for Armagh supporters. All we hear is that a good run in the qualifiers is the best we can hope for. What's the point?

Armagh had a good run when they played teams of similar or worse ability in Division 3 and played on a regular basis. Qualifiers might suit them if they were to meet similar teams but that may not happen this year.

Armagh under current management cannot handle a longish period of preparation before a championship game as shown in the last four years.

The qualifiers will not be as handy for Armagh this year as has happened in the past years.  The a/b arrangement is gone. An open draw in round one could see an end to the season if they pull a much better team from Division 1 or 2 and that might not be a bad thing.

If Armagh by some stroke of luck made it to the Super 8s they were be hammered over three games.

At least yesterday's defeat prevented further embarrassment against Tyrone or Monaghan.

The pig headed or head in the sand or whatever you want to call it approach by not just the county board but the club delegates who have approved their decisions to continue with McGeeney for the last four years will probably continue for another year.

Time for a B championship to give hope for half the teams in the country. 

The best that Armagh can consider for the foreseeable future is to try and win 3/4 games in a row to win a championship. If they fail to do so then qualifiers is a waste of resources for the county board and for the supporters travelling around the country to be tortured.

8000+ supporters at yesterday's game was an indictment of how far football has fallen as something worth going to see live.  Systems have destroyed the game for the supporters' enjoyment.

Football is simple and it is complicated by people who believe in systems over skills. I have always. Even if the opinion that the basics are the key and it you can do them better than the man beside you in the opposite jersey then this increases the changes of winning. The fundamentals are the basic building blocks and I get the feeling that armagh donít know what they are. It wonít change and thatís the reality. Too many people in key positions are happy with the status hip remaining

Systems dominate when managers/coaches don't have the belief that their players can win a game with the ability, skills and desire they have or can develop with good coaching and concentration on the simplicity of the game; tackling/defending, kicking accurately and scoring.  When the basic skills are second nature and players are free to concentrate on playing the game better decision-making develops, players are free to play and enjoy the game.  Systems clog the mind, stultify the game and discourage/prevent genius from the best and good decisions from the others.

General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« on: May 19, 2018, 10:56:19 PM »
Oh dear, Dromore diocese in trouble again?

The reality is that McGeeney & Co yet again decided to go for a stupid psychological prep, name players out of position, changing the starting team at the last minute, building tactics around the opposition, all instead of playing to their own plan and making the opposition change its plan. 

How about having a simple plan to name your team, go out and play the game to your own strengths.

Watching Armagh regularly since our great first round victory over Cavan in May 1977. Some great days since, but of course some abject performances as well. The capitulation at home to Derry in 1995 and the car crash against Wexford in Croke Park in 2008 are two that come to mind. That is right up there with them.

An absolutely poverty stricken performance of brainless tactics, terrible shooting, terrible passing, taking the wrong optins, running into cul de sacs, indiscipline in the tackle etc etc. Absolutely awful. Our age old failing of struggling against a defensive system was there for all to see.

Our kickouts were brilliant in Croke Park in the League Final - I think Fermanagh learned a lot from that day and that, together with a much tighter pitch, meant we were always under pressure from our own kickout and did not get much around the middle. 

Agree with what a lot of others said - Fermanagh much the better team - well drilled, disciplined and have a game plan that makes the most of their resources.  The influence of Ricey is also very evident in some of Fermanagh's 'play' and I can see why Rory gets into so many scrapes on the sideline.

Let's face it - Armagh simply do not have the payers to make much of a dent in the Championship, but I would expect more from what was there, particularly when there are trips abroad where some meaningful preparation can take place. It also brings into sharp focus the absence of so many players who would be starting.

A depressing evening.


16 wides for Armagh

No Armagh score from play from 16th minute

4 years of McGeeney in charge and 4 years not winning a first round championship game

Another year of some of the best players in the county not wanting to play under the current regime

Fermanagh with 21 clubs, Armagh with 47 clubs

Anyone know where to start looking for the match on BBC iPlayer?

Can you now be sued for liking something on Facebook and Twitter?

I think heíll be as successful as Paddy Jackson


Except Nolan is not on the run following a contentious rape trial and he has already engaged Paul Tweed to begin the process of dealing with these idiots.  Previous follow ups on twitter abuse in GB have been successful.  Anyone who sends an apology to Tweed Solicitors will be taken off the list.
Wise to f**k up you muppet, on the run? Contentious? Wasnít even close you wally

Seems your usual skills of logical reasoning and argument have evaded you in the early hours this morning. 

Can you now be sued for liking something on Facebook and Twitter?

I think heíll be as successful as Paddy Jackson


Except Nolan is not on the run following a contentious rape trial and he has already engaged Paul Tweed to begin the process of dealing with these idiots.  Previous follow ups on twitter abuse in GB have been successful.  Anyone who sends an apology to Tweed Solicitors will be taken off the list.


Armagh have discipline issues and itís an issue Fermanagh have to try and exploit.

And yet it has been Fermanagh who have had key players sent off in recent games.

General discussion / Re: Enniskillen Memorial
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:51:14 AM »
This situation is best summed up in a quotation from Cool Hand Luke:

"What we've got here is failure to communicate"

There should be a memorial for those who were killed on Remembrance Sunday in 1987.  It shouldn't have taken 10, 20 or 30 years before such a memorial was produced.  It should have been included in the building of the Clinton Centre and it should have been a simple dignified memorial, the design agreed with the families of those killed. Instead the situation has been allowed to fester and create wounds that will be very difficult to cure.

There is fault on both sides and perhaps more on the side that claims to represent a Christian faith that it has missed a major opportunity for reconciliation and peace making in the way set out in its many books of doctrine.

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